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Frankfurt Central Station is one of the largest rail stations in Europe and the busiest junction operated by Deutsche Bahnthe German national railway company, with trains a day to domestic and European destinations. It is one of the few cities in the European Union to have such a skyline and because of it Germans sometimes refer to Frankfurt as Mainhattana portmanteau of the local Main River and Manhattan.

The other well known and obvious nickname is Bankfurt. Before World War II the city was globally noted for its unique old town with timber-framed buildings, the largest timber-framed old town in Europe. Etymology[ edit ] The legend of the Frankenfurt ford of the Franks Frankonovurd in Old High German or Vadum Francorum in Latin were the first names mentioned in written records from It transformed to Frankenfort during the Middle Ages and then to Franckfort and Franckfurth in the modern era.

According to historian David Gansthe city was named c. He hoped thereby to perpetuate the name of his lineage.

free dating in frankfurt

English ' ford where the river was shallow enough to be crossed on foot. By the 19th century, the name Frankfurt had been established as the official spelling. The older English spelling of Frankfort is now rarely seen in reference to Frankfurt am Main, although more than a dozen other towns and cities, mainly in the United States, use this spelling e. The suffix 'am Main' has been used regularly since the 14th century.

Frankfurt is located on an ancient ford German: Furt on the Main River. As a part of early Franconiathe inhabitants were the early Franksthus the city's name reveals its legacy as "the ford of the Franks on the Main".

The city district Bonames has a name probably dating back to Roman times, thought to be derived from bona me n sa good table. The common abbreviations for the city, primarily used in railway services and on road signs, are Frankfurt MainFrankfurt MFrankfurt a. The common abbreviation for the name of the city is "FFM". Nida Heddernheim was also a Roman civitas capital. Alemanni and Franks lived thereand byCharlemagne presided over an imperial assembly and church synod, at which Franconofurd alternative spellings end with -furt and -vurd was first mentioned.

Frankfurt was one of the most important cities in the Holy Roman Empire. Fromthe German kings and emperors were elected and crowned in Aachen. Fromthe kings and emperors were crowned in Frankfurt, initiated for Maximilian II.

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This tradition ended inwhen Franz II was elected. His coronation was deliberately held on Bastille Day14 July, the anniversary of the storming of the Bastille. The elections and coronations took place in St.

free dating in frankfurt

InEmperor Friedrich II granted an imperial privilege to its visitors, meaning they would be protected by the empire. The fair became particularly important when similar fairs in French Beaucaire lost attraction around Book trade fairs began in InFrankfurt traders established a system of exchange rates for the various currencies that were circulating to prevent cheating and extortion.

Therein lay the early roots for the Frankfurt Stock Exchange. Frankfurt managed to remain neutral during the Thirty Years' Warbut suffered from the bubonic plague that refugees brought to the city.

After the war, Frankfurt regained its wealth.

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Frankfurt in Kaiserplatz, circa Impact of French revolution and the Napoleonic Wars[ edit ] Following the French RevolutionFrankfurt was occupied or bombarded several times by French troops. This meant that Frankfurt was incorporated into the confederation of the Rhine. InDalberg adopted the title of a Grand Duke of Frankfurt.

free dating in frankfurt

The Grand Duchy remained a short episode lasting from towhen the military tide turned in favour of the Anglo-Prussian lead allies that overturned the Napoleonic order. Frankfurt as a fully sovereign state[ edit ] After Napoleon's final defeat and abdication, the Congress of Vienna — dissolved the grand-duchy and Frankfurt became a fully sovereign city state with a republican form of government.

In the city became the capital of the Grand Duchy of Frankfurt, created by Napoleon.

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Fromwhen Napoleon fell, Frankfurt was again a free city, where in —49 the Frankfurt National Assembly met. From to the city was the seat of the German Bundestag Federal Diet and thus the capital of Germany.

It was only after its integration into a united Germany that Frankfurt developed into a large industrial city. The Old Town was mostly destroyed by Allied bombing campaigns inhowever, and was subsequently rebuilt with multistory office buildings and other modern structures.

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Other historical landmarks include the foot- metre- tall Eschenheimer Tower —28 ; the red sandstone cathedral, which was dedicated to St. Bartholomew in ; and the Paulskirche, which was the meeting place of the first Frankfurt National Assembly. Frankfurt am Main, Germany: There is an important stock exchange first established in The Rothschild family started building its international banking empire in Frankfurt.

Annual book, automobile, and computer fairs are popular events, and there are many other fairs held throughout the year.