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wuerfel online dating

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wuerfel online dating

Exceptional Customer Service Our customer care team is committed to supporting your search and ensuring a smooth, safe and stress-free online dating experience for all members. As well as making sure to verify the profiles we host on our dating site, our team is always prepared to offer you personalised support and answer any technical queries you may have. Managers and promoters may realize that all the money spent on setting up and maintaining striking artist webpages is only useful if effective positioning and marketing is in place to create the expected traffic.

At the end of the day, the internet is not going to make people go for music and artists that they otherwise wouldn't like in the first place but the internet does provide virtual unlimited access. How do you think the Billboard Talent Net specifically will help songwriters, recording artists, managers, promoters, etc.? What is the goal for the site? Billboard Talent Net has set out to become the first meaningful gateway between those that actively offer and those that are looking to sign available music and copyrights.

The fact that Billboard is such a unique and global brand - recognized by music companies, artists and music fans virtually everywhere - enables us to serve as a meaningful catalyst for unsigned and developing artists and their music.

The goal is to give new artists the necessary exposure by way of a recognizable platform that enables them to present their talent to the music industry while building fan community online and offline at the same time. To make sure that they are properly positioned. The world wide web is already too convoluted to expect to be seen and recognized just because you have a web page or you maintain your own web site. Make sure people can find you and know where to look.

The analogy would be to assume that just because your cd is available at record stores people are going to buy it. Most likely, you or your record company will need to market and position you product so that it stands out from everything else and people can find it.

I am naive enough to believe in the power and energy of a good song and good song writing, though. The same goes for good live music.

Songwriter Interviews - Interview with Andreas Wuerfel

While we are creating an interactive union between music and computers - the energy coming from interaction between a band and the audience during a live concert is still the real thing. The issue remains how to let fans know that you are playing somewhere and what type of music they can expect. Billboard Talent Net allows music fans to search for the type of music they like and check out the music and live date info online, at home. All they have to do is decide to show up at the gig that night.

What in your opinion, makes a "great song"? I am not sure that there's one magic formula that - once applied - guarantees a "great song". You know you hear a "great song" if it hits you in the right spots. But that can be very different things to different people.

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So, personally, I always try to find that particular something that I believe makes a song special for me. Have you noticed a difference between the expectations of the internet in Europe and elsewhere in the world and the expectations in North America? Is Billboard Talent Net able to cater to them all or does it have a specific geographical focus?

wuerfel online dating

Most music starts out somewhere in a specific region or as part of a local scene. And if it's good, if it's the right stuff at the right time, it develops further. Given the immediate global reach provided by the internet, it is important for Billboard Talent Net to make sure that local and global strategies are in tandem. We will be introducing local language versions of the site as well. What sort of response has Billboard Talent Net been receiving from artists, managers and the like so far?

We just recently asked all the artists currently featured on the site what type of feedback they had received from music companies and our general audience. The response, I must say, was overwhelming.

wuerfel online dating

Considering that we have only been up and running for 2 months at the time of this interview I think this is fantastic. Major signings are going to happen next. In terms of the type of feedback we have been getting so far, it clearly shows that Billboard Talent Net is capable of providing the sought after exposure and actual access to the music industry Question:

wuerfel online dating