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bahnkurve zeichnen online dating

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In recent years, interest has increased in the railway sector for the use of technological systems that can detect the presence of certain defects and hazardous conditions for rail vehicles.

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One of the main reasons for this is of course the interest in reducing the infrastructure and maintenance costs for rail vehicles, which still account for a large part of the total operation cost of rail transport systems. Which took place in recent years significant reduction in many countries of the staffing in the rail infrastructure and to service points has made such recognition systems make more sense in general, at least has since taken off by this the probability of defects and hazardous conditions random by staff during inspections or by observation be discovered.

In addition, the reduction of maintenance budgets for rail vehicles has resulted in some countries and in some railway companies to a higher incidence of dangerous damage in the vehicles of the fleets concerned. Of course, it is at least conceivable possible or to discover many of the above defects and dangerous conditions through technological systems that are based on the individual vehicles and most of the newer vehicles, especially high-speed trains and locomotives in general, are increasingly using provided a more diverse and effective selection of diagnostic systems.

However, the cost of retrofitting existing vehicles with diagnostic systems, despite their considerable average life, so high that a massive installation of on-board detection systems on the existing fleet, especially on freight vehicles, not recommended or entirely eliminate is.

Accordingly, ground systems are still considered a cheap alternative and considerable research and development work at improving the existing products and developing new products to the destination. The choice of the positioning of ground equipment to detect defects and hazardous conditions of rolling stock is not random but is the result of a more or less careful decision-making process for example, to the use of quantitative risk assessment methodswhich, on aspects such as the performance of recognition systems the average time after which a recognizable defect causes an accident, the probability that a certain defect leads to a major accident, the importance of a defect in damage to rail tracks, the frequency of failure etc.

The cost of deployment and maintenance of a detection system are of course an important aspect and the installation of multiple series of a particular installed on the ground detection equipment often is gradual for a rail network and for certain installation places is the priority higher than for others. A long rail tunnel or a series of tunnels along a rail line section is a typical example of such a priority that is available such as a fire or a derailment or a derailment followed by a fire in relation to the higher average and maximum losses same accident, depending on if this happens in a tunnel or along a normal open web section.

The decision to use certain systems for the detection of defects or hazardous conditions of rail vehicles near tunnels as a means of risk reduction [, ] the numbers in brackets refer to the numbered documents in the reference list of sections 00 or 0 in the text belowbut should take into account the safety function, satisfy such system for the entire rail network.

In addition, other rail sections with a more than average usefulness of these recognition systems may be associated, such as, for example, rail lines through densely populated areas in the vicinity of marshalling yards or ports or industrial areas through, where many cars with dangerous goods on its journey. Long railway bridges are another example of an increasingly critical path section.

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Of course, the sensitivity of a system for detecting defects or hazardous conditions of rolling stock ie, the success rate of positive detection of defects or hazardous conditions a crucial aspect that justifies the cost of installation and maintenance of such a system.

It must be recognized as important that the frequency of false alarms is at least as important as the sensitivity of the system to evaluate whether a system is to be actually used in the railway sector []. The mentioned recognition systems are Gefahrenreduziersysteme in fact, unlike vital elements of railway safety and signal systems that must operate flawlessly. Ein Kennzeichen der meisten technologischen Systeme This Gefahrenreduziersysteme are usually not mandatory, but if they are installed, can have their alarm signals indicating a dangerous defect or a dangerous condition can not be ignored, and therefore such an alarm will trigger the stopping or redirecting the train concerned, even if such an alarm signal is "fake", ie if it does not indicate a real defective or dangerous condition.

An increased sensitivity for a certain technological detection solution will generally result in a higher number of false alarms.

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Therefore, the maximum sensitivity of most detection systems to be installed at railroad tracks resulting from a system setting, for the approximate maximum acceptable number of false alarms is crucial. Das Thema der falschen Alarme, das hier kurz angesprochen wurde, steht im Mittelpunkt der Diskussion um gewisse Grenzen des bisherigen Stands der Technik und um einige Vorteile These considerations are reflected in the fact that the most far-reaching progress past, current and presumably future detection systems for defects or dangerous conditions ie the complex development of the technology of "recognition hot axle boxes" with the improvement of discrimination of systems between normal and abnormal objects associated [,], and all that with the specification of a low false alarms rate and sustainable costs.

The following sections 0, 0 and 0 for a few specific prior systems and documents are described that are particularly important to this invention, and are in the general category of recognition systems mentioned above.

Further details regarding the prior art, to which this invention represents a convenient alternative, and on the state used in the context of the application of this invention or may be used the art, are included in the detailed discussion in part 5 of this document. As mentioned above, different causes such as an open door or hatch, the slippage of a load on a flat rail car, the inappropriate loading of an open wagon, the movement of an unsecured cargo portion and the presence of a wide load or of a combined transport element with the infrastructure profile of a particular web section is not compatible lead to the collision of a too far protruding from a part of the vehicle with another train or with an infrastructure element.

In the past, a number of accidents of this kind have occurred, despite the efforts of rail companies to prevent this mainly through organizational measures and field-testing by the railway staff eg before border crossings, in car-charging stations and marshalling yards. Automatic detection of dangerous deviations from the gauge profile of passing rail vehicles is therefore for the railway companies of interest, but the development of an appropriate technological system for this purpose has extraordinary difficulties on a number of technically complex relationships within the leaflets UIC Code, and [, ], as well as other publications of a technical nature on this issue enough.

Can easily be seen as a brief reference to the issue of those who already know it in detail. The below discussion, it should only be regarded as very short and incomplete treatment of the subject, which is limited to the explanation of some important reasons why the known to the applicant prior art was not able to the problem of detection of dangerous deviations from gauge-to being taken into account that the rate of false alarms to an acceptable low level for railway operators must be kept separate from passing rail vehicles.

A first decisive factor for a possible collision of a vehicle body or a vehicle mounted on the object with an element of the infrastructure is the effect of rail curvature. UIC-sheet tray [] that the wagon van occupies a position on a curved track body, which depends on the positions of the pin of the bogie, in that the car body is mounted. The part between the bogie pin of the wagon side facing the inside of the rail curvature will have from the center line of the rails in the direction of center of curvature.

The other way round, the parts on the opposite side of the wagon box, which lie outside of the portion between the bogie pin up to the outer sides of the wagon, in the opposite direction.

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Das Abrunden an den vier vertikalen The different geometric axial offset of different wagon parts at a curve results in a "kinematic width" of a wagon profile on a plane which is perpendicular to the rails that depends on the curve radius, from the vehicle body profile and on the position of the bogie studs. Thus, still with respect to this simple case and assuming a certain lateral margin and a rail curvature allows the shortening of the vehicle to broaden this within the given infrastructure limitations.

The lateral displacement, which is associated with a particular rail vehicle on a track with a certain radius of curvature that depends exactly on the longitudinal position on the vehicle, and therefore, a load or intended happens to be a certain length on the side of the vehicle protrudes for example, a flat car body yes collide on the position of the load on the cargo deck, either with the rails adjacent to the infrastructure or not.

This last aspect is assessed along with other details in the authorization for the transit of wide loads, since this current standard charging rules are violated. The illustrated here aspect of kinematic width in relation to the track curvature is used in the text below the explanation of the restrictions, which characterize the solutions described below with the prior art for the detection of dangerous deviations from the boundary line profile.

The procedures to be used in charging stations and other stations such as marshalling yards to measure vehicle profiles and their loads will not be discussed here, since they are not decisive for the automatic detection of dangerous deviations from the gauge profile from passing vehicles. For the same reason, this patent documents such as [,] is not discussed as it relates to inspections that are executed manually or automatically to some extent, reflect that do not yet with the automatic testing of the compatibility of boundary line profiles from passing vehicles compatible are.

Patent document [] discloses a system for detecting dangerous deviations from the gauge profile of rail vehicles, which registers the interruption of one or more detection beams corresponding to the transmission of electromagnetic radiation or acoustic waves along a path through devices such as mirrors, a beam in a break series of straight beam segments that are placed so as to correspond to a certain polygonal limiting profile.

A similar arrangement with a number of recording beams, each implemented by a transmission and a receiving device is in the "CCD-1 Car Clearance Detection System" by General Electric Transportation Systems [] used. According to document [] an electro-optical system for detecting dangerous deviations from the boundary line profile of the company TSS of Milano, Italy, on the detection of protruding vehicle structures at two lateral vertical planes and one horizontal plane on the vehicle based.

Mehr als ein Paar von Laserschranken werden an verschiedenen Positionen entlang der Bahnschienen eingesetzt mit dem Ziel, eine Redundanz zu erzeugen und falsche Alarme zu unterbinden, auch dadurch, dass die Unterbrechungszeiten der verschiedenen Schranken auf die Zuggeschwindigkeit abgestimmt sind.

Patent document [] discloses a system to detect, before a rail tunnel, different hazards for a rail vehicle, including the shift of the load if provided thanks to the interruption of vertical laser barriers at the sides of the rail body inside the "measuring tunnel"is detected. More than a pair of laser barriers are used at different positions along the rails with the aim to generate a redundancy and suppress false alarms, also by the fact that the interruption times of the various barriers are adapted to the train speed.

Bahnkurve zeichnen online dating

The four systems mentioned in the above documents [, ], have in common that they detect the disturbance of the boundary line profile by the interruption of fixed detection beams positioned along the track rail. If we assume that these tools are installed on a straight railway line, and that only vehicles with a standard load the check point pass, and that the distance between the vertical detection radiation is sufficiently large from the track center to the triggering of a false alarm for the maximum width of the to prevent authorized for transit on the relevant rail vehicles, then under certain fault gauge profile, no alarm is triggered in the event of such vertical detection radiation eg a slight but dangerous load shifting that occur on longer and narrower wagons.

In contrast, if the distance between the corresponding vertical detection beam is shortened from the rail center, the number of false alarms is growing. In addition, often a considerable number of non-standard "wide loads" or "extraordinary expense" is transported on rail vehicles, while, as mentioned above, survive the loads on the vehicle sides. Consequently, a system which is based on the recognition by beams interruption with a predetermined geometric profile to trigger false alarms at special transports.

So an increase in the distance from the track center to the vertical detection beam to prevent the triggering of an alarm due to exceptional charges would lead to a large number of dangerous charging situation is not recognized if this distance is determined by the maximum width of vehicles. In view of the objections described [,] for example, could the four systems of documents are proposed to discover dangerous deviations from the boundary line profile, if they are installed before rail sections that have no or very flat turns certain railway lines in large, wide plainsand the sides of the polygons to detect be displaced.

This limited applicability of these four systems, however, would not provide a solution with a high detection rate and low false alarm rate, because of the explained in the series of UIC leaflets kinematic aspects of other vehicles.

Insbesondere ist nicht einmal auf einer geraden Strecke die seitliche Versetzung von Fahrzeugteilen in Bezug auf die Bahnschienen konstant, vor allem wegen des Achsenquerspiels und der Wankschwingung des Fahrzeugkastens. In particular, the lateral displacement of vehicle parts with respect to the tracks is not even constant in a straight line, mainly because of the axle lateral play and the rolling oscillation of the vehicle body.

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