Among vs amongst yahoo dating

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among vs amongst yahoo dating

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among vs amongst yahoo dating

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This means they can both be used interchangeably; it really is a matter of style for when you choose to use one over the other. Even though it is a matter of style, it is still important to keep your audience in mind when picking which word to use.

among vs amongst yahoo dating

For example, if you are writing a sophisticated novel, using amongst might be appropriate because it adds a sense of unique dialogue or conversation. But, if you are writing for everyday consumption in a newspaper or a similar outlet, among is definitely the right choice for you.

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Some grammar books state that it is more common to use amongst before a word starting with a vowel. For example, Amongst other things, we will finish the house.

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This view, although still favored by some, is not supported by current usage trends. Which is More Common?

among vs amongst yahoo dating

Out of the two words, among is much more commonly used in modern English, being used at a ratio of In British English, amongst is used somewhat more frequently than in American English, but even in Great Britain among is the favored variant. History of Among and Amongst Of these two words, among is the earlier of the pair, first appearing during the Old English period.

among vs amongst yahoo dating