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As we all know, Bragging Rights has come and gone, but in its place, we have received the brand new WWE video game, WWE Smackdown vs Raw the popular SVR franchise has one of the most impressive rosters to date, not to . I've simulated about two years worth of matches and some of the. this video recreates the Whc match at bragging rights Main · Videos; Desperate wives dating bragging rights simulation dating wwe svr bragging rights simulation dating mondhoroskop online dating.

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The referee preceded to symbolically eject Vickie and then Dolph Ziggler as he engaged in the argument with Vickie. The second contest of the evening was an impromptu tag team match, with the Tag Team Championship on the line. Otunga and Rhodes started the match, and Rhodes gained control. Rhodes and McIntyre utilised quick tags to keep control and earn a near-fall before Otunga tagged in Cena. Following the match, Cena attacked Otunga and left with both championship belts.

The third match was also impromptu and had not been advertised prior to the event. The match ended when Goldust was distracted by Maryse and Aksana fighting outside the ring, and pinned by DiBiase. The next match was for the Divas Championship between champion Layla and challenger Natalya. Natalya dominated the first part of the match until Layla managed to counter.

Michelle McCool, Layla's tag team partner, interfered in the match on multiple occasions, and helped Layla to win the contest by pinfall. The match started with both men brawling on the entrance ramp, at ringside, and into the audience, before they entered the ring. Kane took control after using a steel chairand dragged The Undertaker out of the ring and up to the burial site, located at the side of the entrance ramp. The Undertaker retakes control by using his Hell's Gate gogoplata submission hold.

The Undertaker was distracted by Paul Bearer, and then The Nexus interfered in the match, attacking The Undertaker and beginning to fill the grave with dirt, before Kane scared them off.

Kane hit The Undertaker with an urn, causing him to fall into the grave, and then used a digger to fill the grave and win the match. The sixth match was the seven-on-seven elimination tag team match between Team Raw and Team SmackDown. Sheamus eliminated SmackDown's Kofi Kingston. In the course of the match, Alberto Del Rio attacked his own teammate Mysterio, and Mysterio was escorted to the back by medical personnel.

Big Show and Sheamus fight outside the ring, which leads to both men being counted out. Mysterio, who was never officially eliminated, returned to the match and rejoined Team SmackDown. Orton took initial control of the match, but Barrett was able to gain some control before Cena caused a distraction allowing Orton to regain control. On the outside of the ring, Barrett sent Orton shoulder first into the steel steps, allowing Barrett to take control of the match.

The Nexus interfered and attacked Orton while the referee was down, until Cena stopped them, telling Barrett he did it to stop Barrett from being disqualified. Following Orton regaining control, Cena attacked Barrett causing Barrett to win by disqualification. Think of the mode as a watered down GM mode combined with exhibition combined with season mode.

What are the options presented to us when actually looking at the menu in Universe Mode? There are two options here.

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Select a match, which allows you to play or simulate any match on the current card, and Custom Match which allows you to change any match on the current card. Allows you to see the calendar.

You can pick any date, and play or simulate all matches leading up to it. Allows you to see rankings and number one contenders.

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We do not know if we can manually alter rankings, or if this must be accomplished through matches. Either way, we can simply make the matches and the winners we want in order to affect rankings. Allows you to see recent news from your WWE Universe.

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Superstars is where you change brands, set and vacate championships, and choose allies and enemies, all of which will affect Universe. Teams allows the creation of stables and tag teams. What does it mean when it says the titles are "locked to their respective brands" if we can have a champion on any show's roster we want? So, for example, if you have the WWE Champion on Smackdown instead of Raw, the matches that affect rankings for shots at that title will only happen on Raw.

Vamphaery Topic Creator 8 years ago 7 Can the title be defended on any show, then, or only on its respective brand? Any show or pay per view. Is there functionality for turning heel or face in Universe mode?

According to Marcus, characters will do this on their own. Whether this means literally, or just that they will attack good guys and vice versa, I don't know. Can we use Superstar Threads in Universe Mode?

Is GM mode in the game? No, but Universe Mode gives you a calendar, and the ability to edit cards and matches, and My WWE returns to allow you to edit alliances, rivalries, etc. Are there tag team title rankings and tag team matches in Universe mode?

Yes, but not the name of the event or the date on which it takes place. Is ECW in Universe mode as a show? However you can swap whatever arena you want into a show, and arrange rosters for shows however you wish. So you could, for example, pretend Superstars is ECW or something along those lines if you wanted to.

What shows appear each month in Universe Mode? Raw, Smackdown, and Superstars happen every week, and at the end of each month there is a Pay Per View. Can we create pay per views? Not in the way you're probably thinking of.

However, in WWE Universe, events will lead up to pay per views each month on the calendar, and you can change the matches on pay per view cards in whatever way you choose.

Match type, combatants, title matches, etc. So it's sort of like creating a pay per view, but it's in the larger framework of Universe mode and everything that comes with that. Can you turn Universe mode off if you want to just play a normal exhibition match?

If it's on, exhibitions will affect Universe. If it's off, they won't. How do we cash in Money in the Bank in Universe mode if we win it? Once you've won MitB, you can choose to cash it in on a card.

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If you do so, you'll see a scene of the champion finishing their match, and you coming to cash it in. Then a match between you and the champion will be initiated. If you win, you will become champion.

What month does Universe mode begin in calendar-wise?