Were dating but havent kissed yet

Half a year of dating, and I still haven't kissed her : relationship_advice

I understand that you are shy and stuff but you should make that move Dont tell her that unless she says something about why you haven't kissed her or why it. If a guy was dating me for six months and hadn't even tried to kiss me, I wouldn't think we were dating. I'd assume I'd been friend-zoned about. But if long term is your goal and you haven't been lucky enough to have Back when there were a lot less of us we understood that safety.

And you can find plenty of cool advice on AskMeFi as to how to chase and win over someone you're interested in ; Basically, giving of yourself to her without expectations or demands of her. I know different people have different values about these things, so I guess - take what you think will work for you. But I'm the type that believes in courtship, in dreaming of my first kiss with my future husband as one upon engagement or the altar old-fashioned, maybe, but one can hope and believein taking the time to build a strong non-physical relationship before engaging in physicality and this can take months and years I also believe in stuff like giving a relationship to God, in the man taking the lead and initiative to court the woman, in honouring a woman that isn't your spouse by not having intimate physical contact with her Personally, I regret my first kisses with my ex-es because they were so ill-thought-out, and in a sense, so insecure.

I wish my ex-es had taken the time to really get to know me more, spend more time with me, pursued me more To be honest, I think my recent relationship that just ended really suffered and had a very insecure and shaky start because of that aspect.

Going on the third date and I haven't kissed her yet?

I'm also the sort that really, really appreciates non-touchy guys, for what it's worth. My ex-bf kissed me the second time he met up with me - it threw me into confusion; I really wasn't ready and I wish so much that he had valued and respected me enough to wait, and to be more considerate So if you are serious about her, and if you believe some of the things I believe - wait. Tell her clearly what you feel for her, and what you intend to do.

Spend time chasing her, courting her, building a real, secure relationship with her, winning her heart and respecting her body - before you kiss her. That way, you are maintaining honesty and transparency in your interaction with her i. Personally, I believe that respecting her physically is so important in showing her that you really value her and want her; I believe it does incredible things for gaining her trust in you, and for the relationship in the long-term.

Sorry if I'm sounding a bit repetitive.

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I know I'm obviously coming from a perspective that maybe not many people have, with maybe-probably a different value system. I wish so much he had started it differently, among other things Like I said - take what you think will work for you, and her. I love that you value her enough to want your first kiss to be special, and that you're really putting her interests first here.

She is lucky to have someone who's being so considerate about the first kiss, and her physical boundaries. Seriously, this woman has been there. I wasn't quite sure of the signals I was getting from the guy, but enough looked positive that I went for it, and it worked out very, very nicely. You can feel pretty vulnerable making the first move, but it sounds like there's a damn good chance she wants to be kissed.

Yes, she has been seriously cuddly on only one occasion, but for all you know, she may have felt she was flinging herself at you, but when you didn't try anything, she may have gone home feeling foolish. At the end of your next date, just move in sweetly and kiss her. And for God's sake, come back and tell us what happened. For point of comparison: I have a female friend who never stops bitching about this guy who she's been on N dates with, but who hasn't made a move.

Oh wait, wrong thread. Oh, man, you are soooo in the friend zone right now. Eight dates and no kiss? Ice cream and cakes and talking? I have that kind of "date" with my aunt. Realize that some not all! Who knows, doesn't matter. Sounds like you're feeding her emotional and kinda-sorta romantic needs without all the complications that sex introduces.

BTW, it's likely that she finds you attractive, but it's also likely that you're simply too much of a And when she finds a guy who fulfills both the emotional and sexual needs, guess what happens to you? You'll find you get her voicemail when you try to call, and never get a call back. Full disclosure, yes, I've been in this kind of situation, and I was pissed, yes. The last time I sent her back, she asked me flat out because she's that kind of down to earth, direct sort of person what I thought of her so far, and I basically said that I liked her, liked talking and spending time with her How did she respond to this?

You opened up to her, but did you ask her the same? What did she say? If there's no quid pro quo in this, then that's pretty damn unfair of her to ask. Stop wondering when the right moment will happen and make it happen. But know what you want out of the relationship, and if she can't reciprocate, then walk away. Other fish in the sea, etc. Dude, I'm surprised there was 8 dates without kissing. Most girls I know would think you were "just not into them" if there was no kiss after 2 dates No, there was no kissing.

But I still have a sneaking suspicion that she is into me. Long answer, with a tedious level of detail and many irrelevant asides: I pick her up from work and we head to a movie theatre. I park the car head first into a lot as we continue to make idle chatter about the last time either of us went to see a movie.

You'd think after that episode we'd just quickly finish the movie and find hasty excuses to segue out of each other's immediate vicinity. But we proceed to pretend the awkwardness doesn't exist, banter in whispers during the movie and she prodded me awake every now and then when the movie sent me to sleep. Then I keep her company whilst she shops for a few items of clothing, and she takes pictures of herself in the changing room fully clothed in the articles of clothing she's considering purchasing to get my opinion, and then moves to asking me to wait outside the changing room so that she can come out and get my opinion.

Then we go for dinner, it's Japanese, and she initiates feeding me bits of her salmon sashimi salad. Having completely given up on trying to interpret the weird and wonderful world of female signal-sending, I dutifully reciprocate. Then on the way home she asks me why I asked her the can-i-kiss-you question, to which I said that it was a because I wanted to, and b because the last time I kissed a girl I didn't ask her and she was quite unhappy about the fact that I didn't ask her true story.

She tells me that it was pretty weird because that question just came so randomly, out of the blue. I owned my dream car, lived in a big house I designed, had my dream job, and even had an amazing social life.

Going on the third date and I haven't kissed her yet? - GirlsAskGuys

Overall, I was very happy. But there was one thing missing in my life I'm one of those super nice, shy guys. A giant nerd, with glasses, and a stamp collection. Beautiful women make me nervous and I fall apart trying to talk to them.

Is it normal my girlfriend and i haven't kissed yet?

I have been in the "friend zone" more than any other guy alive. I am unable to approach a strange girl in public. It's just not happening. And I haven't met a single girl I could be interested in within my social life or through work in many years. I always thought if love was meant to be, it would be. I thought it would just happen. But it never did.

Things had to change. I joined OkCupid since it has been mentioned on Reddit so many times. It was great, and so easy to sit comfortably alone at home talking to so many girls online. I mean, it wasn't very easy at first. I tried talking to thirty or more different girls before I got a single response. But eventually I got better. In the first six months I had conversations with several dozen girls and actually dated fifteen of them.

Getting dates was no longer an issue for me. But there were a whole ton of other issues to deal with I could easily write a book about. But let's skip ahead and try get to the point instead. I finally met a girl I can relate to and understand. So Id say dont automatically assume he is not interested romantically as some guys do like to take things slow. But he asked a lot about my thoughts in family and kids and he expressed how he could not wait to see me. I think if a guy is interested in u romantically, u coukd feel it.

May 15, at It went really well and I felt like it was more romantic than it had been previously. He was more touchy and kept trying to pay for stuff. But then at the end of the night, still no kiss!! I was sure it was going to happen this time. And he responded saying he was worried it would have been impertinent to kiss me and that next time it would be a date.

Who lives in the 21st century and thinks its impertinent to kiss someone on the 6th date? Any further advice would be appreciated. May 16, at I know you spoke with him about it but still body language could convey a lot. It could be your body language etc. There are times I am out with a guy and since I am a really friendly person and if the guy knows that then he has wrongly assumed that I was just being friendly with him whereas I have liked him more than a friend, but my actions have just been friendly.

I suggest you should keep it platonic with him continue to be friends- he seems like great friend material and in terms of friend material, a total keeper and date other guys. May 18, at How much chemistry is there between you?

She has a father and a stepmonster excuse me. She needs me to be focused on her, not trial and error trying to find and make relationships work. It is too stressful. I keep that part of my life separate from my family life. BUT, I have seen happy couples out there who have merged families. Anyway…divergence…you might not have kids anyway. Have an understanding that you are just friends. I have an ex like that and it works beautifully. We are truly there for each other, but zero attraction.

You have to be equal in that area—of how important, deep-rooted, passionate, attraction is. Some people are hardwired May 18, at I truly believe this, based on personal experiences.