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Corteza Continental Yahoo Dating

corteza continental yahoo dating

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With the help of a helicopter, eruptive materials have been collected from the terminal moraines of the Lautaro Glacier 1: Field observations, petrologic and geochemical data from the volcano are herein reported. This work complements that of Orihashi et al. Geologic map of the northern half of South Patagonian Ice Field, indicating location of the Lautaro and the O'Higgins glaciers and sampling sites, simplified from Orihashi et al.

Bench marks of the sampling sites are: At the terminal area of the glacier, a young recessional moraine with scarce vegetation cover is present.

An observation of aerial photographs reveals that this moraine truncates a glacial valley of Greve Glacier, forming Sor Teresa Lake Fig. The moraine surface has a rough relief of more than 10 m.

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This moraine contains rock blocks, generally less than 1 m in diameter. They are composed of volcanic rocks, low-grade metamorphosed conglomerates, low-grade meta-pelites, and granites.

corteza continental yahoo dating

Many small blocks show rounded shapes, which suggest their origin from the basal parts of the glacier. The largest block observed in this moraine is meta-conglomerate of 5 m in length, with semi-angular clasts.

To the south of this young terminal moraine, another terminal moraine of the Lautaro Glacier is present. It has relatively smooth surface with low vegetation cover, being probably older. The samples have been collected from both moraines. The most common volcanic rock fragments are light-grey dacites of fresh aspect with abundant plagioclase and hornblende phenocrysts. Some dacite blocks present well-developed prismatic joints, suggesting hot emplacement and following rapid cooling, possibly resulted from collapse of a steep lava front.

corteza continental yahoo dating

Several rocks have glassy groundmass and rhyolite-like flow banding. Some samples contain mafic inclusions and show bread crust surfaces.

Corteza continental yahoo dating

The samples present different degree of alteration. Many wood and tree-trunk fragments were also found within this moraine. Lateral walls of the fjord expose the basement rocks of the Lautaro volcano. They are mainly formed by low-grade pelitic metamorphic rocks, which are intruded by hornblende-biotite granites. The granite is characterised by abundant rounded enclaves of 10 to 30 cm in diameter, of granodioritic to dioritic composition.

corteza continental yahoo dating

No dacite is exposed in this level. Therefore, the main edifice of the Lautaro volcano could correspond to lava dome clusters partially eroded by glaciers, protruding from the South Patagonian Ice Field Fig.

Schematic geologic cross-section of the northern part of South Patagonian Ice Field plateau, showing the relation between the Lautaro volcanic edifice, the Lautaro Glacier, and the O'Higgins Glacier. The vertical scale is exaggerated approximately four times. The highest part of its accumulation area is 3, a. In addition, no terminal moraine is currently exposed above the lake water level, but only lateral moraines. Lateral walls of this glacier valley expose low-grade pelitic metamorphic rocks intruded by tabular granitic bodies, typically 10 m wide, showing the same aspect of the fjord wall of the Lautaro Glacier.

The lateral moraine exposed above the glacier surface is approximately 4 m thick Fig.

corteza continental yahoo dating

On the surface of the moraine, there are stripes of linear ridges, several meters high, parallel to the glacier flow. This lateral moraine is composed mainly of angular fragments of meta-pelitic rocks and few blocks of granite.

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No volcanic rock was found within this deposit. At the southern margin of the O'Higgins Glacier, a fine layer, 10 cm thick, of lapilli-sized pumice fallout deposit was observed on the glacier ice. The pumices are usually 2 cm long, reaching up to 7 cm, slightly elliptic.

The ratio of long axis and short one is about 2: In total, samples of euhedral pumice were submitted to grain-size analyses. Grain-size histogram for euhedral pumices collected from the surface of the O'Higgins Glacier. On the lateral margin of the O'Higgins Glacier, there are many triangular ice ridges lower than 1 m with their surface covered by an ash-sized fallout deposit, called 'dirt cones'.

The ash is supposedly made up of reworked fallout deposits of unknown stratigraphic relationship. The volcanic ash was sieved using screens of 0. The ash is characterised by high abundance of mafic minerals. Binocular microscopic observations of the volcanic ash show that it is mainly constituted by light-grey pumice fragments of different sizes, dark blue volcanic glass, quartz, and plagioclase, mainly finer than 0. Many mineral grains are surrounded by pumice on the surface.

No clinopyroxene and alkali feldspar were found. The pumice fragments are the most abundant material and are present characteristically in the coarser fractions.

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They include small idiomorphic mineral grains, such as hornblende and orthopyroxene. The plagioclase is variable in size and small crystals often show fragmented shapes. The hornblende and orthopyroxene crystals are euhedral and concentrated in the fraction finer than 0. The orthopyroxene has been identified as hypersthene and is more abundant than hornblende. Their chemical composition is of relatively narrow variation, e. However, the distribution range is wider than previous data of northern AVZ of Stern and Killian The variation of MgO content is notable, ranging from 1.

The sample with the lowest SiO2 has the highest MgO, showing high-magnesia andesite-like tendency. Horizontally striped area shows Lautaro data from Stern and Kilian The Lautaro data of Stern and Kilian ; horizontally stripped area on Fig. According to Stern and Kilianthe samples of Lautaro, Viedma, and Aguilera volcanoes are dacites with adakite signature and have small geochemical difference.

Because of high crustal overprint, eruptive materials of Lautaro volcano can contain partly a significant amount of crustal xenocrysts. However, the geochemical similarity between the ash and pumices collected from the O'Higgins Glacier suggests that these materials are homogeneous and contain limited amount of crustal xenocrysts, if present.

On multi-element spider diagram Fig. On the other hand, the chemical variation of the Lautaro rock samples is relatively wide and it may require further detailed geochemical studies.

Multi-element spider diagram for fallout deposits collected from surface of the O'Higgins Glacier.

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The samples, and are pumice and ash is volcanic ash. The shaded area presents the Lautaro data from Stern and Kilian According to Martinicat least four historic eruptions are documented: Im bi usually so must be fully upscale.

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corteza continental yahoo dating

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