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List of Winx Club episodes Winx Club is an Italian animated series which premiered on Rai 2 and was later moved to Rai Gulp midway through season 6. Season 7 of Winx Club carries on the theme of recent season by carrying a .. of a bilingual Latino lead character, earning a total of four NAACP Image Award. A page for describing Characters: Winx Club Main Characters. Main Character Index | The Winx Club | The Specialists | Major Villains | Minor Antagonists | . Winx Club () is an Italian animated series that follows the adventures of a first two movies, and co-produced Seasons in English with their own cast.

Bloom recognises her from a display board in Magix City. During Spring Break, Bloom returns home to Earth and bonds with her parents.

While at Earth, Bloom dreams about her father rescuing a baby — unharmed in a fire. The next morning, Mike tells Bloom that baby she saw, was her. Bloom then realises this means that she is not Mike and Vanessa's daughter. Later on, Bloom tells Sky she wants go to the library in Cloudtower to learn more about herself. Meanwhile, the Trix plan to steal Bloom's powers as she contains the Dragon Flame inside her.

By using the power of the Dragon Flame, the Trix summon the Army of Darkness to start a reign of terror. Bloom returns to Alfea, yet powerless without the Dragon Flame. After a turn of events, and from meeting with Daphne, Bloom was able to regain her powers, save Sky and join her friends in the final battle.

She faced Icy one-on-one while the rest of the Winx faced Darcy and Stormy. Bloom managed to beat her rival and she and Sky have their first kiss. She then joins the celebration with her friends. She is caught by him, and is forced down a cliff. She arrives at Alfea where she meets the Winx, but quickly faints. After waking, Bloom and Stella offer to help her. Meanwhile, The Shadow Phoenix breaks the Trix out of prison.

Later, a paladin, Professor Avalon, enrolls at Alfea, offering to help Bloom find out about her past. He takes her to the Phoenix, turning out to be a slave, where she is turned evil. The Trix are sent back to prison, however, The Trix get the Codex for him. Bloom and the Phoenix enter the Codex dimension, and the rest of the Winx and Pixies quickly follow.

A duel between Bloom and the Winx occur, while Sky and the specialists arrive. Sky gets Bloom to remember him, which turns her good again. Stella can create streaks of solar energy and is able to create explosions of sunlight that can leave the opponent temporarily blind. She can shape sunlight into barriers and shields, which is extremely useful. She can conjure light in any area, no matter how dark.

She finally appeared in Season 5 as a recurring character. Downplayed due to the all-ages nature of the franchise, but present in the early season where she wears many skimpy outfit see Stripperific above and is very flirty. Plus, in a Beach Episode of Season 2 she wear a lifeguard red costume for no reason other Fanservice.

The Power of the Sun: Due to Stella being from Solaria, she is majorly affected by the Sun. She gains her energy from the sun and is heavily weakened when in very dark places or underground.

Stella is sometimes far more concerned with shopping and fashion over saving the world; she opted to go shopping first before going on their actual mission. She's very rich and popular amongst her people. She's also a real sweetie towards her friends.

Even in her worst moods she never belittles others for not being royalty. Also a Meaningful Name: Stella means Star, and Stella's power comes from the sun, which is a star. Has gold eyes which represents she's a stellar fairy. She is the princess of Solaria while Brandon is a squire. Brandon fell into the trope during the royal part where Princess Stella was to be introduced into society.

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He was afraid his gift to her had no chance against the ones she'd get from nobles, but in reality she was angrier for him lying to her than his lower origins. What Happened to the Mouse? Stella's powers comes from the sun and the moon. However, she only used moon-based powers twice during the whole series. This becomes so egregious that the Nickelodeon dub cuts out ANY relation between her and the moon; she announces herself as "Stella, Fairy of the Shining Sun.

This ring allows her to focus on her energy or teleport people. After the sixth episode, in which she takes the ring back from the Trix, who stole it in the previous episode, the ring has only made a handful of appearances since and has no longer been seen to be used by her after she gained her Enchantix. Her powers come from plants, and nature in general. Flora is very kind, gentle, sweet, and mature.

She is able to keep her head on her shoulders in a crisis, and is not one to panic. She is known as the goody two-shoes of the group, a position she likes having. Alone Among the Couples: In season 1 she's the only one of the girls who doesn't get a Love Interest. Her boyfriend Helia is introduced in season 2.

Is extremely embarrassed at her parents' antics when introducing them to her friends in season 7. Flora can be mistaken for either a light skinned Black or a very tanned Caucasian, but the creator confirms she was based on Jennifer Lopez, so she is meant to be Hispanic.

She's cute and is vulnerable to panicking a lot, but she's just as effective at fighting as the rest of the Winx are. Flora gets a crush on him when they first meet, but takes awhile to reveal her feelings to him. Once she works up the courage to confess to him at the end of season 2, they immediately start dating and seem to have little to no problems in their relationship. Beware the Nice Ones: She's kind of shy and the gentlest of the Winx, but push her too far and she will prove just how hard nature is.

Flora became pissed when Miele is hit by a spell from the Trix and immediately gives them a well-deserved magic attack. Also, the reason she gained her Enchantrix in the first place was because she was willing to give up her life to save her little sister's.

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It's mentioned she's a pretty good student. Cannot Spit It Out: Has trouble building up the confidence to confess her feelings to Helia until the end of season 2. She's the conscience of the team and is usually the one to stop the others from doing something bad.

Not that she'll even act upon it, but it's there. She's notably uncomfortable when Crystal gets a bit too close to Helia. Flora is the most mature member of the Winx as she possesses a deep sense of love, peace, happiness, and tranquility.

She gives out good advice to others and avoids violence as the first answer. She has a younger sister, Miele, who adores her. Friend to All Living Things: While she's closer to plants, she has a connection with animals as well and treats them all well. Her eyes symbolize her connection with nature. Flora, as the Fairy of Nature, can talk to plants, bring them to life, help them grow, and nurture them when they are sick. She controls plants and many of her attacks involve wrapping her opponents with vines.

The first episode of season five shows that she is insecure about her abilities as a fairy. In what's arguably an Out of Character moment, an episode of season 7 has her forbidding Miele to join the group on a mission and saying "a fairy needs to know her place" because of a battle Miele struggled with early in season 6.

The problem here is Flora has been knocked down and out a number of times herself, and that very thing had happened to her just four episodes ago.

When Miele tags along anyway, Flora scolds her for being "hasty and reckless", once again ignoring she's guilty of the same thing as recently as late season 6. Implying even more how it's out of character is the reaction of the other Winx. They look shocked Flora is talking like that to her sister.

Since Flora dislikes aggression, she usually uses her powers in battle for defense and constriction. For example, she would trap an enemy in vines while another member of the Winx Club would destroy the enemy. Probably the nicest one of the group. At least the hair. Normally she prefers the use of vine whips to wrap around her opponents and immobilize them.

Even so, she has been shown using beams and attacks made of petals or whole flowersparticularly in the later seasons and the movies. Most of her fairy forms are primarily pink. She makes her debut along with Tecna and Musa in the second episode. World of Winx reveals that she's a very talented cook. In season 2 an episode has, in shadow, Flora showering.

In the censored version, 4Kids flattens her chest. While not that reserved, she was very shy when she had a crush on Helia and was reluctant to confess her feelings. She was once turned into a statue by a mutated jellyfish which was turned by Tritannus.

Whenever the Winx are fighting amongst themselves, she does her best to stop the fighting. An interview with the creator of the series confirms that she's based upon Jennifer Lopez. Which is oddconsidering her little sister has fair skin and red hair.

In season 6, Flora became enraged when Icy kidnapped Helia and froze him over, then in the rematch, she single-handedly curbstomped the witch after borrowing power from the nature around her.

Messing with Helia will result in a Tranquil Fury mode Flora who will own you. Musa is one of the members of the Winx Club at Alfea, school for fairies. Her powers come from music. Musa puts up a tough front in front of others, but deep down, she tends to be the most sensitive of the Winx girls, and gets hurt the most easily.

Part of that may be due to her sad family life. Musa's mother had died, and her father is often away doing tours, not having much time for his daughter, leaving Musa feeling lonely. Despite being the fairy for all types of music, she tends to favor hip hop. All Girls Want Bad Boys: She has a crush on Riven despite his really bad attitude.

When they get together he softens up a little bit. After season 6 and her break-up with Riven, she's the only one of the group without a boyfriend. She's crushing on him early in season 1, but he doesn't reciprocate and instead dates Darcy. During season 2 they start to get closer, especially at the Red Fountain Concert and in the Wildlands. Riven eventually gains feelings for Musa, and they start dating at the end of season 2, and Riven is seriously injured by Dark Bloom specifically because he went Taking the Bullet for her.

They have a lot of arguments however and broke up once when Riven thought Musa was getting too close to Jason Queen. Riven regrets breaking up and manages to win her back over, but their relationship remained unstable, and they broke up permanently in season 6. With Riven until season 6. Her sound based powers are very destructive and hard hitting. Curtains Match the Window: Her bluish eyes match her bluish hair.

She's very snide at times, especially towards Stella. Her hair is much longer from the third season on. Back in season one, she was known as a tomboy that barely wore skirts. Even in the welcoming ball, she would an outfit that had pants. She was basically designed to look a little strret-smart with her overly large jeans and sneakers. Once season three started, she immediately got longer hair, but kept the pigtails.

Then season four came along and Musa arrived on Earth where she let her hair down and started wearing heels and a skirt for her normal outfit. Musa became girlier by asking questions about her hair and she became another point of drama for the series again when Musa gains the opportunity to become famous.

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She has pigtails in seasonsas part of her tomboyish look. She lost them in season 4 after her Girliness Upgrade. A flyaway comment by one of the girls in Season 1 mentions that Musa gets very good grades, just like Flora Tecna is not mentioned in that scene, despite her being The Smart Girl of the group.

As the fairy of music, her spells often involve music a lot. Her attacks are based on music and sound. She usually uses attacks that are disco themed and can create disco-ball force-fields, distracting musical blasts, and virtual speakers which enclose around an enemy and immobilize them through incredibly loud bass music.

Musa can also create walls and barriers of the musical scale and explosive musical notes. Make Me Wanna Shout: Musa's powers are connected not just with music but the actual power of sound waves and sonic pressure. She can manipulate other elements by creating sonic booms which cause rumbling and things to crash. She can also create sonic vibes and pulses which charge through the air like energy blasts.

Her mother died when Musa was young, and this is quite the friction point with her father.

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Most of her fairy forms are primarily hot pink or red. With Aisha in Season 2. The two girls form a bond thanks to their common interest in the music. She makes her debut along with Flora and Tecna in the second episode. Musa does this in Season 5 when Tritannus attempts to put a curse on Aisha, and is as a result transformed into some sort of mutant monster seal.

Despite the fact she isn't even from Earth, Musa's facial features and sometimes her clothes suggest that she's Asian. The supporting cast does feature several other Asian characters such as Jared of season 2.

Word of God states that she's based upon Lucy Liu. In the early seasons she is the most tomboyish of the Winx Club. In Season 1 of 4Kids dub, Musa seemed addicted to slang. Her use of it gradually toned down in S2. She flip flops between with being sweet with Riven and fighting with him all the time. The sight of Darcy multiplying around her will terrify Musa into helplessness.

Justified by the trauma of what happened the first time, namely Darcy mind-raping her nearly to death. You Gotta Have Blue Hair: She has blackish blue hair. Her powers come from computers, and technology in general. Tecna is highly intelligent. Like any good nerd, Tecna thoroughly enjoys math and science. She spends a lot of time doing things on her computer. As intelligent as she is, though, she does not always understand non-technical things, like manual labor. Some of the simplest things, like brooms and buckets, are completely foreign to Tecna.

Tecna is not very good at expressing emotions. She looks for logic behind everything and is not good at understanding emotional-based decisions. She also does not outwardly show a lot of concern for her friends, though deep down, she truly cares for them all and would do anything to help. In the 4kids dub she gained a British accent. She spends a lot of time researching her next assignment or how to complete the Winx's next goal, and she is plenty capable of handling herself on the field.

While all of the girls can create barriers for defense, Tecna is the one most often seen using shields to defend herself and others. Both are awkward at expressing their feelings, but they fall for each other and are officially dating by season 2.

Tecna breaks up with him when she thinks Timmy is an incompetent coward who doesn't understand her, but Timmy proves himself and they get back together. They hold a steady relationship afterwards, though they prefer to communicate through electronics.

Tecna's original hair and some styles she gets later on, though she's not that tomboyish.

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As quoted above, in season 2, Tecna breaks up with Timmy calling him a coward when, in an occasion, he let escape the Trix because if he had attacked them, they would overpower everyone. But they made up when Timmy came up with many plans to defeat the Trix risking also his life. Tecna has trouble expressing her emotions, and bases the majority of her decisions on pure logic, though in the second and third season, she gets over that trouble and is more open and friendly toward her friends.

This before her Flanderization. She created a virtual simulation for herself where she could have some "unique" experiences with Timmy. Notable because earlier she barely understood what dating was.

Word of Dantesurprisingly not Jossedthough there is little in show evidence for it, with the biggest evidence being that she didn't succumb to the sleeping gas given off by the Black Willow as quickly as the other girls. In the middle of season 3, she was trapped in the Omega Dimension after saving Andros from being destroyed and thought gone by everyone.

Thankfully, she managed to survive long enough to get a message out to the others, enabling the others to find and rescue her. Tecna may understand everything to do with technology, but knows nothing about non-technical things. She once thought a bucket was to be worn on her head and a broom could be used as a portrait feather duster.

She was forced to give up her emotions for technology while in the Crystal Labyrinth. She gets them back in the end. In seasons 5 and 6she's been reverted to her season 1 personality, effectively undoing all the Character Development she's gotten over the series. She's built plenty of technological things, including an inter-dimensional transporter and a barrier buster to get through the barrier around Alfea. As the fairy of technology, she loves computers and video games.

Despite being the "nerd" of the group, she has an attractive Fairy Sexy design just like the other girls. Tecna and her best friend, Musa. Tecna is logical, rational and doesn't make a move without careful calculation, while Musa is more free-spirited and spontaneous.

Her friendship with Aisha in the spinoff World of Winx can also be seen as this. Tecna is technologically savvy but not necessarily sports inclined, while Aisha is the complete opposite. What's more, the banter the two often engage in often over the effectiveness of Tecna's technological devices also gives their relationship a Vitriolic Best Buds vibe. Of the main fairies, Tecna easily gets the least focus and development, especially in Season 4.

Sometimes it feels like she's a minor character rather than one of the main ones. Played with, as she's much more logical and "by the numbers" than most examples. She makes her debut along with Flora and Musa in the second episode. Her powers are entirely based on technology and digital energy, but, on occasion, she has been known to control electricity.

As the science expert of the group, the team relies on Tecna to solve any technological issues, whether magical, supernatural or ordinary. She prefers to think before doing something rash. She can directly control some technology, such as when she mentally commanded the ship in The Secret of the Lost Kingdom. Tecna is extremely smart, with an IQ ofand loves technology. She has magenta colored, asymmetrical bob-styled, hair. She is a princess of Andros Realm of Tides by 4Kidsand has the ability to rearrange a substance called Morphix sometimes referred to as plasma to all sorts of objects and weapons.

In the original version, Aisha is extremely opinionated and open minded. In her early appearances, she is rather distant towards romance and males. It's later discovered she was arranged to be married, which possibly contributes to her wariness of romance. In the 4Kids version, "Layla" seems to be a bit more of a feminist, believing that girls are just as capable as guys at anything, and she tends not to crush on guys at all — until season three, at least.

Whereas the others look to the Specialists as heroes and a great help against the witches and other troubles, Aisha sees the guys are more or less kinda useless, believing the fairies can handle things better. This is actually from her anger at being forced into an arranged engagement, and it gets toned down when she finally meets the guy and sees what kind of person he actually is She is quite athletic and is also a linguist.

Her bold personality causes her take more independent actions, so she often doesn't ask for help. She has proven to be just as skilled as the Specialists when it comes to fighting. In season 2 she's the only one of the girls without a Love Interest.

Her first boyfriend Nabu is introduced in season 3. He approaches her under a false name because he wants to know the girl he's betrothed to. After Nabu assists her several times, they start dating, and Nabu is forced to reveal his true identity, but she doesn't mind. They get along very well, culminating with Nabu proposing to Aisha, who eagerly says yes. Unfortunately for her, he died soon after.

With Nex, as of season seven. He is introduced early in season six. Aisha doesn't like him at first, and she's also being pursued by Roy at the time. But she and Nex grow closer throughout the season, bonding due to their similar personalities and interest in sports. They confess their feelings for each other near the end of the season, then start dating in season seven.

One of the Winx's best fighters, and she gets a lot more physical with her opponents than the other girls do. This one isn't really 4Kids fault, as all dubs of the show excluding Nick's change it to Layla.

She's the princess of Andros.