Yu gi oh capitulo 51 latino dating

Watch Yu-Gi-Oh! Episode : The Final Duel, Part 4

yu gi oh capitulo 51 latino dating

This is a complete list of episodes for the Japanese anime series Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel Monsters GX From episode 34 through to episode they are 99% and WAKE UP YOUR Japanese title, Original air date, English air date .. 51, "The Graduation Match (Part 1 of 2)" / "Vs. Kaiser (Part 1 of 2) - Power Bond x Cyber End". The official site for all things Yu-Gi-Oh! Watch full episodes from all four animated series, get the latest news, and find everything you would want to know about. Episode 51 Head to the Finals! The Duel Coaster is ready to GO! Japanese air date April

The MC pulls this in episodestaying behind in New Domino City as the Arc Cradle is in the middle of falling on it in order to commentate on the Card Games on FLYING Motorcycles so the civillians who understandably wanted to watch could continue running for their lives while still knowing what's going on.

The scene in 39 after Carly defeats and kills Divine. Episode 46, when Martha is sacrificed, although she gets better and again when Rally sacrifices himself to save Yusei. Ruka's pained scream is so heartbreaking. Crow gets one of these in his duel with Jaeger. And having just gotten her license in Episode 75, Aki counts, too.

Carly counts, even if it was for only two episodes, she was the first female D-Wheeler. The World has been saved, and Team 5Ds goes their separate ways. But Aki says they'll see each other again. All of the Dark Signers wear one. Kiryu donned one himself when he started to go psycho even before that.

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Aki, in her Black Rose Witch persona although she only wears it onscreen twice. Zone resides in one of these. Rex who claimed to be the ultimate god, with both the Signer and Dark Signer powers within him. The Signers, who can and do summon a powerful plot device that destroys everything. Aki's particular brand of suck, psychic materialization, actually comes in handy when she, Yusei and Sherry are in danger of being crushed by a falling truck, again when she's about to be run over by a marauding steamroller-cum-D-Wheel What else is there to do but dragon-smash it?

Mikage's crush on Jack. Placido fusing with his D-Wheel in definitely qualifies. Legs are not supposed to bend and fold like that! Not only that Junk Warrior was the monster that gave Yusei victory in his first and last duels of the show although the opponents were Ushio for the first and Jack in the last. At some point, after Yusei and Jack drive into the tunnel, when the path splits in two paths, the area looks a bit like the area Yusei and Ushio drove through during their first duel.

Also, the end of that battle had the current Opening playing in the background. Yusei having a long talk with Ushio also counts, as they previously exchanged ideologies in the first episode. Complete with a full view of it with head completely blown off.

This gets deconstructed with the first half of Team Taiyou's strategy, which is to rely on a Stone Wall by using Holding Hands Majinn's high defense to stall, and using Speed World 2 to inflict effect damage to the opponent.

This strategy worked in every match before Team 5D's, but when they face off in the quarter-finals, the audience starts booing them because the boring part outweighs the practical part.

They only start to gain support from the crowd when the second half of their strategy gets revealed, which is to summon the Awesome, yet Impractical Zushin the Sleeping Giant. Black Rose Dragon Bowdlerise: Dear God, the English Dub A weird one is that instead of being Tributed of Sacrificed, Monster cards are now 'Released', despite the aforementioned words being used without issue not only in the previous series, but also in the real game.

The sound of bullets being fired will often be changed to sound more like lasers. Sometimes bullets will be recolored as well. Episode 25 recolors the Mook 's guns greenwhich is at least better than making them invisible.

Never Say "Die" is in full effect, which makes watching the Dark Signer arc a real treat, especially since the villains are people who died with hate in their hearts. Episode 70 was an especially blatant case, as it has all the trappings of a "put long-dead spirits to rest" story, but 4Kids claims they've just gone to play with their forest spirit friends and can come back anytime they want.

Episodes 94 and 95 are also pretty bad, upgrading a non-supernatural card's threat from reasonable in this series the special effects are too realistic and cause actual, possibly lethal damage to ridiculous causes real damage and can send victims to the netherworld. Episode 1 rewrites the plot to have it so that Jack set Rally up in an elaborate plot to take a chip for Yusei's D-Wheel. It may seem like Jack is changed to be more malicious, but this was done all to simply ignore the fact that Rally just stole the chip in the Japanese version where Jack was not involved at all.

In the episode where they explain how Jack got Stardust Dragon from Yusei, the scene where in the Japanese version he knocks out Rally by Vulcan Neck Pinching him is changed so that he It looks he he pressed a button and turned him off somehow.

yu gi oh capitulo 51 latino dating

It's kind of subtle, but the dub doesn't make Satellite out to be as much of a gritty and depressing hellhole as the Japanese version does including cutting out Ushio's "Satellite scum" slurs.

But hey, this is a kid's show, right? Several episodes edit out the blood when people get injured, no matter how little it is.

Yusei's rather obvious injury in episode 35 with a large piece of sharpanel sticking out of his gut is also changed to him having an internal injury Various forms of torture are cut out or downplayed, including Yusei receiving his criminal marker in episode 6 from a laser causing him to collapse in pain is to a harmless spray instead that he asks if it's "supposed to tickle"Takasu shocking Yusei to see if his Dragon Birthmark would reveal itself omittedand video of a kid in the Arcadia movement in episode 42 from being electrocuted to generating the electricity itself - ignoring the fact that the kid is clearly in painand Kiryu receiving his criminal marker and getting beaten up in jail episode 55, also omitted.

Aki's cleavage is erased. Her skirt is lengthened and her garters are usually erased as well, which in turn give her Grade-A Zettai Ryouiki. Aside from the editing often being inconsistent between shots, it was poorly done at times Why does Aki have shading from cleavage when she doesn't even have cleavage?! This edit becomes especially egregious after Aki dons her cleavage-errific riding suit for the first time in episode Misty's huge and Angela's not quite as huge cleavage is likewise censored, and scantily-clad Duel Spirits like Ruka's Sunny Pixie are covered up.

The flames, as in, on fire that make up the geoglyphs where battles with Dark Signer battles are held are referred to as mist instead. Which seems kind of strange in episode 34 when Yusei is thrown in to the "mist" and starts howling in pain I guess it's scalding like a steam geyser? Of course, it helps these flames are already colored purple. The "purple mist" resurfaces much later, in the flashbacks from episodes 94 and 95, where Crow investigates a friend's murder disappearance.

This edit seems a little strange because it explains where the Satellite citizens sacrificed to the Earthbound Gods came from. All the references to the Goodwins' severed arms in the Dark Signer arc are cut.

Rudger only removed his Dragon Birthmark the rest of the arm is digitally edited outand Rex's mechanical arm is implied to only be a gauntlet over his real arm that helps transfer the mark. And of course, Rex never lost his own arm riding off the Daedalus Bridge. Rudger's Taking You with Me moment with Yusei as the former dies is changed around for the dub. In the Japanese version, after his loss against Yusei, Rudger pulls a switch on his mechanchial left arm, blowing up the bridge he and Yusei are on and sending Yusei plummenting into the Old Momentum itself.

Which seems a little strange, becuase when, Uru, a friggin' giant, attacked Yusei directly earlier, the bridge didn't break or anything. And of course, it's unlikely that Stardust Dragon's attack would blow up the entire bridge or put its owner in danger. Episode 59 removes Jack and Carly's mutual Love Confession to leave their relationship on a more platonic level.

Then again, this may be because later episodes have a Running Gag of an estrogen brigade fighting over him, which wouldn't work so well if one of the girls was his official love interest. The scene where Jack's robot double is destroyed in Episode 84 is cut, so instead of watching the robot's "skin" graphically melt off, Yusei and crew figure out that the culprit was a robot because The Crash Town arc, full-stop.

Kiryu's Death Seeker attitude is replaced with a Because Destiny Says So one somewhat, as he's still obsessed with punishing himselfthe shock collars that electrocute the miners have their shocks removed so it looks like the collars are ''strangling'' themand the gun-themed monsters are of course edited to look different, and in Gatling Ogre's case, removed entirely the footage of it attacking Ramon is obviously removed to the point of paining the viewer.

And, in true Never Say "Die" fashion, the "graveyard" where the dead miners have their Duel Disks thrown is revised as memorials to their lost freedom, and the shot of Nicko and West's father falling to his death is cut entirely, replaced with him yelling for them to escape with the end of the arc stating he survived.

Particularly bad is the climax of the duel with Lotten—in the original Japanese Kiryu turned Lotten's effect damage back at him and tricked him into destroying himself, while in the English version, due to the gun monsters present in said climax, the entire sequence is removed, and Kalin just hands Lotten over to security deciding he's too much of a coward to be defeated in a fair duel.

The prison's boss, Chojiro Tokumatsu, starts demanding Yuya and his friends' cards in exchange for giving them a luxury life in the facility. Yuya strongly objects to his demand. The clashing of their beliefs urges Chojiro to challenge Yuya to a duel. Chojiro brings out his Synchro Monster, Flower Cardian Lightshower, which deals damage to Yuya anytime he draws and activates a trap that blocks off Yuya's ability to Pendulum Summon. Determined to prove the fun of dueling, Yuya manages to create a combo of his own to protect himself from Flower Cardian Lighshower's effects.

Encouraged by Yuya, Chojiro reignites his entertainment spirit and fights in his old way. Yuya responds by winning the duel with his Pendulum Summoning. Meanwhile, Yugo decides to enter both himself and Zuzu into the Friendship Cup. Chojiro's tournament kicks off with a three-way Action Duel between himself, Sylvio, and Yuya.

Crow and his friends use the distraction to form their own escape plan. When Yuya struggles to get into the spirit of things, Gong cheers him up and gets him into the duel. This inevitably exposes Crow's escape attempt. As an all out jail break takes place, Yuya and the others escape with help from Chojiro's lackeys. Yuya, Sylvio, and Chojiro arrive at the Facility's roof, where they are confronted by the Stomptroopers, who force them into a Battle Royal.

Before Roget can take custody of them, powers from higher up request that they be taken to a trial. Asked to prove that what they are saying is the truth, Declan requests that everyone be entered into the Friendship Cup, which Yuya learns Zuzu will be participating in. Roget agrees on the condition that Yuya face off against Jack Atlas in an exhibition match. At the opening ceremony of the Friendship Cup, Zuzu spectates with Yugo.

Zuzu is surprised to see Yuya participating. Yuya soon begins his Action Turbo Duel against Jack, who declares he will win in three turns. Jack manages to survive Yuya's attack thanks to an Action Card.

Following Yuya's defeat, Zuzu attempts to come to his aid. Zuzu is stopped when she and Yugo are taken into custody by the High Council's guards, who prevent Roget's Sector Security from capturing them.

The next morning, Yuya awakens in a penthouse, where all the participants are locked up. As Yuya laments how Jack looked down upon his Dueltainment, he receives a card from one of the attendants, Sam. Sam believes Jack turned his back on the Commons after becoming the Master of Faster and insulted him by likening him to the weak monster card.

With the tournament underway, Gong is set to duel against Crow in the opening match. As the duel begins, Crow becomes worried when he spots the children he looks after being chased around the stadium. This prompts Crow to try and end the duel as quickly as he can.

Gong brings out Superheavy Samurai Beast Kyubi.

Yugi derrota a Pegasus

Spotting the kids in the crowd again, Crow regains his determination and summons his ace monster, Assault Blackwing - Kusanagi the Gathering Storm. Crow wins the duel. As Yuya becomes concerned about what happens to Gong following his defeat, Chojiro tells him about a rumor that those who lose in the Friendship Cup are sent to an underground garbage disposal facility to do forced labor cleaning up the garbage the Topsiders produce.

Meanwhile, Riley is chosen to duel against Crow's friend, Shinji Weber. Riley becomes afraid and runs off to Yuya. When Declan follows after him, Yuya questions him over why he keeps putting Riley in dangerous situations against his will.

Declan claims that he coerced Riley into joining the Lancers as he is necessary to fight against Duel Academy, but Yuya refuses to accept that. When asked directly about why he does not want to duel, Riley answers that he does not want to duel Shinji after he showed him kindness. Seeing this as a sign of Riley's personal growth, Declan arranges for Moon Shadow to duel in his place.

As Riley returns to his side, Declan recalls how Henrietta found Riley in a war-torn country. Riley was stripped of his own sense of self as a defense mechanism. Moon Shadow and Shinji's duel begins. Moon Shadow uses Action Cards and his ninja monsters to deal a lot of damage, while Shinji fights back with his Bee Force monsters. Meanwhile, Riley fears that Declan is favoring Moon Shadow over him.

Riley worries about what would happen should Moon Shadow win. As Moon Shadow further strengthens his defense with ninja monsters, Shinji harbors strong hatred for the Topsiders due to their subjugation of the Commons. Shinji rallies the strength of his fellow Commons and brings out his ace monster, Battle Wasp - Ballista the Armageddon, to win the duel.

Declan reveals this is part of his plan. The next match pits Zuzu up against Chojiro. Yuya does not want to see Zuzu or Chojiro sent to the underground refinery. Wanting to give Yuya her support, Zuzu brings out her own Dueltaining spirit. Zuzu reminds Yuya of all those who support him. Chojiro brings out Flower Cardian Lightflare to negate Zuzu's spells and special abilities. Zuzu manages to bring out Bloom Diva the Melodious Choir and uses her own effects to win the duel, though it also involves Chojiro to work in the refinery.

The fourth and final match of the day pits Celina against New Domino City resident Tony, who she quickly wins against. As each of the duelists reflect on the day's events, Declan is given an audience with Jack, who expresses an interest in seeing Riley's eyes. Jack further explains about his childhood. He states how his life in the slums changed after receiving a card that was discarded by the Topsiders.

This drove him to become stronger. Duel Chaser Officer is the guard Yugo previously defeated. Before his duel with Duel Chaser OfficerYuya tries to tell the others what happens to the losers. Yuya finds out that no one in the audience cares. However, Yuya brings out a new monster, Odd-Eyes Saber Dragon, to recover his monsters and wins the duel. Yuya comes to regret his victory at the cost of sending Officer to the underground. Yugo vs Sawatari "Doragon Seibatsu!!

The next match pits Yugo against Sylvio. Yuya finds himself mentally connected to Yugo through their respective dragons. Sylvio brings out the power of his monsters to push Yugo into a corner.

Yugo manages to win the duel even though he was strengthened by his unknown connection to Yuya. Having lost his duel against Yugo, Sylvio is taken to New Domino City's underground garbage disposal facility, where Lucas Swank appears to be running things. Lucas explains to Gong and Chojiro how he supplied Roget with Sergey, who is a powerful duelist in the Friendship Cup.

Sergey is said to have died once. This further reveals that Jean-Michel Roget is rumored to come from another dimension. Riley states his determination to fight for Yuya.


This encourages Yuya to keep winning in order to face Jack once more. Yuya in turn has Moon Shadow deliver a message to Zuzu. Yuya assures Zuzu that he will win and bring her home safely. The final match of the first round pits Shay against Dennis.

yu gi oh capitulo 51 latino dating

Shay is determined to learn of Dennis' true intentions. Dennis summons his Fusion monster, Chaos Ancient Gear Giant, which is a behemoth attack point monster that brings up Shay's bad memories from the destruction of Heartland City. Shay uses its special ability to weaken Chaos Ancient Gear Giant before unleashing Vengeful Vengeance to defeat Dennis and win the duel.

Yuya takes on Yuto's feelings and resolves to put a stop to the interdimensional war. Yuya, Roget, and the High Council all recount from their perspective the events that occurred following the Lancers' arrival in New Domino City.

Meanwhile, as Dennis evades capture, Roget activates his plan, Operation: Roget uses microchips to take control of all the Sector Security officers and hold the High Council along with Declan captive.

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Roget announces his plans to make New Domino City his own personal kingdom. Elsewhere, Dennis is recovered by Sora. Sora sends Dennis back to the Fusion Dimension and takes over his mission. Unaware of any of this, Yuya and Zuzu prepare for the second round of the Friendship Cup, where Zuzu is set to face off against Sergey Volkov. Zuzu begins her match against Sergey, which takes place on the duel lanes of New Domino City due to the stadium being destroyed due to Shay and Dennis' match.

Zuzu brings Sergey's life points down to However, just as Zuzu tries to tell the citizens about the interdimensional war, Sergey shows his sadistic true nature and Fusion summons Thorn Over Server - Van Darli Zuma. Sergey uses its special abilities and his Duel Runner to defeat Zuzu. Sergey ruthlessly knocks Zuzu into a building. The next match pits Yuya up against Shinji. Yuya feels no comfort upon hearing that no one will come to the aid of Zuzu due to the way New Domino City treats the losers.

As the match begins, Shinji shows his determination to prove the strength of the Commons. Yuya seems more focused on ending the duel as quickly as he can to save Zuzu. Just as Yuya is cornered by Shinji's Synchro Monster, Battle Wasp - Azusa the Ghost Bow, Sora appears before him and shows Zuzu's helmet that indicates that she is fine and encourages him to duel seriously. Yuya draws the card he received from Sam, which is Tuning Magician.

Yuya decided to put Tuning Magician in his deck to prove there is no such a thing as a useless card. Tuning Magician seemingly puts him at a disadvantage with its effect of hurting Yuya and healing Shinji. Yuya uses its special abilities and the efforts of Tuning Magician to defeat Shinji. Following his duel, Yuya is already facing criticism from the Commons. Yuya is met with more hatred when Roget implies he is in cahoots with the Topsiders.

Following his duel with Yuya, Sora explains how he went to the Synchro Dimension to retrieve Celina in order to protect Zuzu. Sora still sees Zuzu as a friend.