20 nombres de rios yahoo dating

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20 nombres de rios yahoo dating

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20 nombres de rios yahoo dating

It happens once in a while but I know how to control myself. Will like you to also send me some pictures of you too. I am concluding this letter here but remember this am serious about my words Have a good day.

20 nombres de rios yahoo dating

Hugs, Haggards I highlighted the glaring holes in this guys story, especially the rank. What a weird term they use. Again, judging by the size of each of these photos, they were most likely snagged from a MySpace or Facebook page. Anyway, on to the next. What a promotion for this guy, huh? I highly encourage you ladies being scammed by these guys to actually do a Google search on military ranks.

The first one goes by the name MikeJones Yahoo. The other 3 are supposedly the same person and goes by the name SGT. Again, notice the rank of this LTC!! No explanation about why the name and email address are different. Probably tired of creating new Yahoo accounts and keeping up with them. Same story wants ts2 money and transit money. Says he was in 24 years, wants to retire and marry his victims and has money aplenty.

Soldiers can pay for it themselves. Now in Afghanistan and will come back in 11 June. The interesting thing about these photos is that the scammer actually took the time to remove the name tags from the photo.

Could be anyone here! The first 4 photos are of a young James Ruddock and his family. He targets women in the UK mostly, it seems and proposes marriage, using his dead wife and two kids as emotional bait.

He also says to some women that he was supposed to be in Afganistan with a house also in the UK that he was going to retire to a different location. He also uses the name of Steve Ruddock and Mark Ruddock as well. This one is funny, but the person using the above photos claims to be a Captain Brown Mark Mark Brown?

[UPDATE] The “Face” of Military Dating Scams – The Wall of Shame – A Soldier's Perspective

This guy is such a tool, he tries to use General Odierno in his scam. This is supposedly Lt. There is no such person in the Army as Lt. Here are the pics that the scammers used on another reader using the name Sgt Patrick Mcdonald. This moron also sent pics using using the name Gen. The next scammer uses the name Capt. He only communicates through yahoo and of course is retiring in June. This is so that he can set up the classic Nigerian Retirement pass payments, as if a Soldier needs to pay to retire from the Army!

I tried looking into this one, but there are so many Swains in the Army, but none of them with a first name Harry. The guy using these photos seems to have hit the motherload of images. He calls himself Arena Adams. The have all come out of Saudi Arabia, but could easily be routed through there from Nigeria and other African nations. Randolf was his name, and uses the phone number Said his birthday was April 30,and he sponsors children in Iraq, that he has 15 children that he set up a foundation for and provides for them.

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I have decide to take my time to write out this message to you and I will expect same back from you. S right at this moment,in the beautiful city of Farmington Hills, Michigan where i had been for so long since the divorced between my Mother and my Daddy.

Really before my Dad passed away, we were living peacefully together, but on a official peace keeping mission in Dafur War Region, let me quickly phrase out this that my Dad and my mother are American. My father was from the Marine Military,My mother is a teacher. They both met on a trip down to Paris, they met each other and were friends till they were finally able to find true love which had led them together to have given birth to me.

His death made me to join U. S Army because he was given a state of heart burial and all his benefits was converted to me as a beneficiary, which will make me to get more benefits after I retire from my present job.

It was so painful to recall this memory at last i had no other choice than to go live with my Mother in Scotland United Kingdom as i felt needed someone around to help me through life difficulties before i can carry on myself you know what i mean.

20 nombres de rios yahoo dating

My Mom and i live together in an apartment here before i travel down to US when i got deployment to Sudan Dafur war region for peace keeping in the country.

I am the second child of my parents because we are two in number of our parent. Honestly she is very nice, kind, caring and loving Mother anyone would pray to have. She treats me sister like every good Mother would treat their beloved children. I have spent 19 good years in the Military,got rapid promotion due to my dedication to my work. I have been to some countries, mostly to lead the troop on peace keeping mission and aid relief mission.

I am planing ahead for my future as I am looking forward to meet through right woman, so I can make my final decision to tender my resignation letter, in order to enjoy my new relationship and build a strong family. Now i must tell you i am looking for in a soul mate, someone i could call my own, a woman in whom i could invest my time, good deeds, seriousness.

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Of course i am not getting any younger as my age increases by year. I do not smoke but drink socially. Also this is the quality i seek in a woman,one who will be dedicated to being my wife, loyal, faithful and honest. One who knows what it means to being in love, one who is very affectionate, simple, easy going, fun to be with, caring, very sincere, very romantic, giving nature, tolerant home loving, hard working, reliable, sensual, with a sense of humor.

One who will be a good Wife and who can take care of me and my one kids! I am tired, need some rest. I led the early morning parade for the troop in my Base.

20 nombres de rios yahoo dating

Have a great day and waiting for your message. The individual has already appeared on this list, but now under a different name: Notice how the scammer has removed the name from the uniform?

That enables him to use any name he wants while sending out the same photos to other women. Hello how are you going today? Doctors decided they couldn't operate because the area was inaccessible. Alejandro Vargas, told reporters. She was sent home with painkillers. Nevertheless, a few days later, she insisted on participating in a religious procession during which she said she received a sign that she would be healed.

The family decided to build a shrine to John Paul outside their home: On the day John Paul was beatified, May 1,Mora said she insisted on watching the Mass, which drew some 1. Peter's Square and the streets around it. But I got up from bed, and I am here before you, healthy," she said. Medical tests confirmed that the aneurism had disappeared, Vargas said. John Paul, who was pope fromrevolutionized the papacy, traveling the world and inspiring a generation of young Catholics to be excited about their faith.

John XXIII, dubbed the "good pope" for his affable nature, is best known for having convened Vatican II, sensing that the time was ripe for a renewal of the church.

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But he has fallen from favor among conservatives who blame Vatican II for the church's problems today. Benedict spent much of his pontificate trying to correct what he considered wrong interpretations of Vatican II, insisting it wasn't the break from the past that liberals believed.

While not disagreeing outright with Benedict, Francis seems to take a more progressive read of Vatican II and its call to go out into the world and spread the faith — a priority he has shown in the first months of his pontificate.

The two living popes, however, clearly get along. Benedict, 86, appeared in good form, walking slowly but on his own and greeting well-wishers. The Vatican's complicated saint-making procedure requires that the Vatican certify a "miracle" was performed through the intercession of the candidate — a medically inexplicable cure that is lasting, immediate and can be directly linked to the prayers offered by the faithful. One miracle is needed for beatification, a second for canonization.

Benedict put John Paul on the fast track for possible sainthood when he dispensed with the traditional five-year waiting period and allowed the beatification process to begin weeks after his John Paul's death. Benedict was responding to chants of "Santo Subito! There has been some concern that the process has been too quick. Some of the Holy See's deep-seated problems — clerical sex abuse, dysfunctional governance and more recently the financial scandals at the Vatican bank — essentially date from shortcomings of his pontificate.

Thus the decision to canonize John Paul along with John XXIII can be seen as trying to balance those concerns, as well as the shortcomings of each pope. As soon as the announcement was made, John Paul's critics came out: Juan Vaca, one of the victims of notorious pedophile priest the Rev. Marcial Maciel, founder of the Legion of Christ religious order, said the decision to canonize John Paul was "appalling and shocking" given the thousands of victims of sex abuse who were ignored under his year pontificate.