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who is bernice king dating

On Wednesday, the mysterious post — which has no publicly identified author ( yet) —got a major boost from Bernice King, daughter of Martin. Bernice Albertine King (born March 28, ) is an American minister and the youngest child of civil rights leaders Martin Luther King Jr. and Coretta Scott King. Reverend Bernice A. King is the youngest child of Martin Luther King Jr. and Coretta Scott King. She is chief executive officer of the Martin.

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She was appointed chief executive officer of the King Center last year. She sees the King Center as an educational institution that teaches nonviolence, not an activist group that protests the burning issues of the day. Still, she speaks bluntly about issues such as economic inequality and racial justice.

She criticized the recent U.

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Supreme Court voting rights decision. The court voted to essentially gut the mechanism in the Voting Rights Act that forced certain states to "pre-clear" or get prior approval from the federal government for any changes in voting procedures.

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The Voting Rights Act was originally passed because of a bloody civil rights campaign that culminated in a march led by her father in Selma, Alabama, in She says the court's decision was a reminder that certain freedoms cannot be taken for granted. They have been criticized for demanding a licensing fee from the group that led the successful campaign to build a monument of their father on the Washington Mall.

Critics say they should not have charged any fee for those who wanted to honor their father's legacy. Are the ancestors of Thomas Jefferson and Abraham Lincoln demanding money for their monuments? People have complained that the King children are more concerned about making money off their father's legacy than extending it.

If her family doesn't actively protect her father's image and likeness in the marketplace, she says, they will lose the ability to do so. She says the King family charged a licensing fee for the monument, but the huge sums bandied about are not true. Then she turns the question back on those who would challenge the King family. Why does it matter to you, whatever it is? We were deprived of our father.

Had he been here, this wouldn't be an issue. Our father gave a lot to America. Over the years, the siblings have sued and counter-sued one another over their parents' legacy. King joins her mother and brothers Dexter, left, and Martin on the Capitol steps to mark the enactment of the King holiday. When asked if she still talks to her brothers, she says, "Every now and then. How can siblings who shared such a singular tragedy barely talk? She points to the children of South African leader Nelson Mandela, whose squabbling over their father's legacy makes headlines overseas.

Women and men are different. I would hope so.

who is bernice king dating

Bernice King confers with Bishop Eddie Long during a funeral service for her mother at Long's church. It wasand she and Bishop Eddie Long -- senior pastor of an Atlanta megachurch -- were leading a march against same-sex marriage. Long, who once said that blacks have to "forget" racism because they have already reached the Promised Land, carried a torch during the march. It had been lit at an eternal flame at Martin Luther King Jr.

The march was widely criticized by followers of her father. They pointed out that King's marches were about inclusion -- not excluding a group of people. They noted that one of his closest aides was Bayard Rustin, a gay man who was instrumental in planning the March on Washington. Bernice King, who was an elder in Long's church at the time, later left the congregation after Long settled out of court with four young men who had accused him of coercing them into sexual relationships.

King sighed loudly when asked about the march. When asked how she feels about same-sex marriage, she says, "I wouldn't say I'm against same-sex marriage. I believe in freedom and equality for all people. I believe that when it comes to gay marriage, that's a political and legal issue that has to be dealt with in that arena. I have privately held beliefs, but when it comes to that, it's properly placed in the political and legal arena.

She visits and still accepts preaching engagements. When asked which contemporary pastors she admires, she mentions three whose ministries are very different from that of her father: Jakes, Andy Stanley and Joel Osteen. All three are megachurch pastors who are not known for being "prophetic" like her father. Their ministries are more focused on personal growth and powerful messages than speaking truth to power.

King, and for her psychologically, that's safe," he says. There's no doubt about her favorite pastor, though. She had that rare ability to electrify audiences when she spoke. She connected with youth. I said, 'Oh yeah, we'll see where this goes. But when she was a teenager, she was still dealing with the loss of her father, he says. Once, the church youth group took a trip to a camp, where they watched a documentary on her father, he says.

Everybody was trying to comfort her. King accepted a plaque bearing crucifix symbols from Mahamadou. Lowery died at her home. The King Center released a statement from Bernice King in response to her death, with her saying "I am deeply saddened by the death of Mrs. Evelyn Gibson Lowery, and my heart goes out to her husband, Dr. We are never prepared to say 'goodbye' to a loved one. The organization held a special screening of the documentary "Girls Rising.

She called on demonstrators to channel their responses into constructive nonviolent action, and mentioned witnesses giving conflicting accounts of the shooting. It was reported that a small delegation from the King Center would travel to Ferguson and planned to meet with "every element" of the community. Geoff Koach, spokesman for Strang Communications, said prior to the breakfast that there was an expectation to see "a lot more people of color there" and another reason for her being chosen to speak was to quell racial tensions in the county.

On April 17,King delivered an address at Liberty University. He said King helped "to bridge the divide that was created between different groups of students during the election season.

For example, she gave a strong Gospel message today. African American Christians and white Christians have been separated into different political camps in the last generation or so but they share many of the same core values, especially when it comes to social issues like abortion, marriage and school vouchers. Memorial opening that the memorial had been in the making for a lengthy amount of time and a "priority" for her mother.

Martin Luther King Jr. In her remarks, she referred back to the deaths of her father and paternal grandmother, who like Trayvon Martin, were killed by firearms.

She concluded her statement by saying we "are still on the journey to the Mountaintop. Join me on the journey as we pray for Trayvon's family, the community of Sanford and all who are in danger of being victims of violence. She clarified a tweet she had posted on Twitterand explained that the handling of the verdict would "determine how much progress we've made".

Despite this, she admitted to being pleased to see many young people and women at the event, noting that was not the case during the March on Washington itself.

who is bernice king dating

King alluded to the death of teenager Trayvon Martin in February and said "If freedom stops ringing, then the sound will disappear and the atmosphere will be charged with something else.

Fifty years later, we come once again to this special landing on the steps of the Lincoln Memorial to reflect, to renew and to rejuvenate for the continued struggle of freedom and justice.

Day, King spoke at Ebenezer Baptist Church. King said there was "much work that we must do" and asked if we are "afraid, or are we truly committed to the work that must be done? Johnson Presidential Library and Museum.

who is bernice king dating

She was joined by members of the King Center staff, who aided her in urging the community to not act out with violence.

This action was in contrast to the advocacy of her mother, Coretta, and her older sister Yolanda, both longtime, outspoken supporters of gay rights. She was joined by senior pastor at New Birth Missionary Baptist Church Eddie Longwho said in a written statement that the march was not "to protest same-sex marriage, but to present a unified version of righteousness and justice.

We have to get to a place where it does not become the most defining issue of our time. The King Center denied her permission to begin the march at her father's tomb and accused her of doing so to "provide support for her own personal cause" and "to enhance her personal standing in New Birth. Chuck Bowen, a spokesman for Georgia Equalitystated that he was surprised to learn of the march. King and the work he did creating equality for all Americans.

She died on January 30, King delivered the eulogy at her funeral. King called her mother's death a "major turning point. Her funeral took place on November 2, Bernice King attended the funeral and delivered remarks on behalf of her mother. The siblings were put against their brother Dexter and sister Yolanda, who supported and voted in favor of the sale in early December On December 30,King and her brother Martin stated that their priority was to preserve their "father's legacy and their mother's dream.

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King delivered the eulogy at her sister's memorial on May 24, During Yolanda King's eulogy, King admitted that her death was even more difficult than her mother's and said her sister often addressed her as her "one and only sister.

Yolanda, from your one and only, I thank you for being a sister and for being a friend. When she was elected President and CEO of SCLC on October 30,a position previously held by both her father and brother, she became the first woman to lead the group, but discord in the organization has prevented her taking that position.

Specialists said King would need to move beyond her family history when she took the position the following year. Andra Gillespie, a professor at Emory University in Atlanta, said King could hark back to her father's legacy, but that she was going to have to "redefine" it. Gillespie also stated that King would have to "figure out a way to push that legacy forward so we don't perpetuate a stagnant, chauvinistic civil rights agenda.

She stated that she felt "disrespect" by the three months in between her suggestions to the organization and their response. Despite this, she said that she would continue to "pray for them to move in a positive direction". Through prayer, King said, they would "seek to destroy the work of the enemy.

They alleged that their brother had done this since On October 12,the dispute was settled out of court.

who is bernice king dating

The purpose of the lockdown was for the three to settle on a deal. Following the completing of their meeting, Bernice and her brother Martin said outside the Fulton County Courthouse that the results of the settlement seemed positive. Their brother Dexter asked a judge to force them to comply. Reynolds, met Coretta Scott King in and said that the widow had asked for her to write a follow up to her memoir.

King and her brother's lawyer stated that their mother had changed her mind about the biography citing Mrs. King's apparent disapproval of Reynolds's writing style.

A judge ordered the Kings to appear in court on October 14, Garrow, biographer of King's father, said that it was "sad and pathetic to see the three of them behaving in this self-destructive way.

He reasoned this because Bernice did not reveal the contents of the safe deposit box. Bernice's attorney Charles Mathis said she "did not conceal anything" and said "She thought she was doing what she was supposed to do when she told her first lawyer.

There was not an intentional failure to disclose. Dexter's attorney Wood said "Regardless of what your last name is, if you have willfully withheld then you must suffer the consequences. The lawsuit also claimed that attempts to resolve the issue with King Center CEO Bernice King have failed and that there had been a "total breakdown in communication and transparency.

According to the estate, Alveda King tried to "impede" the audit. She said the King Center's positions on its legal rights were vindicated by the estate's dropping of the lawsuit and that the action was a sign that the siblings' feud was on the road to reconciliation. The documents are Martin Luther King, Jr. Johnson to the then-newly widowed Coretta Scott King. The King estate and Bernice King disputed Belafonte's ownership of the documents when inhe took the items to Sotheby's auction house in New York to be appraised and put up for sale.

On April 11,Belafonte and the King estate said in a joint statement that a confidential compromise "resulted in Mr. Belafonte retaining possession of the documents.