Who is chyna parks dating

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who is chyna parks dating

She is mawatari.info Anne McClain is an aspiring and brooding American actress and singer born in Atlanta, Georgia in the year China. China Anne McClain has created her imprint in the entertainment business from her acting credits in several movies. As of now, the actress is. China Anne McClain dating boyfriend or already married to a husband, who is China Anne McClain boyfriend or partner? Know China Anne.

Oh, such a tender age. Sep 26, at 1: Being an American that is a question raised by many. This is because of the fact that she was named China is that her mother Shontell had already given births to two girls, when she was pregnant with China she found out that it was a girl and to everyone's shock, they were really disappointed.

She then turned on the television and saw a program about Chinese families who favored boys who were favored more in China. So, in honor of all the girls in the world, she decided to name her daughter China and treat her with the same respect and love as other due to the boys. Her father is Michael McClain. The heroic mother as we know Shontell McClain.

Born in Memphis inShontell is a songwriter. So, both of the parents be musical.

who is chyna parks dating

So, why won't our dear China be musically too? Talking about her Siblings, she has two sisters, Lauryn and Sierra, and a brother Gabriel. She currently resides in LA, California with her family. China McClain her family and her are devout Christians. On the contrary, they cannot always attend church regularly due to her and her sisters' musical and acting careers. So, busy life and busy people we should say.

Well, if we talk about her love life, shell still a tender one to have one literally.

who is chyna parks dating

Yes, so she is not married at her young age and has no kids. However, she was in a relationship with Jake Shorn in the year Moreover, she was also talked about to be dating Zac Steiner in Talking about relationships, China is currently single. Her Sexual orientation is straight. She has a good company of friends with whom she rejoices.

who is chyna parks dating

When she walks into the A. T Farm she meets Gibson ; the weird teacher at the A. After, she meets Olive Doylea girl with an identic memory, Angus Chestnuta computer genius and Fletcher Quimbyan artistic genius who develops a crush on her immediately.

In her music class, she meets Lexi Reeda popular girl who grows to dislike Chyna, and Paisley HoundstoothLexi's best friend, who isn't bright. She also meets Mr.

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Zimbaldithe music teacher. There, he allows her to play the violin in front of the class, thus, making everyone acknowledge who she is. Later on, she and her friends go to Lexi's party, trying to prove she's not a little kid. The three attempt to look more mature by changing their style. Before this, Chyna tells her dad that she's studying with Olive and Fletcher, since he wouldn't let her leave.

In her room, she and them sneak out using her bedroom window, leaving wax sculptures in her room as decoys. At the party she tells her friends to not act like little kids. When she tries to fit in with the big kids, her brother Cameron embarrasses her by spilling some of her secrets.

After, the ANTs accidentally ruin the stereo, making everyone angry at them.

who is chyna parks dating

So Chyna sings Dynamite for them replacing the now broken stereo. Finishing her song, her dad comes to the party, takes her home and grounds her. Later in the end of the episode, she sets up all of her music equipment, and goes to lunch with Olive and Fletcher. When the two of them try out for cheerleader, only Chyna gets in, causing Olive to be alone.

Soon, Chyna discovers Lexi made her be a cheerleader so she could sabotage Chyna's audition.

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She apologizes to Olive, explaining to her she was right about Lexi just using her, and ends up winning the audition, instead of Lexi. Chyna, annoyed of Olive, tries to convince her that ghosts aren't real and that her locker isn't haunted. Olive learns that Chyna only did this so she could move back to her previous locker, causing her to get mad.

In the end, they make up. When she gets an A, she believes that the teacher is giving ANTs extra credit, making her feel guilty about not failing. So, she does a horrible project, thinking of receiving an A, but ends up failing, learning that everyone got As because the teacher was too lazy to mark the tests. Learning what will happen to her if she won, she tricks Olive back into running. The two have a little war on how the other one should win.

Who is China Anne McClain dating? China Anne McClain boyfriend, husband

In the end, they make up and apologize to each other. Since it was too expensive, her dad gives her a bag, that wasn't very pleasant. She then figures out a way to gain cash by using gift cards from pudding cups. When her dad finds out about her using the village bag, he sends one of his police friends to discover if she were shoplifting.

In ClairvoyANTshe tricks Cameron into thinking he's psychic and makes him--believing he's psychic and goes a little overhand with his 'predictions'. In ManagemANTChyna gets her big break with a music producer named Hippo after Cameron puts a video of her singing, but the drawback is, is that this producer is making her do things she doesn't find appealing.

who is chyna parks dating

They soon discover that Zanko actually keeps the painting, placing it into a gallery, claiming it as his own. Because of this, she helps him get his painting back. She, along with Olive, Fletcher and Angus, go to the Chinese restaurant and try to retrieve the number back.

But Lexi wants to know what song she is going to sing so she could humiliate her, but Chyna discovers this and tricks her instead. Chyna at her audition In SANTa's Little HelpersChyna and her friends make jack in the boxes for the orphans, but when they find out Skidmore's plan, they rig the boxes. When they find out Skidmore will leave them at the orphanage, they try to sneak into the orphanage to get the boxes back.

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T who has violence issues so she tries to help her and beats Lexi for the eighth time. In InfANTshe, Olive, Fletcher and Violet help a two year old baby find a talent, but they soon find out that Skidmore was just tricking them into babysitting her nephew.

In The ANTagonistChyna gives advice to Fletcher to make a funny cartoon but ruins the advice by making fun of olive. T convention and finds out Fletcher has gone missing; so she has Tazmanian NevilleOlive, and Angus Go look for him at the outback.