Who is emma barton dating

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who is emma barton dating

Jermaine is a local doctor, who was initially set up on a date with Emma Barton ( Gillian Kearney). In March , it was announced that Jermaine would become . Emma Barton as Dolly''Picture: Hugo Glendinning posing as her own dead brother – who's been killed by her boyfriend Stanley Stubbers. Emma Barton on returning to EastEnders: It was like putting on an old pair of slippers. ACTRESS Emma Barton reveals that reprising the role of Honey Mitchell in EastEnders was easier than she thought. Actress Emma Barton couldn’t quite believe it when she received a phone call.

Share this article via email Share this article via flipboard Copy link Picture: ITV Who would have thought that one village could be awash with so much murder and danger. As the next stage of the Emma Barton death mystery takes the shape of sinister flashbacks, Lachlan White is revealing his own shocking intent — to kill his own granddad Lawrence! Can Robert Sugden stop him or is he in the firing line too as Lachlan arms himself?

Away from the murderous side of the village, it seems that nowhere is safe as even poor Doug Potts is in peril thanks to some dodgy fireworks acquired by Gerry.

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In other less violent developments, Jai Sharma gets a helping hand and Rhona Goskirk makes an embarrassing mistake. Here, we present the latest bunch of spoilers fresh from the Dales. Pete accuses Gabby of killing Emma after finding flowers and an apology message at the scene of her death. Laurel begs her sister and Bob to stick to her story as Gabby becomes suspicious. Robert catches Lachlan outlining a plan to kill Lawrence but will he push him over the edge when he confronts him?

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Monday 30th October Picture: ITV Debbie heads out to a meeting with Tom and some of his clients but when one of the sleazy men there hits on her inappropriately, she lashes out and punching him. Advertisement Advertisement Robert manipulates Lawrence as he moves onto the next phase of his plan but just as they are about to kiss, a horrified Lachlan walks in on them — prompting a flustered Lawrence to throw him out.

This hurts Finn and frightens him when he finds out that the police have stopped searching for Brad. In early AugustPete finds Finn looking at a missing person's website. Upset, he looks at a chat page for news about his missing mother and Eric suggests he talk to James about his mother.

Later that month, he tells Victoria that his mum sent him a message on Finding Family but is angry when he finds out that Victoria told James that he was looking for his mother. He initially wants to delete the profile that he set up to find his mother but eventually leaves it. Later, Megan Macey blackmails Finn to give her Charity's room key.

Megan starts video recording on her phone, but when they get in the room they a box on the bed with a cat in it, thinking it belongs to Charity. In Septemberwhilst going to a fancy dress do with Victoria, Jimmy catches him in the street wearing braces, cool shades and a bow tie.

Later that month, he and Aaron Livesy spend the night together. The next morning, he tells Aaron that Eric will kill him if he's late for work.

who is emma barton dating

Victoria accuses Aaron of having a go at her the night before jumping into bed with Finn. When Ross tells Finn he needs to leave the village, he's angry to find out that Aaron slept with him. He confronts Aaron about his night with Finn.

Finn pines for Aaron but Aaron is only interested in using him to make Robert Sugden jealous. Finn resents this and moves on. Both single and miserable, Finn and Victoria make a deal to get married if they are both single when they turn thirty. At first, things are awkward but a bond soon forms between them and he desperately tries to convince his family to accept her.

Emma Barton: ‘You have got to take risks with your choices’

Pete refuses but Ross is slightly more open. It is revealed that Emma suffered post-natal depression after Ross was born and later had Finn, which tipped her over the edge. She became paranoid about Moira and James and this led to her attempting to suffocate Ross with a pillow, witnessed by Pete. Emma left and returned once but Pete told her that she wasn't welcome. After hearing this, Ross and Finn turn against Emma but forgave her and allowed her to move in to Andy Sugden's old house.

who is emma barton dating

Her nurse, Darren Thompsonis interested in Finn, and they begin dating. Val is alarmed to learn he is HIV-positive and goes to great lengths to scare him away, including sending him nasty text messages and smashing up his car.

who is emma barton dating

She eventually sorts things out but Finn finds Darren clingy and suffocating and goes to great lengths to make Darren dump him. When Darren eventually admits that he was looking for a reason to dump him as he wanted to reunite with his ex, Finn is mortified and regrets how he has behaved.

who is emma barton dating

As the months pass, Finn is consumed by family problems. He regrets bringing Emma into his life after learning that she tried to kill Ross when he was a toddler and discovers multiple instances of her obsessive meddling in James' life and relationship with Chastity Dingle.

He also learns of Ross's affair with Debbie Dingleonly keeping the secret to protect Pete from heartbreak. He tells Ross that he is no longer his brother and the family was better off without him. However, Pete finds out on his and Debbie's wedding day when a recording of Debbie confessing that she loves Ross is played. Shortly afterwards, a helicopter crashes into the village hall. Finn is pulled free from the wreckage but Val is killed, devastating Finn. In a video she recorded during her bout with pneumonia, Val calls Finn her favourite and jokes that she wants him to tattoo her name over his heart with her ashes mixed in the ink.

who is emma barton dating

He helps her sister Diane Sugden carry out her final wishes. Emma becomes concerned when Ross goes missing and Finn helps her search morgues and hospitals for him.

Ross later shows up and reveals that Pete attacked him and left him for dead. However, Finn, undertaking dares such as wearing a dress, waxing his thighs, and drinking a blended English breakfast, appears to show no mercy to these challenges, making Jimmy nervous.

Jimmy's final dare was for Finn to re-enact a performance of his daughter's favourite film, Frozen. When Finn performs the film Frozen, Jimmy informs him he has lost the bet as his daughter's favourite film was in fact the film.

Finn tells Jimmy that he has been conned, but Jimmy stands firm and Finn produces his money.