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You can also keep up to date with your gold making tips at guildwars2tradingpost .com; Think outside the box. Trust me when I say this, there. Blog documenting visual changes between GW1 & GW2 is an important tool for determining relevance, sites must also remain up-to-date. The graph below displays how much ingame currency you can buy with gems. gems sells for 20 g 36 s. gems costs 33 g 44 s to buy. gems.

This is basically how i "flipped" items. Start by choosing a level range- the 30's work very well for this. Set the filter to only bring up green quality items, and hit search.

Now - organize items by the highest value. Usually i can get items for 1s, sometimes 1s50c exetra. You can spend a good hour just putting in buy orders - i have put in over buy orders in a 24 hour period taking 3 hours or so to put all the buy orders in -- Items that are really nice for this are those that have 0 buy orders currently in. I tend to put buy orders at different prices so when people browse it doesn't show 48 orders by 1 person - and makes it less likely others will start doing this.

Remember - the trading post is region wide - it's extremely active - and the lower level range is where many players currently are - which is why 30s and 40s work so well. Every few hours - pick up the items from the trade post and repost them at 1c less than the lowest seller.

Don't undercut by more than 1c- there is no point, people can't choose the seller, only the lowest seller price.

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You will notice items are actually selling at the s marks. Typically i can have sell orders and roughly the same buy orders going at a time. Once a day or so i may cancel all buy orders and start to put new ones in. Don't put in bulk buy orders on any item - it will not help your cause. When you're re-listing an item, check how many other buy orders are on it. IF you see an item with 0 buy orders, you are selling 0 of it - that means you have listed this item before and it sold - and no competition at the moment.

The News link is now under the Site category, along with a new comments and suggestions page. I must apologise for this. The site's growth has been quite substantial and has required more hosting resources. I've also been hard at work today trying to resolve the slowness issue of the site. The item overview page that shows the item's price history was incredibly slow and was causing the database to lock up, thereby making all subsequent page loads slow.

As a result, I've had to make some tough decisions on a few changes to the site. The biggest decision being to only track 1 week's worth of item prices instead of a month.

The reason for this is that I'd far rather have a fast, responsive site for all. If you require a larger time span of price history, I suggest you head over to GW2Spidy and take a look for that item. The aim of GW2TP is to place a large emphasis on current item prices.

The history range may increase over time if all goes smoothly. Again, I apologise for the hiccups experienced. Premium users have been credit with additional time to make up for the periodic inaccessibility.

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This means that you can save the combination of search parameters that you use often to find particular items and give it a name. To use this feature, perform your search. You will be taken to the search results page. Underneath the search form, there is a button that reads 'Save this search'. Clicking on this button will open a dialog, prompting you for a name to associate this search with.

Once you have clicked save, your saved search should now appear in the "Saved Searches" menu at the top of the site. Clicking on your saved search will now repeat the search without you having to re-enter all the parameters.

This is useful if you have a specific combination of parameters to search for example, fast flipping crafting materials. You can also choose which column you wish to order the results before saving the search. Your saved search will now automatically be ordered by the column you saved it on. Make gold even faster!

If you've been wondering why there has been a lack of updates recently, well, here's why! Why upgrade to a premium member you ask? Premium users gain even more features and tools to help you master the trade post! Unlimited item lists and items. No more needing to sift through irrelevant items when identifying good deals. Flip profit columns on all item tables. Order all tables by any category! Demand - Supply legends.

Quickly identify items that are in high demand or supply! Items that are in high demand or supply are marked with icons next to their names accordingly. Refine your searches using even more parameters and make the trade post bend to your will.

The combinations are endless! Quite a juicy list! And this list will grow in the coming month. Future features include the ability to be notified when item prices change and saving your advanced searches so you can repeat them quickly. Users can head over to the premium memberships page to purchase a membership.

No credit card details are stored on our servers.

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Free users can have 1 item list, with items on it. To gain access to unlimited item lists and track unlimited items, consider upgrading to a premium user. If you were previously watching more than items, only the first items have been migrated over to your item list. Looking for groups has also been discontinued, I'd also like to give a shout-out to the guys over at BlackLionsProfit.

The owner of this fantastic blog has been very kind in mentioning GW2TP. Many people will know how difficult it is to get the initial burst of traffic so a new site and this site was no exception. Thanks for these guys and a few others who can be found at the bottom of this sitewe have reached over visitors in less than a month! I would definitely recommend new players heck, even advanced players could learn a think or two take a look at their articles.

Links to some of their guides can be found in the guides section. Those of you who are interested in making use of it, please head over to the API page for more details.

More features coming soon! Watch your favourite items! This means you can flag items you wish to be able to easily view on a separate page. You will need to register don't worry, it literally takes a few seconds and be logged in to use this feature. To watch an item, click on the icon next to the item listing and wait until it becomes dark.

You can then view your watched items an any time by clicking on the Item menu link and selecting 'Watched items', which will take you to the watched items page. You can stop watching items by clicking on the icon again. This article is outdated. While there are many guides for GW2 on the internet now, it is tedious search by various terms trying to find one that suites your needs.

The aim of the guide submission system is to allow writers to submit links to guides on their website and give readers a central place to discover them. Anyone can submit a link to their guide, so feel free to check out the guide archive for more information. I only ask that writers adhere to the submission guidelines that can be found on the submission form. This can be a great source of traffic to your website if you submit interesting guides!

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While Google Charts was more than up to the processing, the sheer number of data points on the graphs made them look ugly. The new graphs have a zoomable time series for ease of use. The item page now shows the in-game chat link.