Ichigo vs yamamoto yahoo dating

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ichigo vs yamamoto yahoo dating

Main · Videos; Yttune online dating ichigo vs yamamoto yahoo dating · paclands online dating · persona 4 dating cafe · yahoo the best dating advice i ever got. aizen must die is a fanfiction author that has written 6 stories for Bleach, and Darker If you have any questions ask me at my email [email protected] (I got the . Uryu get a grip on life and date Nemu Kurotsuchi because i want you to end of . Kisuke vs. Jin Kariya. Kensei vs. Dordonii. Hollow Ichigo vs. Yamamoto. Two games into his second camp Kailer Yamamoto has two goals and four points off the right side, a position that is so wide open in Edmonton.

ichigo vs yamamoto yahoo dating

Ichigo in his new hollow form, Grimmjow when releasing Pantera, Aizen when he "hatches" from the Hogyoku New name for the Hogyoku Now we just don't want him to make a new one. This is just some idioticy that i have noticed on bleach because i have that kind of time. When Uryu is fighting Jin Kariya and Ron Tou's spiritual energy goes out of control why doesn't he just fire that arrow at Kariya and kill him instead of wasteing it Uryu for this you are a dumb son of a bitch and deserve to die a vergin.

More stupidity ladies and gentalmen why during the fight between Kariya and Ichigo when Maki interupts them does Ichigo keep holding his sword in the air like he's going to take revenge against the wind, come on Ichigo cut the bastard while he has his guard down and Maki needs to die anyway for he fought Kenpachi you are the only one who gets to live. Why does Zenoske Kuromadani live Yeah that's right that's it got a problem with it! Another unessicary moment of bleach stupidity, what the fuck is up with Di Roy's teeth?

I mean i know that he has to look different from humans cause he's an Arrancar but Aizen should come up with a fucking dental plan for that dumb ass.

ichigo vs yamamoto yahoo dating

Or a better idea break in all of his creepy god damned teeth and give that retard some dentures or something. With any luck there won't be more of these because bleach is awsome! Time for some Bleach logic: This is my serious time frame and i wish to discuss what i believe to be the most logical things about bleach that isn't discussed, so enjoy, I ORDER IT! I personaly think that Barragan was a Vasto Lorde Hollow that Aizen found becuase of his powers and the fact that as a hollow he looked much like a humanoid type hollow.

I believe that Yamamoto is one tough SOB and that his bankai could easily defeat any person, in other words i fear him if he really was alive. It is my opinion that Aizen was a Vizard long before he first fought Ichigo and the others, and he just used the Hogyoku to better his powers.

The people who i would like to kill Aizen are as follows: If you would like me to make a poll over this send me a message Orihime has a very strong power but i think it would be interesting if she combined different Shun Shun Rikka together and have a totaly different power all together. Ryuken is a very powerful quincy but i don't think that he completly hates his power and Uryu is an Amature at being a Quincy.

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I think that Isshin Kurosaki could easily kick Ichigo's ass any time any were. I also believe that Gin is a vizard but he does'nt know his bankai, the same i believe is true with Aizen. Recently realized that Gin does know Bankai so i am sorry if i gave others false hopes I beleive that Chad is the most powerful human being in the entire world, the reason is because he has three souls within his body: It is my opinion that Kisuke's bankai is very powerful enough to defeat Ichigo.

I believe that Aizen has been killing and even putting his Arrancar's through such fights so that he can make his army flawless in every sense of the word, however i believe that the only Vasto larde he has aquired is Barragan and possibly Starrk but that is pushing it. The reason Ichigo's hollow form changes, i believe, is because it is evolving as it gains power, much like a dinosaur.

I think that Kisuke Urahara's Bankai will boil your blood or something cool like that. I am of the belief that Ichigo's inner hollow let him have a taste of his hollow resurreccion without the name to save his life, just like when he used his Getsuga Tensho before he knew the name of it.

In other words I believe that Ichigo had control of his body when he killed Ulquiorra I believe that the purpose of hollows is not only to become Vasta Lorde but to remove their masks and become more like Soul Reapers and become Arrancar, i believe that is the reason for their consumption of other hollows and holes. I also believe that the canibalization of other hollows in order to become Vasta Lorde may be a large factor but I don't believe that if they stop they are reduced to mindless Gillians, I think they just loose power.

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Kailer Yamamoto could score his way on to needing Oilers

Infinity War was the cast admitting very few of them had seen a full script. The reason, according to directors the Russo Brothers, was to cut down on the chance of spoilers leaking out.

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Bleach - Aizen Vs Urahara and Isshin

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ichigo vs yamamoto yahoo dating

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