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With the premiere date finally announced for Person of Interest: Season 5, IGN can confirm that this will indeed be the final season for the ever-cool and. Main · Videos; Casse acustiche esb lds dating sites her saturdays concealing the collects at now sucked colonialist whopping singles. person of interest s02e17 online dating marriage not dating fight scene from warrior marriage not. "'The Good Wife', 'Elementary', 'Person Of Interest', '2 Broke Girls', 'NCIS: LA', 'The Mentalist', "Sky Living Sets UK Premiere Date For 'Elementary' Season 2".

Crews has a particularly difficult relationship with his father, Charles, Sr. Crews' father broke into Crews' house to deliver a wedding invitation and was shot by Crews, who believed him to be a home invader.

person of interest s02e17 online dating

The wound was minor and his father recovered, but their relationship is still strained. Crews' investigations gradually gained more and more attention, most notably from The Group. Bodner shot Crews as he answered the door. Crews nearly died and had an out-of-body experience. Once he recovered, he re-cast the bullet Bodner shot him with, and shot Bodner in the leg with it to "get even.

Lewis chose to do the role after reading the script, in which he appreciated the character-driven nature of the story. Over the course of the series, the two develop a strong working relationship, despite Reese's frustration at Crews's eccentricities and her discomfort at being caught between him and their first-season boss, Lt. Davis, who wants her help getting Crews off the force. Reese also has serious problems of her own, as a recovering drug addict and alcoholic who seeks out anonymous sex.

The episode "Tear Asunder" suggests that she sees self-destructive behavior as a way of punishing herself. Reese's drug addiction dates to an undercover assignment on a narcotics case, and there is no indication that she continues to use.

By contrast, it is immediately clear that she is still drinking. Her alcoholism is central to the first-season episode "Powerless," which ends with her apparently sincere embrace of Alcoholics Anonymous. In the second-season episode "Trapdoor," however, Reese falls off the wagon, when her then-boyfriend, Captain Tidwell, pushes her about meeting his father.

Although this lapse suggests that Reese has not truly dealt with the underlying causes of her addictions, there is no indication that she is drinking for the remainder of the series. Reese's troubles also include a strained, resentful relationship with her father, Jack Reese. She confides to Crews in the episode "Serious Control Issues" that she spent her childhood trying to figure out if her father was "only mean, or just plain bad. Although Reese is bilingual, having learned Farsi from her mother, she tells Crews in the episode "A Civil War" that her father forbade them to use the language in his presence.

Reese is seemingly unaware of her father's involvement in the conspiracy to imprison Crews. In the final episode of season one, Crews is about to tell her but is interrupted. Reese's being "in the know" is teased through season two, but there is never a full disclosure.

Reese does eventually confront Crews about her father's involvement during "Trapdoor," but Crews is shot in the chest before they can complete the conversation. In the second season finale, Sarah Shahi is visibly pregnant, which was announced in early She started to work fewer hours on set. The storyline used was that Reese was working for the FBI. Reese's inner demons are what attracted Shahi to play the character. Specifically she said, "I like the fact that she has a dark side and she has some demons that she needs to overcome.

Ted met Crews in prison, having originally been a wealthy CEO of a powerful company but lost his job and was imprisoned for insider trading, something he now regrets. Crews saved Ted's life in prison, and Ted was there to support Crews upon his release.

Ted discovered Crews' unauthorized and illegal investigation behind the conspiracy that led to his frame-up, and prevented a DA investigation from discovering it. In Season 2, Ted started teaching at a business school. Crews acted quickly, arranging for his prison friends to protect and serve him and eventually "convinced" Bodner to have Earley released.

When Crews was put on trial for the murder of the Seybolt family, Bobby was unable to support his partner as he was threatened with imprisonment if he testified for his defense. Twelve years later, after Crews' release, Bobby made successful attempts to reconnect with him, and regularly aids him on cases. He managed to get a hold of Crews' old badge and service revolver and returns them to Charlie soon after he rejoins the LAPD.

Bobby regularly clashes with Crews' new partner, Dani Reese, for a variety of reasons e. Bobby has a wife, Leslie, three kids, and a sister, Kathy, who is a "badge bunny" i. Originally from New YorkTidwell is portrayed as having a very easy-going attitude, but takes his work very seriously when needed, excelling in situations of extreme chaos.

Over the course of Season 2, Tidwell made romantic advances on Reese. Initially she rebuffed him, but eventually the two began an intimate relationship. Tidwell has three ex-wives, who all still love him, and is extremely paranoid and afraid of earthquakes due to the fact he doesn't actually understand them.

He has the habit of speaking of himself in third person at times, and once mentioned in "Crushed" to have played the trombone in a marching band for 13 years, but it is not known if he still plays. Logue was added to the cast in Season 2, as an effort to lighten Damian Lewis' workload. As a result, Constance was asked to become an Assistant District Attorney, which she accepted. Constance and Crews are seen to greatly care for one another; both in turn make references to a potential relationship, if Constance had not been married.

Constance was a main character in Season 1. Originally, Melissa Sagemiller was cast to play the role, but she was replaced by Langton in July In cases she participates in, Davis is uptight, by-the-book and cares about enforcing the law; yet during the entirety of the first season she uses her power to attempt to get Crews kicked off the force by getting Reese to reveal any misbehaviour by Crews, true or not.

Recurring cast[ edit ] Arthur Tins Jon Sklaroff was a low-rate con artist who, in an attempt to con money out of Mark Rawls' son claiming, falsely, to be a lawyer who knew something that could get his father out of prison killed him with a shot to the back when he wouldn't pay.

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Charlie Crews eventually tracked down and captured Tins. Tins initially boasted that, due to lack of evidence, he could only be held for a year for violating parolebut as he was escorted by Crews and Dani Reese to prison, he noticed Rawls waiting for him, and immediately confessed so he could be sent to another prison.

Given a life sentence, Tins escaped a year later while out on work detail with two others during an earthquake, a more cunning and dangerous criminal due to things learned in prison. Tins manipulated Crews into leading him to the paroled Rawls, whom he killed with a shot to the back of the head, and then successfully robbed an armored truck. Crews eventually tracked him down to the home of the manager of the armored truck company, where Tins was holding her, her husband, and her son and daughter hostage.

A stand-off ensued until Crews was able to shoot Tins in the chest, killing him. As Tins died, he remarked to Crews "I'll see you later then Crews. Reese was a key orchestrator in the conspiracy of sending Crews to prison, and played a cat-and-mouse game with him until he suddenly departed. Roman Nevikov, one of the Group's "investments" who was abandoned by them in favor of Crews, claimed in the second season finale to have subsequently captured and killed Reese.

Detective Carl Ames retired Roger Aaron Brown was the lead detective on the case that sent Charlie Crews to jail, and decided to retire right after Crews was given a life sentence. He was a friend of Jack Reese, and as such falsified certain details in the case to ensure Crews was convicted most of all, obscuring the fact Rachel Seybolt was still in the house at the time. After Crews was released, Ames, despite all the evidence to the contrary, refused to believe it due in part to the gruesomeness killing of the Seybolt family which apparently still haunted him.

Crews, as a result, was driven to repeatedly seek Ames and confront him with the evidence, attempting to force out any details leading to the conspiracy that led to his imprisonment.

Ames was found murdered with a shot to his head and heart in his car in the Los Angeles police station parking lot, as a result of his failed plan to further frame Crews. Crews was initially the primary suspect, but was eventually proven innocent. In the Season 1 finale, Crews recognizes the two henchmen seeking Kyle Hollis as the same standing beside Reese on the morning of Ames' death.

Realizing Reese ordered Ames killed by the two men, Crews takes out his old service pistol and successfully shoots and kills the two men, avenging Ames. Jennifer Conover Jennifer Siebel is Charlie Crews' ex-wife who, not believing his innocence, divorced him when he was in prison, and in the 12 years he has been in prison, she has remarried and had a son and daughter.

After Crews is released, he regularly approaches her, having never given up his feelings. Initially her viewpoint towards him is strained, but in the middle of Season 2, Jennifer finally succumbed to his advances and they had a night of passion, which was the closure to their relationship.

Reverend Orson Parker Titus Welliver is the true murderer of the Seybolt family, the crime that Crews went to prison for. It is revealed in the last episode that Tom Seybolt was not guilty of money laundering but was being set up by The Group in an attempt to make him dirty in hopes of making Crews dirty. High on drugs, Hollis went out of control and murdered Tom Seybolt along with his wife and son, leaving only his daughter Rachel alive.

Afterward, Hollis turned his life around and became a man of God, adopting Rachel as well. When Crews finally tracked him down, he initially wishes to kill him, but instead tricks him into confessing to the crime.

Hollis was subsequently sent to prison. In Season 2, Crews visited him in prison to find out more about his connection to Reese, only for Hollis to strangely deny he ever knew him. Mark Rawls Michael Cudlitz is a criminal serving a year prison sentence whose son was found murdered, but Charlie Crews solved the crime with Rawls' unknowing assistance.

As a thank-you, Rawls, at Crews' request, uses his contacts in the criminal underworld to finally locate Kyle Hollis, as well as his new name, profession, and the fact that others were after him.

In Season 2, Rawls is paroled, and during the earthquake that strikes Los Angeles, Rawls planned to hunt down Arthur Tins, his son's killer, who he learned from his prison friends had escaped in the earthquake. Crews was legally forced to interfere with his plan, and in doing so, Tins was able to kill Rawls. Crews, in turn, killed Tins. Mickey Rayborn William Atherton was a police officer who retired and became a highly-influential philanthropist.

He was also a member of the group of 6 ex-police officers known as The Group. Rayborn, having learned he is going to die from an unspecified form of cancer, willingly aided Charlie Crews in his investigation of Jack Reese, another member of The Group. Eventually, Rayborn gave up key details of The Group to Crews, giving him some important answers to their activities.

After the meeting, Rayborn's private yacht, where he had met Crews last, was found adrift a mile out to sea by the Coast Guard; its deck covered in blood, with Rayborn presumed to have been butchered by Nevikov.

In the Season 2 finale, it was revealed not only was Rayborn still alive and hiding from Nevikov, but he was never sick in the first place his "cancer appointments" were really him gradually stockpiling the blood necessary to properly fake his death ; Rayborn worked together with Crews to save Dani from Nevikov. Olivia has made repeated, and always rebuffed, attempts to make contact with Crews, resulting in her spending a lot of time with Ted, who developed feelings for her.

She gently turns down his romantic efforts while trying to maintain a friendship with him. Her relationship with Charles Sr. She runs off to Spain by the end of the second season. Ted finds out and immediately follows her. Being only nine years old at the time, Rachel was left deeply emotionally scarred and even now finds it difficult to socialize.

Due to Jack Reese's efforts to protect her from the rest of his group, Crews had to spend a great deal of time and effort in Season 1 to find her, and eventually found she had been adopted by Hollis. Initially, Rachel's relationship with Crews was tense, but, as both were "wrecked" by the crime and went through a dark time in their respective lives, it eventually grew to bond them together, and they began caring about one another. Roman Nevikov, a ruthless Russian mobster Crews was investigating, subtly threatened more than once to rape and kill Rachel if he investigated the triple murder too deeply, forcing Crews to send her away for her own safety.

Supposedly, Nevikov was born in prison, and exhibits extreme sociopathic tendencies. Cool, calm, and extremely confident, Nevikov always seems to know specific and private details about those he interacts with particularly Crews and Reese. Those who work for him fear him as being untouchable. This is proven when Nevikov, having murdered one of his prostitutes and been subsequently arrested by Charlie Crews and Dani Reese, is released without charge when it is revealed that he is a protected federal informant.

While in custody, Nevikov provided information to Crews that led him to shift the focus of his personal investigation towards the Bank of Los Angeles Shootout. Once the work was completed, Nevikov couldn't risk his secrets being exposed as the builders knew too much, Nevikov executed all three.

Don't you mean, he must've known that his secret was going to come out? Psychosexually speaking, Tony, Horlacher was a woman trapped in a man's body. And when she killed herself, she freed herself. Hey, you know what this reminds me of? Pacci's suspect that we were staking-out last year.

Yeah, the beautiful pre-op transsexual that seduced Tony.

person of interest s02e17 online dating

She didn't seduce me. Yeah, well, didn't you stick your tongue down Okay, I took one for the team, all right?! Someone had to keep her occupied. Don't you mean him? Uh, I'll get you a fresh one. It was black, right?

You didn't see anyone else enter or leave? No, she was here alone. All right, check his phone records.

person of interest s02e17 online dating

Maybe he made some other phone calls while he was deciding to off himself. I'm thinking there was no girlfriend, Gibbs. That he was just living a double life.

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Puts a whole new spin on "don't ask, don't tell. Get he-she's laptop to Abby. Hey, Gibbs, you're just in time. Okay, from the outside, it looks like a normal laptop.

But on the inside? Fortified with the kind of data encryption that only someone with something to hide would have. At first, we didn't even understand his obfuscation algorithm.

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Did you get in or not? There's just one layer we haven't cracked yet. But we did get Petty Officer Horlacher's blog. It's a personal Internet journal. Actually that would be "Ebway Oglay.

The blob say anything useful? It's mostly men are from Mars stuff. He was very interested in the differences between men and women.

Men are from where? Mars, Gibbs, and women are from Venus. It's a famous book about relationships and communication between the sexes.

There was that TV show and a board game and the guy wrote like ten sequels I'm beginning to understand why you were married three times. Come look at it for yourself. That's "laughing out loud. Horlacher was leading two different lives. I want to know everything there is to know about both of them. There was a time I would have killed for a pair of eyes like that. Think she was a blonde or a brunette? What difference does it make? I bet she was beautiful.

Are you telling me that you're attracted to a disembodied set of eyeballs? It's kind of like that movie Laura. Old movie by Otto Preminger. It's about a cop who falls in love with the painting of a girl whose head's been blown off by a shotgun. Gene Tierney was a goddess. What do we have? Well, I called Petty Officer Horlacher's family. He lied about paying them a visit over the weekend. They hadn't heard from him in over a year.

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Still can't find a connection to Paraguay, boss. He's never deployed overseas. Doesn't even have a passport.

Yeah, and what I want to know is how a suicidal transvestite attended a top-secret intelligence school without anybody noticing. You contact his faculty advisor yet? I was just about to. Got his PhD in South American studies. I think we should interview him. According to Horlacher's phone records, he called the Commander right before he killed himself. That's good work, Tony.

Get the car Kate. Okay, now that we've learned a little bit about recruiting double agents, let's take a moment to consider some of the risks involved. Would you like to become left-handed? You going for your brown-nose badge this week? You're just jealous 'cause it's working.

What kind of a risk does a double agent pose? He could double-cross you back, sir? You have just convinced someone to betray that which he holds dearest. These are weak-minded individuals. If your recruit proves untrustworthy, he must be either coerced or abandoned, but nothing can jeopardize the mission. Petty Officer Horlacher is a decent student.

That's all I know about him, really. You cover Ciudad del Este in your class? Horlacher got a package from there. Inside were a pair of human eyes.

Cut out of a woman's head. What did the Petty Officer say about it? Claims to have not known anything about it. Did you ever spend any personal time with him outside of class, Mr. No, in my field, the students tend to see their instructors as larger than life.

It's best not to get too attached.

Person of Interest S2E17 - Ending Part 3

So that would be a "no"? Am I being interrogated for some reason? On what, Agent Gibbs? Why he called you last night. Many of my students call me at home. Last night, Benjamin wanted to know if I'd give him an extension on a paper due this week.

Did you give it to him? He killed himself last night. Right after he got off the phone with you. I don't know what to say. Why don't we start with what you said to him? Well, this wasn't the first time he asked for an extension.

I was hard on him.