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Forman parte de un parque nacional, establecido para protegerlos. Es una parada obligada para todos los turistas, que se divierten ascendiéndolos y. Tablas de Daimiel National Park is a wetland on the La Mancha plain, a mainly arid area in the . in particularly difficult cases, as is so for the Tablas of Damiel in particular, and the Mancha Húmeda in general - hence the limit date. The forests and waters of Hossa National Park are easily accessible to visitors. There are a wide range of hiking and biking trails, and the waters invite you to go .

Inthe facility became the Hospital General del Estado. Inthe hospital moved to new facilities in the city. Through most of the 20th century, the building was used for a wide-variety of purposes. Ina project to restore the building for its use as Puebla Museum of Viceregal Art. Inthis museum was converted into the San Pedro Museum of Art, which exhibits works from various epochs. The museum was founded in and contains more than pieces of both his work and personal effects. The museum also hosts temporary exhibits, workshops and seminars.

The building was consecrated in even though only half of the walls and much of the roof were missing and the towers not yet built. The north tower was added in and the south tower in The shape of the cathedral is a Latin cross and contains five naves.

Its bell towers stand at just under 70 meters high, the tallest in Mexico. The seating in the choir is made of parquetry of fine woods, onyx and ivory of Moorish design. The two organs were donated by Charles V. Its elevated four-level tower stands out with its mouldings and Ionic and Doric pilasters. The main portal is of Churrigueresque style, flanked by large panels of tilework surrounded by Plateresque decoration. Inside is a Plateresque choir, Neoclassic altarpieces and the mummified body of the beatified, and soon to be canonized as a saint, Sebastian de Aparicio.

The main portal is of pure classic style finished in gray cantera stone. It consists of three levels with paired Doric-like columns. Inside the ceiling consists of two large vaults and contains gilded altarpieces in Baroque, Salmonic and Churrigueresque styles. The Chapel was built between and and was the first to be dedicated to the Our Lady of the Rosary. The chapel is filled with symbolism, as it is filled with images and elements which are representative of the Baroque of New Spain.

This symbolism is principally meant to aid with the evangelization process.

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The chapel contains three themes important to the Church, the mysteries of the rosary, the virtues associated with it and the Virgin of the Rosary herself. The cupola is in the shape of the crown of the Virgin Mary.

The chapel is decorated with sculpted plaster that has been gilded done by local artists. It was finished in The building remained practically intact untilwhen it was going to be demolished to construct a movie theater. Overexploitation of water resources has caused the water-table to drop. This extra water was to be used strictly for urban water provision and for the protected ecological zones, not for agriculture.

But this project was badly received for two main reasons. Firstly because it assumed that the two depleted aquifers had no chance of recovering, and it chose the easy and cheaper immediate solution with no account taken of future water resources.

Secondly because it aimed at replacing the natural hydric system, a principle that is too anti-natural to be easily accepted. In Junea UNESCO report recommended that the national park lose its biosphere status or, alternatively, that Spain be given an ultimatum to reverse the degradation. In the event, Spain was given time to reverse the degradation. Our wide range of binoculars serves various purposes, including nature watching, outdoor and indoor sports, city walks or cultural events.

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Magnification Magnification is represented by a number and indicates how large an object appears when viewed through the binoculars. With a magnification factor of 8x, for example, a subject m away appears as if it were m away.