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yu gi oh gx 48 latino dating

Set several years after the previous Yu-Gi-Oh! series, GX follows a new generation of Release Date: Jan 1, Buy Yu-Gi-Oh! GX Season 1 BUNDLE (?). The lives of young Yugi Muto and his friends Joey, Tristan and Téa are forever When Maximillion Pegasus, the creator of Duel Monsters, triumphs over Yugi in a .. Dungeon Dice Monsters: Part 3. 21m. Yugi's natural skills help him, but. This is a complete list of episodes for the Japanese anime series Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel Monsters GX Japanese title, Original air date, English air date Dyueru Monsutāzu Jī Ekkusu Dyueru Bokkusu Foa), March 15, , Episodes 37 -

Yugo uses his trap to bring out Clear Wing Synchro Dragon and wins the duel. They successfully escape from Security's grasp.

yu gi oh gx 48 latino dating

Celina and Sylvio step in to duel in an Action Duel against them. As Celina defeats her opponent, they are surrounded by more Security officers. Yuya brings out his Pendulum Summoning to provide an opportunity for Celina to escape with Riley, but she refuses to do so.

They soon learn that Zuzu and Yugo have been spotted nearby and decide to go in search for them. Meanwhile, Dennis arrived with Gong. Dennis decides to use entertainment to earn some money from the citizens and attract the attention of the media with a duel. Following the duel, Dennis and Gong are approached by a promoter named Lucas Swank, who sees potential in their dueling abilities. Back at the underground Turbo Duel Arena, Shay needs one more consecutive win to enter the Friendship Cup, where he could potentially fight against Jack Atlas.

Shay duels against Dennis in a Turbo Duel. As both duelists bring each other's life points down toDennis' Pendulum Summon attracts attention from Sector Security. Shay takes control of it to evolve it into Raidraptor - Revolution Falcon. Dennis manages to summon another Performage Shadow Maker. Before the duel can conclude, Sector Security shuts down the power in the ring and arrests everyone. Back at Crow's hideout, Yuya and Crow get into a petty argument with each other over how best to make Riley smile.

They decide to settle it with a duel. Just as the duel gets started, everyone is ambushed by Sector Security and captured.

However, Moon Shadow rescues Riley. Celina is taken elsewhere, while the others are put in a cell. They are reunited with Gong's group and learn about the harshness of prison life. Inmates use duel cards as currency to get preferential treatment. The prison's boss, Chojiro Tokumatsu, starts demanding Yuya and his friends' cards in exchange for giving them a luxury life in the facility. Yuya strongly objects to his demand.

The clashing of their beliefs urges Chojiro to challenge Yuya to a duel. Chojiro brings out his Synchro Monster, Flower Cardian Lightshower, which deals damage to Yuya anytime he draws and activates a trap that blocks off Yuya's ability to Pendulum Summon.

Determined to prove the fun of dueling, Yuya manages to create a combo of his own to protect himself from Flower Cardian Lighshower's effects. Encouraged by Yuya, Chojiro reignites his entertainment spirit and fights in his old way. Yuya responds by winning the duel with his Pendulum Summoning. Meanwhile, Yugo decides to enter both himself and Zuzu into the Friendship Cup.

Chojiro's tournament kicks off with a three-way Action Duel between himself, Sylvio, and Yuya. Crow and his friends use the distraction to form their own escape plan. When Yuya struggles to get into the spirit of things, Gong cheers him up and gets him into the duel.

This inevitably exposes Crow's escape attempt. As an all out jail break takes place, Yuya and the others escape with help from Chojiro's lackeys. Yuya, Sylvio, and Chojiro arrive at the Facility's roof, where they are confronted by the Stomptroopers, who force them into a Battle Royal. Before Roget can take custody of them, powers from higher up request that they be taken to a trial. Asked to prove that what they are saying is the truth, Declan requests that everyone be entered into the Friendship Cup, which Yuya learns Zuzu will be participating in.

Roget agrees on the condition that Yuya face off against Jack Atlas in an exhibition match. At the opening ceremony of the Friendship Cup, Zuzu spectates with Yugo.

Zuzu is surprised to see Yuya participating. Yuya soon begins his Action Turbo Duel against Jack, who declares he will win in three turns. Jack manages to survive Yuya's attack thanks to an Action Card. Following Yuya's defeat, Zuzu attempts to come to his aid. Zuzu is stopped when she and Yugo are taken into custody by the High Council's guards, who prevent Roget's Sector Security from capturing them.

The next morning, Yuya awakens in a penthouse, where all the participants are locked up. As Yuya laments how Jack looked down upon his Dueltainment, he receives a card from one of the attendants, Sam. Sam believes Jack turned his back on the Commons after becoming the Master of Faster and insulted him by likening him to the weak monster card.

With the tournament underway, Gong is set to duel against Crow in the opening match. As the duel begins, Crow becomes worried when he spots the children he looks after being chased around the stadium.

This prompts Crow to try and end the duel as quickly as he can. Gong brings out Superheavy Samurai Beast Kyubi. Spotting the kids in the crowd again, Crow regains his determination and summons his ace monster, Assault Blackwing - Kusanagi the Gathering Storm. Crow wins the duel. As Yuya becomes concerned about what happens to Gong following his defeat, Chojiro tells him about a rumor that those who lose in the Friendship Cup are sent to an underground garbage disposal facility to do forced labor cleaning up the garbage the Topsiders produce.

Meanwhile, Riley is chosen to duel against Crow's friend, Shinji Weber. Riley becomes afraid and runs off to Yuya. When Declan follows after him, Yuya questions him over why he keeps putting Riley in dangerous situations against his will. Declan claims that he coerced Riley into joining the Lancers as he is necessary to fight against Duel Academy, but Yuya refuses to accept that. When asked directly about why he does not want to duel, Riley answers that he does not want to duel Shinji after he showed him kindness.

Seeing this as a sign of Riley's personal growth, Declan arranges for Moon Shadow to duel in his place. As Riley returns to his side, Declan recalls how Henrietta found Riley in a war-torn country.

Riley was stripped of his own sense of self as a defense mechanism. Moon Shadow and Shinji's duel begins. Moon Shadow uses Action Cards and his ninja monsters to deal a lot of damage, while Shinji fights back with his Bee Force monsters. Meanwhile, Riley fears that Declan is favoring Moon Shadow over him. Riley worries about what would happen should Moon Shadow win. As Moon Shadow further strengthens his defense with ninja monsters, Shinji harbors strong hatred for the Topsiders due to their subjugation of the Commons.

Shinji rallies the strength of his fellow Commons and brings out his ace monster, Battle Wasp - Ballista the Armageddon, to win the duel. Declan reveals this is part of his plan. The next match pits Zuzu up against Chojiro. Yuya does not want to see Zuzu or Chojiro sent to the underground refinery.

yu gi oh gx 48 latino dating

Wanting to give Yuya her support, Zuzu brings out her own Dueltaining spirit. Zuzu reminds Yuya of all those who support him. Chojiro brings out Flower Cardian Lightflare to negate Zuzu's spells and special abilities. Zuzu manages to bring out Bloom Diva the Melodious Choir and uses her own effects to win the duel, though it also involves Chojiro to work in the refinery.

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The fourth and final match of the day pits Celina against New Domino City resident Tony, who she quickly wins against. As each of the duelists reflect on the day's events, Declan is given an audience with Jack, who expresses an interest in seeing Riley's eyes.

yu gi oh gx 48 latino dating

Jack further explains about his childhood. He states how his life in the slums changed after receiving a card that was discarded by the Topsiders.

This drove him to become stronger. Duel Chaser Officer is the guard Yugo previously defeated. Before his duel with Duel Chaser OfficerYuya tries to tell the others what happens to the losers. Yuya finds out that no one in the audience cares.

However, Yuya brings out a new monster, Odd-Eyes Saber Dragon, to recover his monsters and wins the duel. Yuya comes to regret his victory at the cost of sending Officer to the underground.

Yugo vs Sawatari "Doragon Seibatsu!! The next match pits Yugo against Sylvio. Yuya finds himself mentally connected to Yugo through their respective dragons.

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Sylvio brings out the power of his monsters to push Yugo into a corner. Yugo manages to win the duel even though he was strengthened by his unknown connection to Yuya. Having lost his duel against Yugo, Sylvio is taken to New Domino City's underground garbage disposal facility, where Lucas Swank appears to be running things.

Lucas explains to Gong and Chojiro how he supplied Roget with Sergey, who is a powerful duelist in the Friendship Cup. Sergey is said to have died once. This further reveals that Jean-Michel Roget is rumored to come from another dimension. Riley states his determination to fight for Yuya. This encourages Yuya to keep winning in order to face Jack once more. Yuya in turn has Moon Shadow deliver a message to Zuzu.

Yuya assures Zuzu that he will win and bring her home safely. The final match of the first round pits Shay against Dennis. Shay is determined to learn of Dennis' true intentions. Dennis summons his Fusion monster, Chaos Ancient Gear Giant, which is a behemoth attack point monster that brings up Shay's bad memories from the destruction of Heartland City. Shay uses its special ability to weaken Chaos Ancient Gear Giant before unleashing Vengeful Vengeance to defeat Dennis and win the duel.

Yuya takes on Yuto's feelings and resolves to put a stop to the interdimensional war. Yuya, Roget, and the High Council all recount from their perspective the events that occurred following the Lancers' arrival in New Domino City. Meanwhile, as Dennis evades capture, Roget activates his plan, Operation: Roget uses microchips to take control of all the Sector Security officers and hold the High Council along with Declan captive. He carries a digi-recorder and is often seen taking notes on it.

He was adopted by the Gecko family and was supposed to be the future heir until his brother was born. Since then, he has devoted his time to help him despite the less attention he's gotten and being looked down upon.

Adrian gets sent to another dimension by Yubel and tries to become king. He first duels using a cloud type deck then obtains the full power of Exodia by sacrificing his childhood friend Echo and defeats Aster Phoenix in season 3. After losing a duel to Jesse possessed by Yubel, he gets sent to the stars and does not come back. Only after the duel when Echo disappears completely does he mourn her loss.

He and Echo are the only ones that permanently died in the other dimension. Koji Yusa Japanese ; Jason Griffith English His given name means "blizzard" in Japanese, from which he derives his self-appointed title, "Blizzard Prince" in the original version of the series. He is described as being tough and having a "no-nonsense style and military upbringing". This is also referenced by his Duel Disk, which is in the shape of a gun that can shoot cards when needed.

Axel uses the Volcanic deck. Michiko Neya Japanese ; Bella Hudson episodes Veronica Taylor episodes onward English Fonda Fontaine is the supervisor of the female Obelisk Blue dormitory, as well as the school's head medic and gym instructor.

During the third year, while trying to protect an injured Blair Flanagan, she is transformed into one of Marcel's Duel Ghouls and duels with Jaden, though she recovers after Duel Academy is returned to its proper place from an alternate dimension.

Fontaine plays an Anti-Cure deck. She has almost no talent for dueling and would much rather gossip, shop, or fantasize about Alexis's brother Atticus. Naoki Tatsuta Japanese ; Mike Pollock English Vice-Chancellor of Duel Academy beginning with the second season, Bonaparte is a stout man hailing from ParisFrance who originally attempted to demolish the Slifer Red dormitory at every opportunity, but was repelled by Dr.

He later dueled alongside Crowler against Maximillion Pegasus for a job at Industrial Illusions, after they falsely believed themselves to be fired by Chancellor Sheppard.

Following Duel Academy's arrival in an alternate dimension, he encourages the students to save his son Marcel from the Duel Spirit Yubel. Previously married, Bonaparte's son is in the custody of his ex-wife. After Marcel is rescued, Bonaparte apologizes for neglecting him and leaving his wife for his career, and the two return to France at the end of the season.

Bonaparte plays a Toy Army deck. His character is based on Napoleon I. Kanako Irie Japanese ; Christopher C. Adams [a] English A North Academy duelist described as loyal, friendly, and fun-loving.

He and Jaden become friends and allies for the series. He uses a Crystal Beast deck and searches for the Rainbow Dragon card, [19] which he eventually acquires in season 3. He activates the card to take the Academy and the rest of the students back to their world, leaving him behind, where he is possessed by Yubel, but rescued by Jaden.

In season 4, Jesse helps Jaden defeat Mr. T to save everyone and the world. It is shown that Jesse was at the graduation party at the end. He is described as tough, cunning, but having a carefree attitude. He wears bandages over his right eye, which is revealed to house an Eye of Oricalcum that allows him to see a person's true nature. He uses his power to try to free Jaden from the Supreme King but fails and winds up getting sent to the stars and is later rescued.

He duels using a fossil deck and his duel disk resembles a boomerang. He is later revealed to be an alchemist who used a homunculus body to prolong his life while he joined the Shadow Riders in order to seek out the Three Sacred Beasts. When he is defeated by Jaden, his body dissolves into dust, but his spirit remains with Jaden, offering him advice whenever possible.

In the English version, she is "Miss Duel Academy. The other characters do not recognize him immediately, and he is lonely due to most of his students either being promoted to Obelisk Blue or staying with Jaden at Slifer Red. Although the characters do not recognize him, Sartyr points out through a series of flashbacks that he had been a background character in several episodes in the first season as an in-joke about his character not being noticed.

Sartyr plays a Spice deck. Masami Iwasaki Japanese ; David Wills English The chancellor of Duel Academy, Sheppard watches over the students in his school, but is often directly responsible though not always fully aware of it for many of the incidents that befall Jaden and co.

In the second season, Sheppard left Duel Academy under the care of Crowler, and was sought by Zane, who wanted to obtain the Underworld deck that lay dormant within his dojo. He eventually resumed his position in time for the GX tournament, part of a plot devised by both himself and Pegasus to lure out the person possessing the famed Ultimate Destiny Card.

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Sheppard plays a Cyber-Style deck. He is very strict, believing that weaker students who cannot keep up with his lessons should quit or be expelled. He especially dislikes Jaden, having been defeated by him during the latter's entrance exam.

However, his attempts to show up or expel Jaden have only humiliated himself and his followers, while making Jaden look better and better. Crowler eventually appreciates his students and in turn is respected for his noble actions. Crowler plays an Ancient Gear deck. Nobutoshi Canna youngerMugihito older Japanese ; Marc Thompson youngerDavid Wills older English Kagemaru is the leader of the Shadow Riders and the main antagonist of the series' first season as well as the former superintendent of Duel Academy.

During his duel with Jaden, his youth was returned. After being defeated, however, he returned to his aged state. He then asked forgiveness and promised to renounce his former ways, carried off to the hospital by helicopter. Kagemaru plays a Sacred Beast deck. But in reality, Nightshroud is an entity of unknown origin tied to the darkness itself and the final antagonist in the series.

He entered the body of Atticus Rhodes and took control. Being the owner of the other half of the Shadow Charm pendant in Jaden's possession, Nightshroud sets a Shadow Game for both of them where the loser has his soul sealed in a card. When defeated, Nightshrouds' soul represented by his mask is sealed away, and Atticus is freed. During the GX Tournament, Atticus uses Nightshrouds' deck in hopes of convincing his friend, Zane Truesdale, that the dark path taken by a duelist is a terrible course.

As a result, Nightshrouds' influence that lay dormant within his cards is once again able to take control of Atticus, only to be banished following his defeat.

In the fourth season, Atticus again uses Nightshrouds' deck to duel Jaden, revealing he still has nightmares about his alter-ego. During the duel, Atticus remembers that one of the missing students at the academy, Yusuke Fujiwara, was the original host of Nightshroud and before he vanished, he made Atticus into a temporary host for Nightshroud to inhabit.

But Nightshroud eventually returns in the body of Fujiwara, and though he loses to Atticus in a one-on-one duel, he cheats reversing time and preventing Atticus from activating Inferno Fire Blast. But, after losing to Jaden when he and Jesse double teamed Yusuke, Nightshroud left his vessel and duels Jaden in a match with the world at stake.

yu gi oh gx 48 latino dating

Jaden reverses all of Nightshrouds' evil doings and finally destroys him. Though beaten, Nightshroud boasts that as long as there is darkness in humans, he would return, but Jaden counters by claiming that as long as there are bonds between humans, Nightshroud has been sealed. In his final duel, Nightshroud is portrayed as a megalomaniac or simply insaneonce he claims he is God and the Savior.

Within Yusuke's body, Nightshroud uses a Clear deck. Once without a host, Nightshroud uses his personal Darkness deck. Her name is derived from the title of Joseph Sheridan le Fanu 's novel, Carmilla. A vampireCamula is very serious when it comes to dueling, as she hopes to revive her race from its destruction by the people of Medieval Times.

She had been asleep within her coffin until Kagemaru uncovered it and invited her to join the Shadow Riders. She captures the souls of her opponents following their losses within dolls to fuel her cause, and uses the Shadow Charm strangler around her neck to bet the souls of others in conjunction with the Shadow Game-exclusive Illusion Gate to ensure victory.

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She manages to obtain the keys of Dr. Crowler and Zane, but during her duel with Jaden, her Shadow Charm's power is negated by the completed item that Jaden possesses. Out of self-confidence, Camula places her own soul on the line, and it is dragged into the gate after she loses, leaving her body empty and turning it to dust.

Camula plays a Vampire deck. A white tiger that assumes human form with her Shadow Charm gauntlet to find a worthy duelist to be her husband, Tania travels with another tiger named Bass, who resembles the Amazoness Tiger.

She falls in love with Bastion Misawa, and after some sweet talking and showing off her amazing dueling skills, defeats him and makes him her bridegroom for a short time until she grows tired of him. Tania then fights Jaden in a soul match with the effect of Amazoness Arena, and eventually resumes her true form and runs off. She appears before Jaden and his group during the third year as her human self, having been sucked into the second alternate dimension they visit since their last meeting.

She serves as their guide through the first town they encounter, and stays behind with Bastion after Jaden liberates it. Tania's Amazoness cards, based on the Amazons of Greek mythologyare divided into two decks: She uses the Knowledge deck against Bastion, and the Courage deck against Jaden. Zaloog is actually a Duel Monster spirit brought to life by the power of the Shadow Charm eyepatch he wears.

He masquerades as a detective named Detective Zaloog Police Inspector Manguer in the Japanese versionsent to assist the students in hiding the remaining Spirit Keys, while his posse work on taking the keys incognito. However, since they fail to obtain the keys in a duel, they are unable to unlock the Spirit Gate of the Three Sacred Beasts.

When Zaloog and his gang are discovered, he and Chazz Princeton duel with all the remaining keys on the line. In the end, he and his cohorts are defeated, and the power of his Shadow Charm is nullified. After reverting to their spirit forms, the Dark Scorpions join the many weak monsters in Chazz's care, to the young duelist's annoyance.

Zaloog plays a Dark Scorpion deck. His name is derived from the name of the ancient Egyptian city, Abydos. An ancient pharaoh who never lost a single duel, Abidos regained physical form through the powers of the Shadow Charm headband he wears.

With an army of mummies, Abidos gathers Jaden and company on his celestial yacht for a duel. During the duel with Jaden, Abidos realizes that the only reason he kept winning was because his opponents always lost on purpose, simply because he was pharaoh. Jaden, however, manages to give Abidos a real duel in which the opponent actually tries to win.

Satisfied with his defeat, Abidos departs for the afterlife, giving Jaden his Shadow Charm, the latter making a promise to meet him again in one-hundred years time, presuming that Jaden will be dead within that time.

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Abidos plays a Servants of the Pharaoh deck. A hitman originally hired by Crowler to deal with Jaden, Titan captured Alexis Rhodes to force Jaden into a duel for her life.

Despite his reputation of possessing the power of a Millennium Item, the "Millennium Item" turned out to be a fake Millennium Puzzle, and Titan used various tricks to mimic a Shadow Game. He became the victim of a real Shadow Game, however, but was saved by Kagemaru, wearing a Shadow Charm mask to bind him to the real world.

Taking advantage of Alexis's desire to restore her brother's memories, Titan challenges her in the abandoned dorm where they first met.