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Another example is when Tuco punishes Joe by forcing him to walk through the desert. This is possibly the only time that one might become bored with the film. But again, I think the time for the scene was justified in that we are able to receive the full impact of that experience and enjoy the haunting music at the same time. In my opinion, one of the essential elements of a great film is creating moods that absorb our attention. This often takes time, lots of time. Such a journey takes time.

Then curl up with it on a cold, rainy Sunday afternoon when you are in no hurry to do anything. This is without a doubt my all-time favorite western.

The ending fight scene with its 3-way showdown is one of the most memorable pieces of film I have ever watched. Leone did a great job with the camera direction in this movie and the acting is impressive. Eastwood, Van Cleef, and Wallach are absolutely fantastic.

The only thing that might scare some viewers off is the length of the film. If there was ever a perfect western, this is it. And there was nothing of merit taking place between the North and South during the Civil War in the Southwest. Now, that aside, I must say that this is the Greatest western ever.

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I first saw this film when I was about ten. The Searchers, Stagecoach, Gunfight at the O. Corral, The Gunfighter, High Noon, Shane- all great films, but saddled with the standard American Western morality- the good guy never takes liberties with the eastern schoolmarm, the bad guy wears a black hat, etc.

This film, in my opinion, is not only the greatest spaghetti western of all time. It is the greatest movie of all time.

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I could probably watch it every day, and be perfectly happy doing so. The music is perfection. The way the music drives this movie is absolutely amazing. The musical genius of Morricone and the incredible direction of Sergio Leone is a combination that will probably never be equaled. The theme song will forever be etched in your brain. And the showdown at the end with that great music- just incredible. The story is riveting. There is not a single dull moment. Eli Wallach is perfect as Tuco.

He really shines in this movie. Some people say he steals the show, and I can see why they think so. This movie is hypnotic. In short, I was unimpressed. Years later, I gave the film a second shot, watching it all the way through this time. For one thing, I took more notice of the technical side of the film. I admired the detailed sets and the sweeping landscapes, the props and the costumes and all those weird, wonderful faces that Leone clearly loved to photograph.

I also got hooked by some of the quieter moments that I had skipped over in my first viewing. Their argument is great, emotionally charged stuff, made all the more effective by the suggestion that they really do love and care about each other.

But what a potboiler! In fact, it probably defined heroic coolness for an entire generation. And to think, I missed all that the first time through… Reviewer This film probably had the largest impact on my life.

It set the tone for everything I then got interested in. This is the best of the Dollars Trilogy and by far one of the best Westerns of all time. I have never forgotten the end shoot-out. Pistilli committed suicide in his home in Milan just before he was scheduled to appear in the performance of Terence Rattigans Tosca on April 21, The program was panned by critics and audiences, and that might have contributed to Pistillis state of mind, in his note he apologized to her for the spiteful statements released in the published interview.

Hes buried in the village of Cori, next to his parents and his son Daniele. Luigi Pistilli at the Internet Movie Database 2. Grosseto — Grosseto listen is a city and comune in the central Italian region of Tuscany, the capital of the Province of Grosseto.

Il buono il brutto il cattivo film completo online dating

The city lies 14 kilometres from the Tyrrhenian Sea, in the Maremma and it is the most populous city in Maremma, with 82, inhabitants.

The origins of Grosseto can be traced back to the High Middle Ages, Grosseto steadily grew in importance, owing to the decline of Rusellae and Vetulonia until it was one of the principal Tuscan cities.

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In the city was besieged by German troops, led by Duke Heinrich X of Bavaria, in the following year the bishopric of Roselle was transferred to Grosseto. In the citizens loyalty to the Republic of Siena. In the city was reconquered by the Sienese, and its powers, thereafter Grosseto shared the fortunes of Siena. It became an important stronghold, and the fortress, the walls, in and inGrosseto tried in vain to win freedom from the overlordship of Siena.

While Guelph and Ghibelline parties struggled for control of city, Umberto. The pestilence of struck Grosseto hard and by its population had reduced to some hundred families.

Its territory, moreover, was ravaged, notably in by Alfons V of Sicily. In the construction of a line of walls was begun. Grosseto, however, remained a town, with only inhabitants at the beginning of the 18th century.

Under the rule of the House of Lorraine, Grosseto flourished and it was given the title of capital of the new Maremma province. The walls were begun by Francesco I de Medici inreplacing those from the 12thth centuries, the design was by Baldassarre Lanci, and the construction took 19 years, being completed under Grand Duke Ferdinando I. Until the exterior was surrounded by a ditch with an earthen moat, there were two main gates, Porta Nuova on the north and Porta Reale on the south.

The walls are now used as a park and walking area 3. Italy — Italy, officially the Italian Republic, is a unitary parliamentary republic in Europe. Located in the heart of the Mediterranean Sea, Italy shares open land borders with France, Switzerland, Austria, Slovenia, San Marino, Italy covers an area ofkm2 and has a largely temperate seasonal climate and Mediterranean climate. Due to its shape, it is referred to in Italy as lo Stivale.

With 61 million inhabitants, it is the fourth most populous EU member state, the Italic tribe known as the Latins formed the Roman Kingdom, which eventually became a republic that conquered and assimilated other nearby civilisations.

The legacy of the Roman Empire is widespread and can be observed in the distribution of civilian law, republican governments, Christianity.

The Renaissance began in Italy and spread to the rest of Europe, bringing a renewed interest in humanism, science, exploration, Italian culture flourished at this time, producing famous scholars, artists and polymaths such as Leonardo da Vinci, Galileo, Michelangelo and Machiavelli. The weakened sovereigns soon fell victim to conquest by European powers such as France, Spain and Austria. Despite being one of the victors in World War I, Italy entered a period of economic crisis and social turmoil.

Today, Italy has the third largest economy in the Eurozone and it has a very high level of human development and is ranked sixth in the world for life expectancy.