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fingerzilla online dating

Universal App -- Fingerzilla runs on the iPad, and displays the full Retina .. Live online multiplayer • Achievements • Statistics • Game options • Smart AI .. Sign up for Big Fish Games' iSplash newsletter and keep up-to-date on sales or new. Nov 14, Online dating has made meeting new people easier than ever, but getting to know them has only got tougher. One year-old singleton shares. Sep 1, Anyone who says online dating is painless and easy never tried it; between the slew of online dating sites, filtering through potential daters'.

This week we are looking at apps that let's you play god. All 3 of them are iPhone games that puts you in complete control of a virtual world where you can do good or bad. Sure, they're time wasters but some of the ones on this list can be just as fun and addictive as full game titles. Let's start off with Pocket God from Bolt Creative, which is probably the best-known god game on the iPhone and one of the best-selling iOS games to date.

Since launching in January of last year, it's been updated with 33 content updates all of which have added mini-games and activities you can do with the game's Pygmy Tribe. The games provides a number of ways to end the lives of this virtual people, be it feeding them to the sharks, burning them with a magnifying glass, striking them with a lightning and even harpooning them underwater.

And bringing them back to life is as easy as hitting a little plus button on the top left hand corner. But there's more of the game than merciless death, you can help your Pygmies catch fish, fend off bad guys, and past the time by dancing to the beat of your finger tapping the screen.

There are also mini-games galore like a spin-off to the popular iOS game Doodle Jump and a cliff jumping game similar to the also popular, Canabalt. Along with the basics, the game offers a number of add-ons that lets you re-skin the characters and the surroundings as well as add new animations.

These cost a dollar a pack and are entirely optional but are a nice addition to big fans of the game. Up next is GodFinger from ngmoco.

A game that has you micromanaging the lives of your followers who you can get to do manual labor in return for coins. The game has you expanding the world and erecting buildings, terraforming mountains, controlling weather cycles, and creating bodies of water. The aim of the game is to get more and more followers and to keep up the energy of your workers and the building that they're working on, both of which can be replenish with mana. Mana regenerates but sometimes not quickly enough.

More can be purchased using in-game currency which is about with real-world dollars. Similar to other ngmoco premium games, GodFinger is free of charge and can be played without spending a penny. AirPlay is Apple's wireless streaming feature that streams the new Apple TV or other compatible devices. You'll be able to access it in the iPad app, movie app, and YouTube app.

Now, let's show you a few other features in 4. Mail now has a unified mailbox for your multiple accounts and you can also organize your e-mails by threads, which I love. Safari has an updated icon that now shows you how many Safari pages you have opened on the background and closing them feels snappier than before.

Now, all of you fans of the notes app will now be getting a few other fonts that you can change in the settings instead of just Marker Felt, so you guys can rejoice. And if you're using the iPad 3G with the cellular data option turned on, you now have the ability to toggle between 3G and Edge if you wanna reduce the drain on your battery even if it means slower download speeds.

I'm Brian Tong for cnet. Maybe Brian's not sure how he feels about that screen lock thing, but I'm sure I do not like it at all. Speaking of Betas, the pre-released version of Internet Explorer 9 is now available as well.

fingerzilla online dating

And with so many other web browser options available from Firefox to Chrome, even Opera, I pretty much never use IE anymore, but as Seth Rose Rosenblatt found out, Microsoft's browser may just be worth another look.

The new Internet Explorer 9 Beta. Some of IE Beta's features bring it up to parody with other browsers while other improvements definitely push it ahead. As you can see from the interface, the minimalist approach to browser UI is a major change to internet explore, but Microsoft takes a slightly different approach than its competitors, which have also stripped down UIs. Tabs are on the same level as the location bar whereas Firefox, Chrome, and Opera all have tabs on 1 row in the location bar on the second.

It looks fine on the wide screen desktop monitor, but on a standard laptop screen, the combination of tabs and location bar feels to be cluttered. Microsoft has included the ability to rip tabs off and to separate windows and you can arrow snap them as well.


Since the search bar is gone, you'd probably infer that Microsoft has beefed up the location bar search feature. These two now sits on a leveled playing field with competitors, although Internet Explorer's version has some nice twists to it. You can also change search providers at the bottom, which is a sleek merge of the old search bar functionality into the location bar.

Another interesting feature comes from Microsoft's take on the trend of browsers becoming the operating system. Insight allows you to pin websites directly to the desktop task; however, it only works when your taskbar is in the default bottom position.

Hopefully, that will be fixed before for IE 9 will use Beta. Windows 7 jump lists have been integrated for websites that include that functionality and thumbnail controls and inbox counts in Webmail Insights are now included too. There's a new tab page that utilizes favicons instead of snapshot previews, which is different but definitely likable.

The download manager has been beefed up with enhanced reputation-based security features, which have not been seen in browsers yet, but do exist in modern security suites. The add-on performance adviser will automatically tell you when tool bars and other add-ons slow down IE.

Improved process isolation prevents individual tab crashes from killing the whole browser. And there's now an option for automatic updates as you see in Chrome. Performance has been a perennial stumbling block for Internet Explorer, but the new JavaScript engine, Chakra, combined with full hardware acceleration means that this isn't just the fastest Internet Explorer yet.

It's also the most competitive. Now, whether it can stay that way is up to Microsoft. But hey, if they can strip down the interface and beef up the features, I'll give it another shot. There was a time when the fanciest piece of tech in the cabin of an wheeler would have been a CB radio, but as with most professions, technology continues to change the way truck drivers do their jobs.

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Car tech editor, Antuan Goodwin, brings us this first look at a GPS system designed specifically with truckers in mind. Isn't it about time somebody designed some car tech specifically for these masters of the road. It's got a 4. Going a step further, this unit also features a headphone jack and a TMC antenna input for an external traffic receiver. There's also an input for the included magnetic external GPS antenna that increases positioning accuracy when the unit is mounted in a compromised position.

Of course, there's also the internal GPS antenna if you don't wanna fool around with route in the cable for this guy. Users can input the height, length, width, weight, and weight per axle of their truck to receive truck-specific routings.

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Users can also save multiple routing profiles to hold these presets for later retrieval. The unit also features state mileage logs, which is quite useful for independent operators for billing purposes. However, there are a few things that we don't really like about it. From a software standpoint, the CoPilot software can be a bit too complex and tricky to use.

When I adjust the volume, good luck finding that on your fist attempt. The hardware also suffers from a tricky car cradle that makes it difficult to adjust and tricky to connect the external GPS antenna.

PlayStation Network Hack Leaves Credit Card Info at Risk

So do the advantages of the truck-specific hardware and software outweigh our picks about the interface and cradle design? Check out the full review at cnet. Feel free to go check out the full review at cnet. Plus, I call him rubber ducky now. Alright, I've said it before and I will say it again, routers and internet hubs are awesome. Don't even get me started. So naturally, I am super excited to see this network kit singled out as an editor's choice.

Tell them about it, Dong. Today, I'll show you the best one to date. Now, there are a few reasons why this kit is the best. First of all, it comes with two identical adaptors, each has four network ports.

This means you can use up to four Ethernet ready devices at the far end of the powerline connection. At the near end where the other adaptor is connected to your router, instead of losing one network port for it, you now actually gain three. This is because the adaptors can also work as a four-port hub. So, out of the box, the kit can support up to seven devices. The Livewire kit's adaptor, though rather bulky, also has a nice design with detachable power cables.

fingerzilla online dating

This allows users to place the adaptor away clear from the power socket. Pressing on these buttons within two minutes from each other will create a private network between the two adaptors, preventing other home plug AV adaptors from connecting to them.

This is a good security feature in case you want to keep others living in the same apartment building, for example, from tapping into your local network or the Internet connection. The Livewire adaptors are also a great where it matters the most--performance. In our testing, the two produced the highest throughput speeds among powerline adaptors we've reviewed.

For more information on it, check out the in-depth review at cnet. Many of our shows have titles that are pretty self-explanatory. The Apple Bite, all about Apple news and Apple products.

fingerzilla online dating

How-to videos show you how to do things and so on. Well, usually it is. Nothing like coming home with a new TV. That impossibly bright picture, the new features you scratch your head over. And of course, that giant box you don't know what to do with. Number 5, a tie at CNET rating of 7. In this competitive class, we have a lot of ties coming up. The PK is LG's best plasma ever we think, a real flagship. It has a magic wand remote we think works well, but is still kind of a gimmick.

Streaming services on this guy are a little thin compared to some of the competition, but it's an affordable TV.

fingerzilla online dating

Streaming an app support was superb though, but the price kind of tampered things. It was almost unconscionable. At number 4, the Panasonic G20, G25 series. Great black level so the colors really popped, lowish power consumption, and a rather effective anti-glare coating, but this plasma is a little behind on the streaming functions and there are persistent complaints, rumors, that this series has trouble with black levels as it ages over time.

Coming in at number 3, cleverly enough, is a 3-way tie all with a CNET rating of 7. They're flagship with tremendous black levels and color rendering, really solid wireless technology that connects your components to it and a nice slim case, but as you might imagine, all these comes at a steep price. Next up is Sony's HX Like most on our list, it has a good array of streaming services, if not perfect.

If it didn't start at close to 3 grand streak, we'd be a little more excited. And also here is Vizio's 2XVT series.

Playing God with your iPhone or iPad - Video - CNET

Anything but overpriced in the Vizio tradition, we think it's a great value. Number 2 is a 2-way tie. Is this is a set up? Coming in both at CNET rating of 8. It's the least expensive plasma so far to offer 3D and the picture performance is really good too. LG's LE series is interesting.

We actually dropped this local dimming LED LCD television from a monster CNET rating of 9 down to 8 because of uneven backlight again yet it still impresses with otherwise outstanding picture and low power use.

This is an early set by the way so no 3D built in, but it does have a good array of streaming features. By the way, before we get to our number 1 TV in this Top 5, be aware of a controversy swirling out there around 3D TV.

It may have some health risks in the minds of many including eye strain, dizziness, headache, and nausea. And that's just from watching the merry draft. I thought it was funny. It's a pretty wide population, so try it out before you buy. Okay, our number 1 TV as of this point in is a 1-way. It's a none tie. Outstanding picture in both 2D and 3D modes. That's a tough trick. A strong, if not, class leading set of streaming services and it includes a pair of 3D glasses.