Koutetsu tenshi kurumi online dating

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koutetsu tenshi kurumi online dating

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Again history repeats itself in her introduction, and just like last time, her awakening was not by a kiss. Having no master, she runs off of the program that Steel Angels are to protect humanity, not fall in love and become servants to them. Karinka Mark II's upgrades include built-in flight ability and increased tactical battle data.

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Again, history repeats when Karinka kidnaps Saki, fights Kurumi, and loses after finding that Kurumi has more strength and will to fight because of love, specifically Nako. And all over again, Karinka gets a crush on whomever Kurumi loves, and Nako becomes victim to another suitor. Saki, Mark II Uruka Sumeragi's father slammed his fist on his table and his statue crumbled to peaces, revealing Saki in the statue.

She was activated by a kiss of Uruka Sumeragi. She is in love with both Kurumi and Uruka. Manga[ edit ] The manga was being produced at the same time of the anime however is significantly different from the anime. In the manga, Nakahito discovers Kurumi in the same fashion, he was being bullied and fell into Dr. The academy travels back in time to find the world's greatest mystic. In order to do that, they give each nation the ability to design its own steel angel. They then hold a Steel Fight in order to see who the strongest mystic is.

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During the Steel Fight, all steel angels are shut down because of a revolt, and a demon exits her fake steel angel body. She places a curse on Nakahito and travels into the future.

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The crew also goes into the future to destroy the demon and remove the curse. They live with Dr. The term Gamma is also used without explanation, and is only said to be the one thing that can cure a Holder. So, does that make Kurumi a Gamma? Steel Angel Kurumi Zero is about as short in length as they come.

Sticking to the old ways, each episode is only fifteen minutes long. One thing I should mention though is that Steel Angel Kurumi Zero takes place in the same room for the entire running time.

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This could bug the hell out of Kurumi fans and sci-fi fans alike who want to see more of the futuristic outside world. The music throughout the series can only be described as beautiful. The ending theme Miracle's Start is strangely uplifting, and at times I found myself helplessly humming along to it. Since the entire anime takes place in the apartment during cloudy skies, you can forget all about the colorful palettes that Steel Angel Kurumi is famous for.

With the anime being that short you can't really complain too much about its subject matter. It does help to have a tolerance for mushy lesbian romance, though.

The audio and animation of Steel Angel Kurumi 2 is of similar quality as the first series.

koutetsu tenshi kurumi online dating

The opening song is a remix of the opening song from the first series, and I absolutely love it. I guess it fits the series good enough, but I've never been a fan of that form of J-Pop. The voiceovers in Steel Angel Kurumi 2 are great, especially the English ones. What I will say though, is that I was surprised when I found out that all of the cast from the first series returned for Steel Angel Kurumi 2. I had to look it up because I wasn't entirely sure if it was the same voice actors as before, or if ADV just got some people that sounded similar.

Steel Angel Kurumi 2

I say this because for some odd reason it seemed like the voice actors had a lot more fun working on the first Steel Angel Kurumi--especially Kelli Cousins Kurumi --and sounded slightly different. With that said, English audio is still the way to go. I found myself switching between English and Japanese audio just to see what changes were made in the English translation, and believe me when I say that the changes alone are well worth it. The animation is also great yet again.

Back are all the bright colors, smooth animation, and superb character designs. I'm actually going to go so far as to say Steel Angel Kurumi 2 has better animation than Steel Angel Kurumi 1, but I'll need to watch them side by side before I can make such a bold statement.

One thing is for sure, though, and that's that the scenery in Steel Angel Kurumi 2 is a lot better.

koutetsu tenshi kurumi online dating

This is mostly due to the fact that Steel Angel Kurumi 2 takes place 75 years in the future in modern Japan, and cities and buildings are all well drawn. You really can't ask for too much more when it comes to animation. Steel Angel Kurumi 2 is an interesting piece of work. On one side, it's actually quite funny and enjoyable, even to people who've never watched an episode of Steel Angel Kurumi in their life.

Koutetsu Tenshi Kurumi (Steel Angel Kurumi) - mawatari.info

On the other side, it takes everything left over from the end of the first series and turns it into a complete joke, which could be bad or good depending on how you feel about the series. It never builds itself up as anything more than what it begins as, and thus it's not an anime I can see myself sitting down and watching ever again.

When you cease to take this anime seriously and simply accept if for what it is, you may find yourself having a good time watching it.