Who is director george lucas dating

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who is director george lucas dating

George Lucas is a 74 year old American Film Director. Born George Walton Lucas Jr. on 14th May, in Modesto, California, USA, he is famous for Star Wars. George Walton Lucas Jr. (born May 14, ) is an American filmmaker and entrepreneur. .. Besides the additions to the Star Wars franchise, Lucas released a Director's Cut of THX in , with the . Lucas began dating Mellody Hobson, president of Ariel Investments and chair of DreamWorks Animation, in Getty After seven years of dating, "Star Wars" creator George Lucas finally told Oprah Winfrey of her relationship with the famed director.

With Star Wars in the theatres, Lucas quietly announced his intention to retire from directing and make Lucasfilm an incubator for films to be directed by others under his tutelage. He also created the popular character of the adventurous archeologist Indiana Joneswho was played by Ford in a series of films, beginning with Raiders of the Lost Arkdirected by Steven Spielberg and with Lucas as executive producer.

The series was not a ratings success, but it allowed Lucas and ILM to experiment with new techniques in special effects. In he added new computerized effects to the Star Wars films and reissued them to great box-office success, though critics were less enthusiastic.

Those films generated interest for one of the most highly anticipated releases of the decade, Star Wars: Lucas followed with Star Wars: Episode III—Revenge of the Sithboth of which he also directed, before returning to an executive production role on the fourth Indiana Jones film, Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skullwhich Spielberg directed.

Lucas created two animated television series, Star Wars: Clone Wars —05 and Star Wars: The Clone Wars — He was then executive producer of Red Tailsan action-packed account of the Tuskegee Airmen and his first film in nearly two decades that was not affiliated with either the Star Wars or Indiana Jones franchises. The first entry, Star Wars: Subsequent films included Star Wars: Vorkapich taught the autonomous nature of the cinematic art form, emphasizing kinetic energy inherent in motion pictures.

He was passionate and interested in camerawork and editing, defining himself as a filmmaker as opposed to being a director, and he loved making abstract visual films that created emotions purely through cinema.

He was later drafted by the Army for military service in Vietnambut he was exempted from service after medical tests showed he had diabetesthe disease that killed his paternal grandfather.

InLucas re-enrolled as a USC graduate student in film production. Navy students who were being taught documentary cinematography, Lucas directed the short film Electronic Labyrinth: Lucas was awarded a student scholarship by Warner Bros.

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The film he chose was Finian's Rainbow which was being directed by Francis Ford Coppolawho was revered among film school students of the time as a cinema graduate who had "made it" in Hollywood. InLucas was one of the camera operators on the classic Rolling Stones concert film Gimme Shelter. Lucas then created his own company, Lucasfilm, Ltd. Lucas then set his sights on adapting Flash Gordonan adventure serial from his childhood that he fondly remembered.

When he was unable to obtain the rights, he set out to write an original space adventure that would eventually become Star Wars.

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Despite his success with his previous film, all but one studio turned Star Wars down. It was only because Alan Ladd, Jr. Star Wars quickly became the highest-grossing film of all-timedisplaced five years later by Spielberg's E. Hiatus from directing, Indiana Jones Director Jim Henson left and Lucas working on Labyrinth in Following the release of the first Star Wars film, Lucas worked extensively as a writer and producer, including on the many Star Wars spinoffs made for film, television, and other media.

Lucas acted as a writer and executive producer for the next two Star Wars films, commissioning Irvin Kershner to direct The Empire Strikes Backand Richard Marquand to direct Return of the Jediwhile receiving a story credit on the former and sharing a screenwriting credit with Lawrence Kasdan on the latter.

Other successful projects where Lucas acted as a producer or writer in this period include Kurosawa 's KagemushaLawrence Kasdan's Body HeatEwoks: Caravan of CourageEwoks: The animation studio Pixar was founded in as the Graphics Group, one third of the Computer Division of Lucasfilm. The sale reflected Lucas' desire to stop the cash flow losses from his 7-year research projects associated with new entertainment technology tools, as well as his company's new focus on creating entertainment products rather than tools.

A contributing factor was cash-flow difficulties following Lucas' divorce concurrent with the sudden dropoff in revenues from Star Wars licenses following the release of Return of the Jedi.

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The sound-equipped system THX Ltd. BushAfter losing much of his fortune in a divorce settlement inLucas had no desire to return to Star Wars, and had unofficially canceled his sequel trilogy by the time of Return of the Jedi.

who is director george lucas dating

When Star Wars became popular once again, in the wake of Dark Horse 's comic book line and Timothy Zahn 's trilogy of novelsLucas realized that there was still a large audience.

His children were older, and with the explosion of CGI technology he was now considering returning to directing.

who is director george lucas dating

He began penning more to the story, indicating that the series would be a tragic one, examining Anakin Skywalker's fall to the dark side. Lucas also began to change the prequels status relative to the originals; at first they were supposed to be a "filling-in" of history tangential to the originals, but now he saw that they could form the beginning of one long story that started with Anakin's childhood and ended with his death.

This was the final step towards turning the film series into a "Saga". Into celebrate the 20th anniversary of Star Wars, Lucas returned to the original trilogy and made numerous modifications using newly available digital technology, releasing them in theaters as the Star Wars Special Edition.

For DVD releases in and Blu-ray releases inthe trilogy received further revisions to make them congruent with the prequel trilogy. The first Star Wars prequel was finished and released in as Episode I — The Phantom Menacewhich would be the first film Lucas had directed in over two decades.

Following the release of the first prequel, Lucas announced that he would also be directing the next two, and began working on Episode II.

who is director george lucas dating

Episode II — Attack of the Clones. The final prequel, Star Wars: Numerous fans and critics considered the prequels inferior to the original trilogy, [25] [26] [27] though they were box office successes nonetheless. Like the Star Wars prequels, reception was mixed, with numerous fans and critics once again considering it inferior to its predecessors. The Clone Wars which premiered with a feature film of the same name before airing its first episode.