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Change the date range, chart type and compare Natus Medical Incorporated against segment consists of the baby care, beauty, oral care, OTC (over-the- counter), . otoneurologic, and vestibular instrumentation and sound rooms to hearing. E-mail: [email protected] Received Date: 23 March ; Accepted Date: 05 April ; Published Date: 16 April Chronic periodontitis; Oral health impact profile; Quality of life; Type 2 diabetes mellitus . Six sites were probed for each tooth: mesio-vestibular, mid-vestibular, disto- vestibular. Change the date range, chart type and compare Auris Medical Holding AG against betahistine doses compared to oral betahistine, with plasma exposure being 6 to . The company is also developing AM for the treatment of vestibular.

A Case Report and Literature Review. Int J Clin Pediatr Dent ;10 2: But radicular cyst of deciduous dentition is extremely rare 0.

These cysts usually involve the apex of the teeth. Radiographically, radicular cyst appears as a well-defined round or oval unilocular radiolucency with radiopaque sclerotic margin in the periapical region of involved tooth, but in case of an infected cyst, the radiopaque margin disappears because of rapid growth of the cyst. The conventional radiographs show two-dimensional image of the three-dimensional object and its surrounding structures. Swelling was small initially, which gradually increased to the present size.

Swelling was associated with pain, which was continuous, dull, and mild in nature. Patient gave history of trauma to the upper front tooth region 2 years back. There was no history of pus discharge and ulceration associated with the swelling. On examination, extraorally diffuse swelling in the right maxillary anterior region in the middle third of the face was noted with upward displacement of nares Fig.

The swelling was tender on palpation, hard in consistency with no rise in local temperature. Intraorally swelling extended from labial frenum to distal aspect of maxillary right first deciduous molar tooth number 54 with obliteration of labial and buccal sulcus. Discoloration and proximal caries was seen in relation to maxillary right deciduous central incisor tooth number Also, maxillary right permanent central incisor tooth number 11 was clinically missing and maxillary left permanent central incisor tooth number 21 was erupted Fig.

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Upon palpation, intraorally swelling was hard in consistency and tender. Mobility in relation to 51 and 52 was also observed. Based on the history and clinical findings, a provisional diagnosis of radicular cyst of 51 and a differential diagnosis of dentigerous cyst in relation to clinically missing 11 was given.

Patient was then subjected for radiographic investigation. The deep fascia was closed blunt dilator was performed in the same 3 axes of hydro using absorbable sutures and the vestibular port sites dissection.

The operative time was minutes ; recorded from the beginning of vestibular incisions until complete closure of these wounds. No intraoperative complications were reported during this procedure. After recovery from general anesthesia, the patient transmitted to the surgical ward for follow-up. Injectable antibiotic was continued until the patient discharge from hospital.

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Oral diet was started on first postoperative day. The drain was removed on the first postoperative day containing only few cc of blood stain serous fluid. The patient was discharge from the hospital on the second postoperative day with no complications and given instructions to be continuing on oral antibiotic and mouth wash and to be re-examining at the end of first Figure 4: A 10mm central trocar for camera was placed postoperative week, 2 weeks and 4 weeks.

Kadem SG and Anuwong A. Anuwong A, Figure 7: The transoral endoscopic thyroidectomy vestibular approach TOETVA is a safe, feasible and easy to In our case report; we follow the step by step performed procedure when the patient selected properly procedure described by Dr.

Anuwong A and the only and the operating surgeon has a good experience in complications that reported was the mild seroma in the laparoscopic surgery and in conventional open lower part of the neck and mild swelling in the chin and thyroidectomy.

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The long operative time of this approach submental area that treated conservatively and resolved will decrease with experience. The vestibular wounds completely healed within 1 week and the overall cosmotic results were perfect, Figure 6 References shows patient neck before surgery, Figures 7 and 8 shows 1.

World J Surg 32 7: Gagner M Endoscopic subtotal parathyroidectomy in patients with primary hyperparathyroidism. Br J Surg 83 6: Costs, operating time and availability of expertise are major issues that influence efficient health delivery. Simple and widely reproducible techniques may be used successfully where applicable to overcome these issues. Researchers have demonstrated its technical ease of performance and reproducibility amongst trainees. This literature reviews three such flaps which are facial artery musculomucosal FAMM flap, submental flap and supraclavicular flap to explain their growing impact on oral and maxillofacial reconstructive surgery.

Keywords Pedicled flaps; Oral and maxillofacial; Reconstruction; Tumor resection Introduction The correction of oral and maxillofacial deformities following oncologic surgery is an important objective that involves reproducing both the morphological and functional features of the lost tissues.

Various techniques can be used for defect reconstruction, including skin grafts, local or regional flaps and free vascularized tissue transfer. Commonly used techniques, such as the radial forearm flap or anterior lateral thigh flap, have numberous disadvantages, e. The location, function and size of the defect are the main factors in selecting the most appropriate reconstruction.

For defects involving the oral cavity and a large area of the face, tissues used should be reliable, functionally and cosmetically acceptable, of suitable size and have minimal donor site morbidity.

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The flap should also match the recipient site in terms of colour, texture and thickness. The cost, expertise and logistics e. Our goal was to introduce the application of pedicled flapfacial artery musculomucosal FAMM flap, submental flap and supraclavicular flap in reconstructing oral defects. During the past 12 month period, we admitted 11 patients with oral cancer in our department. They received resection of the tumour and neck dissection.

Because of the general conditions of the patients we decided not to perform any free flap for the really high risk of failure. Reconstruction of oral defects was done with pedicled flap 3 FAMM flap, 6 submental flap and 2 supraclavicular flap. Patients did not develop any marginal necrosis or venous congestion. The donor site healed primarily and no revision surgery was required. In the past 2 years, we have found an increasing trend in the number of articles focusing on current and advancing concepts in pedicled flapsold and new, for oral and maxillofacial reconstruction.

A protocol covered all aspects of systematic review methodology. A literature search was performed in Medline, including hand searching. Combinations of searching terms and several criteria were applied for study identification, selection, and inclusion. Data were extracted based on the general characteristics, study characteristics, methodologic characteristics, and conclusions.

Recent literature can be grouped into several categories as depicted in the following review of a selected number of flaps. The flap can be based inferiorly on facial artery or superiorly on retrograde flow from the angular artery.

Venous outflow follows small veins in the submucosal plexus not the facial vein, which is rarely near the arterial pedicle, especially inferiorly. As the artery courses obliquely across the cheek from posterior inferior near the mandibular molars to anterosuperiorly near the nose, the pedicles are in the bucco-gingival sulci in either of these locations.

The flap provides unique vascularized mucosa replacement. The donor site is closed primarily with minimal morbidity. The inferiorly based flap provides easy repair of lower gingival, lower lip, vermillion, floor of mouth, and tongue defects.

The superiorly base flap is an excellent option for repair of upper lip, vermillion, upper gingival and endo-nasal defects. It can require two stages when anterior floor of mouth defects are involved.

One stage is sufficient for many defects. Duranceau and Ayad [ 2 ] in described a method by which it can be modified to one stage for others.

Flaps as long as 8 cm can be transposed.