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who is velvet sky dating

The combination of Bully and Velvet Sky started dating when both were in TNA. It happened with a controversial dynamic as well. Velvet was in. Velvet Sky biography with personal life, married and affair info. A collection of facts like affair, boyfriend, married, spouse, salary, net worth, bio. Before she began dating Bubba Ray Dudley, Velvet Sky used to be in a relationship with Chris Sabin. That ended up on a very sour note with.

With that in mind, let's take a look at a few of the couples over the years that you may not have even known were an item. ODB became a breakout star in Impact Wrestling as a rough-around-the-edges girl who wasn't shy about drinking from a flask and grabbing her own crotch from time to time.

Apparently, these two were an item for a relatively long period of time. The couple started dating back in It's unclear exactly when the two broke up, but Anderson married someone else inso things had clearly ended by that point.

While Anderson is off the market these days, ODB is apparently single. Despite being two fairly high profile stars in the wrestling world, this relationship didn't seem to get much attention from the internet wrestling community. He also won multiple titles and had some success with the company. The pair actually fared quite well on the show and ended up finishing 4th overall. However, the two had apparently broken sometime before they had finished filming the show, in We filmed the race this past summer and separated by the end of filming.

I am so so incredibly happy in my life and have fully moved on. Hope you guys can as well". Traci Brooks is a former Playboy model who served as a valet and occasional wrestler in Impact Wrestling. The couple started dating back in and would eventually go on to get married in January of The two have a son together, who was born in Davey Richards is best known by Impact fans as one-half of the tag team The Wolves.

The two originally got together in January of After dating for only a few months they announced that they were engaged in April of and went on to be married in June of the same year. It appears Richards is quite pleased as he posted the following on his Twitter account: Lucky isn't even the word: The two are currently still married.

Josh Matthews worked as backstage interviewer and commentator in WWE for almost 12 years. Apparently, Matthews and Rayne dated for seven months prior to getting married in August of Rayne, whose real name is Ashley Simmons, was previously married to a man named Jesse Cabot before they divorced in Rayne has a daughter from her marriage with Cabot. Josh Matthews and Madison Rayne are currently still married and working on Impact. On the first two nights, she was defeated in singles matches by Melina and, on the final night, she and Xix Savant defeated Melina and Davey Richards in a mixed tag team match.

After the match, Terrell gave Ryan a low blow when Sky distracted him. On the March 27 episode of Impact Wrestling, Sky turned heel by attacking Rayne during her match with Love, allowing Love to get the win.

who is velvet sky dating

The celebration was interrupted by Gail Kim, which allowed Rayne and Brittany to strip Sky and Love of their evening gowns. This led to the Beautiful People defeating Rayne and Brittany in a tag team elimination evening gown match the following week.

The following week, Love issued an open challenge for her Knockouts Championship, which was accepted by Brittany, who was unsuccessful in her attempt. After the match, The Beautiful People humiliated Brittany by smearing lipstick on her face and placing a paper bag over her head, resulting in Kim coming to Brittany's aid and attacking Sky and Love.

Sky would then aid Love in numerous title defenses against Rayne, Kim and Brittany.

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On the January 23 episode of Impact Wrestling during the Feast or Fired match, Sky grabbed a briefcase for Robbie E, and because Sky had retrieved the briefcase, she was forced by Robbie to open it, revealing a "fired" slip.

On the May 29,episode of Impact Wrestling, Love brought out her own personal security team and provoked Sky, who was sitting in the audience; Sky jumped the barricade and attacked Love, but was removed from the arena by Love's security team.

Fans never accepted or embraced them as an act together.

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Things ended poorly when Elizabeth died by overdosing on drugs illegally owned by Luger. Sadly, the ending was a worst case scenario. This couple never seemed like they should have been together and it ended in absolute heartbreak. Rob Van Dam and Katie Forbes via twitter. This ended a few years ago when Rob and Sonya filed for divorce to officially quit on the marriage. At some point between the separation and divorce, RVD started dating independent wrestler Katie Forbes.

Unfortunately for her, times have changed and this tactic may no longer work to her advantage. Regardless, the couple of Van Dam and Forbes stand out for the wrong reason. The allegations of RVD leaving his wife for a younger woman makes him look like a gross old man these days.

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Sunny and Davey Richards via pwmania. Richards was known for being a serious wrestler that always put his wrestling first.

Richards and Sytch met in Ring of Honor when the latter was making a few appearances for the independent promotion. The couple lasted a few months and Sunny made sure everyone on her social media pages knew about it. Richards apparently tried to keep it quiet, but Sytch would comment on his Facebook statuses insulting any female saying nice words to him.

This was clearly a gross relationship that is viewed as regretful for Richards.

who is velvet sky dating

John Laurinaitis and Kathy Colace via pinterest. Firstly, Colace is the mother of Brie and Nikki Bella meaning she started dating their former boss.

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Johnny Ace essentially scouted Brie and Nikki by ogling their half-naked pictures. Now, he is married to their mother and in the family.

who is velvet sky dating

Rumors indicated that Laurinaitis likely gave special treatment to the Bella Twins that earned them opportunities in WWE. New Jack and Terri Runnels via blogspot. New Jack being involved in any relationship likely is a tipping point that it would flop. The relationship between New Jack and Terri Runnels started many years after each of their glory days in the 90s.

Both fading stars met at an independent wrestling show and started dating. They worked together and Runnels actually bladed as a manager for one of his matches to add to it. Their romance ended quite ugly as New Jack began selling nude pictures of Terri before her lawyer stepped in to stop it. Alberto Del Rio and Paige via tmz. It started when both wrestlers started dating last year.

Del Rio being 15 years older than Paige and already having a family makes it less than practical for the 25 year old to get involved with him. Alberto ended up asking for his release after both he and Paige were suspended for violating the Wellness Policy.

Both were accused of domestic abuse towards the other and their relationship just appears to be as toxic as can be. Most people expect them to split up, but we can only hope it ends without anything terrible happening given their track record. Jerry Lawler and The Kat via ebay.