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First Winter Olympics - HISTORY

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The Olympic Games, which originated in ancient Greece as many as years The first written records of the ancient Olympic Games date to B.C., when idea of creating a modern Olympic Games after visiting the ancient Olympic site . the continents of North and South America, Asia, Africa, Europe and Australia. African · American · Asian · European · Pacific · Ancient · Intercalated · v · t · e. The rate of participation of women in the Olympics has been increasing since their first .. At the Winter Olympics in Vancouver, ski cross debuted for both women and men. Ashleigh No date has been given for the addition of the 10 metres. In total, Canada has won medals at the Olympic Winter Games: 73 gold, 64 silver won the gold medal in the women's snowboard cross event on 16 Feb .. Not for the last time, the Olympic site was blighted by rain and unseasonably The first Olympics to be held outside Europe were opened at Lake Placid by.

Guy Revell and Debbi Wilkes, figure skating pairs Bronze: Petra Burkafigure skating Winter Olympic Games: In these dispersed Games, only the ice skating competition was held at Grenoble, with the other events farmed out to other villages up to 65 km away. The Games belonged to Jean-Claude Killy, who swept the men's alpine events. The victory was not without controversy as Killy's rival in one event was disqualified for missing gates when he saw a shadowy figure cross the slalom course.

These were the first Games to include drug test and gender tests. Nancy Greene improved on her two previous Olympic finishes with gold in the giant slalom and silver in the slalom.

She swept down the m, gate Chamrousse course in 1: The Canadian amateur hockey team lost to the Soviets and Finland and finished with bronze. Canada's perceived fall from grace in hockey prompted Prime Minister Pierre Trudeau to commission a study on the gap that was opening between Canadian and international hockey — this despite the obvious explanation that Canada's best players were all professional and did not qualify for the Olympics. Nancy Greene, giant slalom Silver: Nancy Greene, slalom Bronze: Men's Hockey Winter Olympic Games: The enduring controversy over professionalism ignited before the Games as IOC president Avery Brundage banned Austrian ski superstar Karl Schranz because he had accepted money from sponsors.

Meanwhile Brundage refused to apply the same standards to hockey players from the Soviet Union and Czechoslovakia. Canada refused to take part in the hockey competition to protest this continued hypocrisy of the eligibility rules.

The Japanese ski jumping team won that country's first-ever gold medals, led by new national hero Yukio Kasaya. Canada earned a single medal, a silver by Karen Magnussen in figure skating.

Karen Magnussen, figure skating Winter Olympic Games: Innsbruck, Austria February 4-February 15 In the Winter Olympics were awarded to Denver, Colorado to celebrate the American bicentennialbut in an unprecedented move the voters of Denver decided against the use of public funds for the Games.

The Games were moved back to Innsbruck, Austria, which had maintained most of its facilities from the successful Winter Olympic Games. The Games were plagued by the vicissitudes of weather and a flu epidemic among the athletes. Eight-time Olympic medalist Galina Kulakova of the Soviet Union was disqualified from a race because she had used a nasal spray to fight off a cold.

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Canada's Kathy Kreiner won the giant slalom, a few hundredths of a second ahead of the great Rosi Mittermaier of Germany. The ice-dancing competition was held for the first time.

Canada again boycotted the hockey competition, which was won by an increasingly proficient Soviet team. Kathy Kreiner, giant slalom Silver: Catherine Priestner, m speed skating Bronze: Toller Cranstonfigure skating Winter Olympic Games: Lake Placid, New York February February 24 The Games in Lake Placid were an organizational disaster, with spectators stranded in the freezing weather when bus service failed, but they were a triumph for the home team.

Eric Heiden won all five speed-skating events and the American hockey team, seeded 7th, won its "miracle on ice" by defeating the heavily favoured Soviet team and going on to win the gold medal. The Canadian team finished 6th. Swedish great Ingemar Stenmark, the most prolific World Cup winner in skiing history, won both the slalom and giant slalom.

Steve Podborski, downhill Winter Olympic Games: Sarajevo, Yugoslavia February 8-February 19 The only time the Games were held in a socialist country took place inwhen they were hosted in Sarajevo, Yugoslavia.

The Olympic Games - HISTORY

The highlight was generally held to be the free-dance "Bolero" performance of the English ice dancers Torvil and Dean, who received 12 perfect scores. But the Games also saw a silver medal for the home country by skier Jure Franko in the giant slalom. Byfighting during the civil war had reduced the Olympic site to ruin. For Canada, Brian Orser won a silver medal, the best-ever showing by a Canadian male figure skater. Brian Orser, figure skating Bronze: Calgary, Alberta February February 28 The Calgary Olympics were popular among the athletes and spectators, though there were poor conditions at some of the venues.

These Games were significantly expanded as alpine events added the super giant slalom Super-G and alpine combined. Nordic combined and ski jumping received their own team competitions. As at the Montreal Summer Olympics, Canada failed to win gold on its home turf, although the Canadian team finished with a record 19 top-eight finishes.

free europe dating site 2010 olympics

The most deeply felt disappointment came when figure skater Brian Orser narrowly lost gold to American rival Brian Boitano. Elizabeth Manley also won silver in figure skating, with a brilliant freestyle performance that included five triple jumps, and Tracy Wilson and Robert McCall a bronze medal in ice dancing. The Canadian hockey team again finished out of the medals.

free europe dating site 2010 olympics

Brian Orser, figure skating; Elizabeth Manley, figure skating Bronze: The change of timing was made so that the winter and summer games would take place in different years. The Albertville Games saw the introduction of freestyle skiing, short-track skating and women's biathlon.

The Canadian hockey team returned to the medals with silver. The Canadian team also won medals in the demonstration sports of curling and freestyle aerials. For the first time, former Soviet states such as Ukraine, Russia and Georgia competed as independent nations. Elvis Stojko 's Olympic performances in Lillehammer that year were clearly superior to the competitors', but the judges had not yet warmed to his artistic style and he had to settle for the silver medal.

The men's hockey team won Canada's final medal of the Games, losing an emotional gold medal game in a shootout against Sweden. These Games marked a dramatic change in the rules for hockey, as professionals i. Cross-country skiing at the Winter Olympics Participants from five countries took all the medals of the ten events. Starting inthe Olympics alternated which of the medium-distance and long-distance races had classical and freestyle.

Norway, Italy and Finland followed each other tightly for three and a half rounds, with the second and third exchange of the three talking place within 1. They took five and four medals each, respectively, and between them winning all the races.

Yegorova finished ahead of Di Centa on the 5 km classical and the 10 km pursuitwhile Di Centa finished ahead of Yegorova on the 15 km freestyleand also won the 30 km classical ahead of Norway's Marit Wold. With Yegorova's sixth career gold, she was tied as the most-winning Winter Olympic participant. After Harding admitted to helping to cover up the attack, the United States Olympic Committee initiated proceedings to remove her from the Olympic team, but Harding retained her place after threatening legal action.

Freestyle skiing at the Winter Olympics Aerials was added as a discipline, after it had been a demonstration sport at the previous two games.

First Winter Olympics

Ski balletwhich had been a demonstration sport inwas dropped. Ice hockey at the Winter Olympics Twelve teams participated in the ice hockey tournament, divided into two groups. Each played as a single round robinwith the four best advancing to the single elimination medal tournament. Also Germany, the Czech Republic and Russia advanced from the group, all with three victories.

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Luge at the Winter Olympics Italy, Germany and Austria collected all the medals in the luge events. Germany's Georg Hackl won the men's singlesmaking him the first to defend an Olympic title in the event in thirty years. Also, a female specific sailing event debuted at these Games, the women's discipline. This meant that any sports that were included in the Olympic programme prior to could continue to exclude female participants at the discretion of the sport's federation. Freestyle skiing also debuted at the Games, where women competed in the moguls discipline.

At the Summer Games of the same year in Barcelona, badminton appeared on the programme for the first time. At the Winter Olympics in Lillehammer, the aerials discipline of freestyle skiing officially debuted.

Weightliftingmodern pentathlontaekwondotriathlon and trampoline all debuted in Australia. At the Summer Olympics in Athens, women appeared in wrestling for the first time competing in the freestyle weight classes of 48 kg55 kg63 kg and 72 kg. At the Summer Olympics in Beijing, a few new events were added. BMX cycling was held for the first time indebuting with the men's event. At the Winter Olympics in Vancouver, ski cross debuted for both women and men.