Who is james mason dating

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who is james mason dating

THE ashes of James Mason, the actor, were laid to rest by his family In a letter dated May 7, , he told his children, both from his first. As the first child of the actors James Mason and his wife Pamela, Portland Mason made headlines almost from birth. At her christening, her. James Mason full list of movies and tv shows in theaters, in production and upcoming films.

His home life was as racy as anything he portrayed on the screen thanks to the efforts of his socialite wife. Pamela Kellino was the daughter of a wealthy British industrialist who was also involved in the film business. She was already married when she met Mason and they set up home together in London before her divorce came through.

Who is James Mason dating? James Mason girlfriend, wife

Mason seemed more taken with looking after the large number of pet cats the two of them had amassed and he was known throughout his life as a devoted owner of pet animals. When a friend asked for a progress report, he replied: In the end, my father got fed up and left her. He sued for divorce on the grounds of her adultery but she got all the money because she had a better lawyer.

It was here that he found happiness with Clarissa Kaye, an Australian actress more than 20 years his junior, who had notably more modest tastes than Pamela.

Evil under the Sun (1982) Sylvia Miles, James Mason, Date: 1964

Accepting any part he could get in order to fund his divorce — he would make more than films over his half-century career — he enjoyed returning to his secluded base overlooking Lake Geneva. He died in Switzerland after suffering heart failure at the age of 75 and left his estate to Clarissa, on condition that it would go to his children after her death.

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He registered as a conscientious objector during the Second World War [6] causing his family to break with him for many yearsbut his tribunal exempted him only on the requirement to do non-combatant military service, which he refused; his appeal against this became irrelevant by including him in a general exemption for film work.

He then took the lead role in the popular The Seventh Veilwhich set box office records in post-war Britain and raised him to international stardom. Exhibitors voted him the most popular star in Britain in each year between and They also thought he was the most popular international star in ; he dropped to second place the following year.

who is james mason dating

Mankiewicz 's 5 Fingersthe declining actor in the first remake of A Star Is BornCaptain Nemo in 20, Leagues Under the Sea alsoa small town school teacher driven insane by the effects of cortisone in Bigger Than Lifea suave master spy in North by Northwesta former World War II hero and Admiralty commander A Touch of Larcenyand a determined scientist and explorer in Journey to the Centre of the Earth also One of his last roles, that of corrupt lawyer Ed Concannon in The Verdictearned him his third and final Oscar nomination.

An ardent cinephile on top of his career interests, Mason then went on to narrate two British documentary series supervised by Kevin Brownlow: Hollywoodon the silent cinema and Unknown Chaplindevoted to out-take material from the films of Sir Charlie Chaplin.

James Mason: The sad cad

Mason had been a long-time neighbour and friend of the comedian. Her father died 20 years later, leaving a second wife, the actress Clarissa Kaye. There then began a bitter dispute over his estate between Clarissa and Mason's two children, Portland and her younger brother Morgan the film producer, married to the singer Belinda Carlisle.

who is james mason dating

Mason had left everything to Clarissa, leaving his children to, as he put it, "stand in line" for their inheritance. They decided to contest the will.

Even the disposal of James Mason's ashes became a matter of dispute.

who is james mason dating

Clarissa had refused to hand them over to the children, preferring to keep them in an urn on the mantelpiece at the house she had shared with Mason at Vevey, overlooking Lake Geneva. After her death init was discovered that the ashes had been transferred to a safety deposit box. In a Swiss court finally ruled that the ashes should be given to Portland and Morgan.

In November brother and sister were finally able to scatter their father's ashes beneath his marble monument in the cemetery at Vevey. A few months after this ceremony, Portland Mason suffered a serious stroke.