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WWE going after Matt & Jeff Hardy, original Bayley title plans revealed it's time to take a quick crash course on the family tree: Nikki is dating John Cena. . as well as a great behind-the-scenes look at the creation of the wrestling simulator. WWE: The Best of Raw & Smackdown is a look back of the best WWE. Why a Harry Potter RPG Would Be Epic! 10 Weirdest Video Game Mods TLC: Win a match in the TLC arena in WWE Universe mode. Tribute To The Troops. Get everything you need to know about WWE and its global reach, including news and 1 event, then takes control of the cockpit aboard TaxiWay Aviation Emu, the arena's amazing new flight simulator. . WWE hopefuls give their all during historic Latin American tryout. WWE TLC: Tables, Ladders & Chairs

The Batista Bomb is also countered and the Pedigree does hit the next time round. Triple H makes the cover but Batista powers out at 2. Triple H stays on the offence with a series of big moves but makes the mistake of taunting allowing Batista to hit the Spinebuster. Batista hits the Batista Bomb for a 2 countand he strieks the ref.

A chair is brought into play by the World Champion but before the ref gets up Triple H manages to hit Batista with a DDT onto it and uses the comeback ability. Winner and New World Heavyweight Champion: Triple H says just make sure you are able to get the WWE Championship from Cena and steal the show whilst doing it because there is no control without a Championship.

They shake hands and we head back to ringside. Singles Match Brock Lesnar vs. The Undertaker - Brock Lesnar blamed The Undertaker for losing the WWE Championship inside the Elimination Chamber last month despite not even being in the match and even went to SmackDown to cost Undertaker a number 1 contender match against Triple H which is why this one is taking place. These two heavy hitters hold nothing back with Undertaker landing a big blow to the body of Brock which brings him down.

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Taker mounts the offence until Lesnar takes him down with th STO. Brock keeps Taker grounded with a variety of basic wrestling moves but then gets vicious with a big knee to the face. Brock hits a Fall Away Slam for a 2 count. Taker's streak is major jeapordy here as Lesnar connects with a top rope clothesline on the outside. Taker is hit with an F-5 outisde the ring but has enough time to recover allowing the match to continue.

Lesnar is hit with a big Choke Slam but gets out of the ring.

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Taker does a dive over the top rope but misses Lesnar. The action goes back inside the ring with Lesnar once again in control. Taker is thrown into all 4 turnbukles but reverses a german Suplex and connects with a Last Ride for another 2 count.

Brock is set up for the Tombstone but counters and hits a devestating F-5 only for Undertaker to somehow kick out. Brock gets frustrated but loses focus and is caught with a second Choke Slam.

Taker hits the Tomstone Piledriver but Brock again kicks out and now Taker is frustrated.

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Brock takes the momentum again with a backbreaker and a Piledriver of his own but Taker wont stay down. The Undertaker - Lesnar gets back up and the two shake hands after the match, Undertaker does his signature pose in the ring and Brock Lesnar has apparently turned face.


Brie was eventually thrown out by the ref for constantly interfering on Nikki's behalf but Kelly was able to hit a running bulldog on Nikki Bella to retain the Divas Championship in about a 5 minute match. Winner and Still Divas Champion: Shawn Michaels - Shawn starts out strong with a side headlock take down and follows up with an armbar which the Champ fights out of.

Michaels hits a series of chops but is rocked with a right hand from Cena. Shawn turns things around sending Cena into the announce table head first and ends up putting Cena through it with a moonsault. Cena reverses an Irish whip and sends Michaels into the steps and sends him back into the ring.

Cena hits his top rope leg drop and follows up with the Throwback on HBK. A for a 2 count. Cena applies the Boston Crab but Shawn crawls to the ropes and connects with some more chops to Cena.

Cena is then hit with Sweet Chin Music but he is to close the rope for the pin. Cena comes back with his shoulder blocks and spin out Powerbomb. We get the 5 Knuckle Shuffle and an A. They recently completed a tour in US and UK to visit expos, conventions and exhibitions to meet their fans.

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She graduated with a degree in criminal justice and was forced to take time off to fix her mandible after a match with WWE Diva Victoria. This Diva has fiery red hair, is from Dublin, Ireland, and trained in wrestling at the age of This Diva hails from Florida, starred on the E! Question 12 This former Diva was a backstage interviewer for SmackDown.

Question 13 This Diva was an avid video gamer who made a debut on SmackDown in Inshe took a break from wrestling to be with her seven-year old daughter. Get Me Out of Here! At the point that she joined WWE, the opportunities for female wrestlers were regressive and quite different from what exists today.

This Diva was dating Alex Rodriguez, the Yankees player, from to and is currently promoting a fitness brand. She is of Lithuanian origin. She also competed with Alicia Fox in SmackDown. She was a three-time Knockout Champion and even a competitor on the Amazing Race. She previously worked on Impact Wrestling in and announced her exit when she was around five months pregnant. Post the announcements of the results, this Diva confronted the winner and participated in 'Taboo Tuesday'.

The title was later lost to Beth Phoenix at 'No Mercy'. She was a part of WWE until Question 20 She is the daughter of a time World Champion. She held the title four times after this, had 16 pay-per-views and became one of the first women to event a pay-per-view where she wrestled WWE Diva Sasha Banks. She was friends with Michelle McCool on the show who helped her work on individual matches. This Diva was a ring announcer until and recently delivered quadruplets in January The year-old WWE Diva tweeted that her surgery went well and she delivered three boys and one girl in a high-risk pregnancy after documenting her journey through the pregnancy for her fans.

During the new ECW Weekly, she worked on backstage segments as a tarot card reader and vampire roles with Kevin Thorn. Question 24 This Diva was on E! WWE even gave her a day suspension for violating WWE's wellness policy that she said was caused by a delay in providing paperwork on an Adderall prescription.