Who is floyd mayweather jr dating

Floyd Mayweather: Why domestic violence convictions shouldn’t be forgotten

who is floyd mayweather jr dating

Who is Floyd Mayweather Jr. dating? Many famous women have dated Floyd Mayweather Jr., and this list will give you more details about these lucky ladies. Athletes and their women right? Check out all the female drama with the women in his life from Floyd Mayweather's girlfriend to his mother. Abi Clarke, the girlfriend of boxer Floyd Mayweather Jr., has reportedly been harassed by fans of Conor McGregor ahead of the pair's fight next.

Floyd also helped out.

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Right before Iyanna was born, Floyd and I stopped talking because of a situation with the mother of his other children, Josie Harris. I did what I had to do. He goes in the ring and takes those punches. What do I look like trying to take the money he made by risking his life in the ring? I worked jobs everywhere so I could have my own money while he became the best pound-for-pound boxer in the world. I had to find my own way.

who is floyd mayweather jr dating

He was always there for his daughter though. I was also in a relationship with someone else. Shortly after that relationship ended, Floyd called. We talked about everything that happened in our five years of not speaking. He bought me a house and gave me one of his cars.

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He was the best in the world and beat Oscar De La Hoya to become the biggest star in boxing. I had gotten my cosmetology and massage therapy licenses.

Who is Floyd Mayweather Jr. dating? Floyd Mayweather Jr. girlfriend, wife

I thought about opening a salon, but there were so many of them in Vegas already. I was really into fashion and considered opening a boutique. I decided to bring both together as a boutique with a small salon in the back. Everything that I have done has been for my kids. A lot went into making the boutique a reality. Watching him fight is still very stressful though.

It was so bad for Iyanna when Floyd fought Manny Pacquiao that she had to be taken to the back. Melissa Brim dated Mayweather above in the late s and had a daughter with him, but he assaulted her. Ms Brim, the mother of his daughter, Ayanna, dated the boxer in the late s. But the couple broke up inshortly before Mayweather was found guilty of two counts of domestic battery against Ms Brim.

She said Mayweather had argued with her over child support for Ayanna. According to court documents, Mayweather swung a car door open into her head, then punched her three times in the face. Ms Brim was forced to call police from a convenience store.

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Several months later, Ms Brim attested that she and Mayweather were at a mall with their daughter. Mayweather asked a friend to hold Ayanna, then punched Ms Brim in the neck.


Mayweather pleaded guilty to two counts of domestic battery against Brim. Cromwell, 19, was having a party at the house when the boxer returned and ordered everyone out. Cromwell later withdrew allegations against Mayweather. Both women, friends of Melissa Brim, were standing at the bar when Mayweather approached with two other men. Immediately, Ms McGill, who had previously encountered problems with Mayweather, wanted to leave. Ms McGill said as Mayweather got closer she could read his lips.

He was saying he and the two men should hurt her and Ms Blackburn. Before the women could get away, Ms McGill testified, Mayweather punched her in the jaw and Blackburn in the head.

Mayweather hit her as well. After she was hit I helped her up and we ran out of the club. She would stand by him while he served two months in prison, but she, too, would accuse him of violence.

In SeptemberMs Jackson sued Mayweather for assault, battery and false imprisonment She said that he had attacked her on multiple occasions and threatened her with a gun. It was a response to what Mayweather had done after they split up.

who is floyd mayweather jr dating

Abortion is a public issue. A few days after Ms Jackson filed the suit against Mayweather, sports journalist Rachel Nichols asked him about the domestic violence. He batted away the claims. And I signed a plea bargain.