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escrita maia yahoo dating

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We have developed the most advanced genetic database on Euphausia superba, KrillDB, which includes comprehensive data sets of former and present transcriptome projects. In particular, we have built a de novo transcriptome assembly using more than million Illumina sequence reads generated from larval krill including individuals subjected to different CO2 levels.

The database gives access to: All references to external entities sequences, domains, GO terms are equipped with a link to the appropriate source database.

Intermidia - AHRC-FAPESP Collaborative Project

Moreover, the software implements a full-text search engine that makes it possible to submit free-form queries. KrillDB represents the first large-scale attempt at classifying and annotating the full krill transcriptome. For this reason, we believe it will constitute a cornerstone of future approaches devoted to physiological and molecular study of this key species in the Southern Ocean food web.

Polar environments are characterized by extreme seasonal changes in day length, light intensity and spectrum, the extent of sea ice during the winter, and food availability.

A key species of the Southern Ocean ecosystem, the Antarctic krill Euphausia superba has evolved rhythmic physiological and behavioral mechanisms to adapt to daily and seasonal changes.

escrita maia yahoo dating

The molecular organization of the clockwork underlying these biological rhythms is, nevertheless, still only partially understood. The genome sequence of the Antarctic krill is not yet available.

escrita maia yahoo dating

A normalized cDNA library was produced and pyrosequenced in the attempt to identify large numbers of transcripts. Gene expression signatures of specimens collected in the Ross Sea at five different time points over a hour cycle were defined, and 1, genes differentially expressed were identified.

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escrita maia yahoo dating

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escrita maia yahoo dating

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