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CrossRef citations to date .. see the value of integrative bargaining, the Ugli Orange does little to help them learn behaviors to .. The second of these is to write about the student's experiences in a full-day conflict simulation. look at the ass ugly orange one. yuck. the case for the JPN version Some kind of Sim City and dating game all in one? That's what Babel Fish. Dr. Jones is interested in the Ugli Oranges because of a recent outbreak of Rudosen, a disease Stop the simulation after 10 minutes.

However, they both need all of the oranges this year. If one negotiator's company gets all of the oranges, then the other negotiator's company will not get any, and the humanitarian objectives of that negotiator will be thwarted. Jones got all 3, Ugli Oranges, then Dr. Roland's company cannot prevent the deaths or brain damage from the nerve gas. Roland got all 3, Ugli Oranges, Dr. Jones' company will not be able to prevent the birth defects from Rudosen. Frequently, the negotiators reach impasse at this point and fail to arrive at any negotiated solution.

The Ugli Orange simulation probably has the greatest impact on the negotiators who never discover that they each have different uses for the orange.

Although from one perspective these students have failed in this negotiation, these students may gain the most from the simulation because they are not likely to forget the importance of focusing on interests and effective communication.

Stopping the Ugli Orange simulation when approximately one-half of the negotiation pairs have completed their negotiations is highly instructive. Stark, supra note 19, at I circulate among the negotiating pairs to listen to their negotiations.

After hearing a few sentences, I can usually tell what stage of the negotiation each pair is in. I tell the group when they start negotiating that I will stop them when only half of them have the teams not reaching a solution, the remaining negotiated solutions fall into several different categories. A few groups reach a compromise solution in which they divide the number of oranges so that both Jones and Roland get some of the oranges.

Usually, each negotiator gets one-half of the oranges 1, each. In rare cases, one negotiator actually agrees that the other negotiator's interests are paramount, and they divide the oranges two-thirds to one-third. When students are given only a few minutes to read their confidential facts and complete the negotiation, they often reach such compromise solutions.

Other issues that Jones and Roland discuss include: The secret to success in this simulation is the discovery that each negotiator needs only a part of each orange, rather than the whole orange. Jones needs only the juice of 3, oranges; Dr. Roland only needs the rinds of 3, oranges. They work out a negotiated solution to save all the people from both the Rudosen and the nerve gas.

They are able to expand the fixed pie. They have the juice from 3, oranges and the rinds from 3, oranges. My debriefing of this simulation focuses on the key concepts of positions versus interests and effective communication for conflict resolution. The interests are usually obvious--to prevent birth defects or prevent death and brain damage. The position of both Jones and Roland is that they each want all 3, oranges.

Their interests can explain why they want the oranges--to get the juice of 3, oranges or to get 3, rinds.

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The communication elements of this simulation are also very important. Most students argue strongly for their own positions without disclosing their interests.

One of the negotiators often simply says "Well, I need the juice to. You need the juice, but I only need the rind. Most negotiators, however, do not consider how their competing companies will exchange the unused portions of the oranges. This exchange completed the negotiation. Because negotiation and conflict resolution classes and seminars have become so popular, I sometimes encounter students who have already performed the Ugli Orange simulation. In such instances, I ask these students to be my assistants for the simulation.

These assistants give a report during the debriefing. The more thoughtful negotiators might decide to hire a third-party to separate the juice and the rinds for both companies.

Sometimes, each company decides to take 1, oranges, remove the part of the orange they need first, and then exchange the remaining parts of the 1, oranges in their possession with the other side. Using such a procedure attempts to minimize the risk that the other side will fail to produce the remaining oranges. During debriefing, I also use these different solutions to highlight the importance of being alert for new issues that emerge during the negotiation and the importance of comprehensive settlement.

I try to provide positive feedback for all negotiators and encourage them to try alternative negotiation styles. For those who did not reach a negotiated solution I say, "Of course, you would not reach a negotiated solution to such a complex problem in only 15 minutes in the real world, but what could you have done to make more progress here?

Would your negotiation have benefited from more disclosure? Competitive Bargaining with Cardoza Although the Ugli Orange simulation looks like a perfect vehicle for teaching cooperative, problem-solving negotiation with an integrative, win-win solution, it can be extended to elements of traditional, competitive negotiation tactics and strategy.

I usually pose the following hypothetical to the students after the debriefing of their Ugli Orange negotiation. Assume that Jones and Roland agree to form a joint venture to acquire the oranges from Cardoza.

Further assume that Jones and Roland go to talk to Cardoza. How should they proceed? Should Jones and Roland make the first offer to Cardoza or should they allow Cardoza to make the first offer? If they want to make the first offer, what should that offer be? After allowing the students to discuss these topics in small groups, we have a class discussion about first offers, responding to offers, bargaining ranges, goals, concession strategies, commitments,41 anchoring, and other distributional topics.

Furthermore, they may leave class believing that such a win-win solution is interesting for class discussion, but that the concept has little applicability to real-world negotiations.

It is often useful to discuss some of the more famous win-win political negotiation solutions. For example, at the time of the founding of the United States, the large states wanted political representation by population large states would get more representatives in Congress. Small states wanted representation by political subdivision small states and large states would each get the same number of representatives in Congress.

They did not work out in detail how they would structure their joint venture to buy the oranges, how they would approach Cardoza, or how they would separate the juice from the rinds and still ensure that the opposing company would actually turn over the remaining portions of the oranges to them.

To add greater complexity and interest to the Ugli Orange simulation and to increase the learning about the key concepts, I use a videotape of two other people playing the roles of Jones and Roland in the Ugli Orange negotiation. I play the role of Dr. Jones, and my friend and colleague David Chandler43 plays the role of Dr. This videotape provides a demonstration to use as a basis of discussion as well as some unusual twists that the students have not explored in their simulated negotiations.

Initially, the videotape looks similar to the negotiation conducted by students in class.

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Both negotiators argue strenuously for their own positions. But when the negotiators do not get what they want from each other all the orangesthe level of hostility rises and they begin to make indirect threats.

They begin to reject the opposing party's interests and suggest that those interests are neither legitimate nor reasonable. The second and even more fundamental difference between the videotape and the typical student negotiation of this problem is that once Jones discovers that Roland only needs the rinds, Jones does not immediately disclose that he only needs the juice.

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Jones presses forward and tries to secure a financial advantage over Roland. The point of the tape is not to suggest that non-disclosure is the best way to proceed in negotiation, but rather to alert students to the fact that not every opponent will be using a cooperative, win- win style of negotiation.

Ugli Orange Transcript I begin the debriefing of the Ugli Orange simulation by asking which negotiating pairs have not yet reached a solution. I then open a short discussion with these groups about what made the negotiation so difficult.

After this discussion, I turn to the videotape. But before I start the videotape, I advise the students that the first question I will ask them after only a minute of viewing the videotape is which of the two negotiators holds greater power over the other. A transcript of the videotape is presented below.

Ugli Orange Case

That was a win-win solution. David Chandler is a professor of sociology at the University of Hawaii and we have taught the Negotiations and ADR course at the law school since InDavid and I were members of the first training class for mediators at the Neighborhood Justice Center of Honolulu. We both serve on the Board of Directors. We have also conducted three week-long mediation workshops in the Federated States of Micronesia together. As my friend Peter Adler, with whom I sometimes co-teach says, "Some Rambo negotiators like it if they "win-win' and you "lose-lose.

It's a matter that requires the acquisition of some oranges that are currently being held in South America. I've been led to believe you are interested in these oranges as well. J 2 [interrupting] Well, my information from my company, tells me that your company is interested in those oranges, and we have a very important interest in those oranges ourselves. I'm sure that if we have a discussion about it, you will understand that my interest is going to be paramount.

We just need to acquire these oranges. I pause the tape at this early point and ask students who has more power in the negotiation. Students have varying opinions on this issue of power. Those who say Dr. Roland has greater power cite a variety of reasons, such as Roland started the negotiations, Roland said he was working with the government,45 or that Roland seemed to have a more relaxed style.

Jones has more power cite other reasons, such as Jones is dominating by interrupting, Jones is speaking faster and louder, or Jones is sitting more erect or that Roland started the negotiation. I make only a couple of comments about power at this point because I want to stress the idea that information is power later in the videotape. For now, I usually say that power is an elusive concept. There are many different ways of defining power.

Other people think that power is a perception, "either you have it or you don't. If you have alternatives, then you have power. Or, if you lack alternatives and must accept the other party's offer, then you do not have power.

I usually tell my students that I cannot tell yet who has more power in this negotiation at this time. We hear a variety of phrases that the class analyzes for hidden meaning and their impact on the negotiation and the negotiators. R 3 I think that as a scientist, you might appreciate the fact that this is really not a commercial venture that we are involved in. This is a matter of life and death. There is a number--I can tell you this--there is a number of old warheads that have been stored in the Pacific that are now in some danger of creating a public health hazard of great significance.

If we are unable to acquire these Many students from Asian countries, particularly from countries with strongly regulating governments such as Singapore, cite the fact that Roland is working with the government as a very important source of Roland's power.

That some people perceive commencing the negotiations as an indicator of power while others perceive it as an indication of weakness is itself quite revealing. Is this, too, a matter of perception and belief? Readings, Exercises, and Cases Usually I do say that I like one of the negotiators more than the other. Later I mention that the negotiator I like on the videotape is me. The federal government has asked us for our assistance. Keira Knightley s Atonement for Focus Features.

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Ugli Orange Negociation

And you work long hours and uglo a lot and your daughter has a bedroom with a window and a balcony and she is a quiet oranhe who waits on the corner for a car to pick her up. Jones, a biological research scientist employed by a pharmaceutical firm. You have recently developed a synthetic chemical useful for curing and preventing Rudosen. Rudosen is a disease contracted by pregnant women.

If not caught in the first four weeks of pregnancy, the disease causes serious brain, eye, and ear damage to the unborn child. Recently, there has been an outbreak of Rudosen in another area of the country.

Several thousand women have contracted the disease. You have found, with volunteer patients, that your recently developed synthetic serum cures Rudosen in its early stages.

Unfortunately, the serum is made from the juice of the ugli orange, a very rare fruit. Only a small quantity approximately 4 of these oranges were produced last season. No additional ugli oranges will be available until next season, which will be too late to cure the present Rudosen victims. Consequently, there are no side effects. The government has approved the production and distribution of the serum as a cure for Rudosen.

Unfortunately, the present outbreak was unexpected and your firm had not planned on having the compound serum available for six months. Your firm holds the patent on the synthetic serum and it is expected to be a highly profitable product when it is generally available to the public.

You have recently been informed that Dr. Roland, an employee of a competing pharmaceutical firm, has recently purchased the entire lot of 4 ugli oranges from a South American fruit exporter. If you could obtain, in the next few days, the juice of 3 ugli oranges, you would be able to cure present victims and provide sufficient inoculation for the remaining pregnant women in the stricken area.

No other area currently has a Rudosen threat. IF you obtain the juice of fewer oranges, hundreds of unborn children will suffer brain, eye and ear damage. Just to stem the outbreak and prevent its further spread would require the juice of 2 ugli oranges. You do not know the price Dr. Roland paid or why he purchased the oranges. You do know that he has been recently working on biological warfare research. Also, there is a great deal of industrial espionage in the pharmaceutical industry and over the past several years Dr.

Litigation on two suits is still in progress. Roland to try to purchase the ugli oranges you need. You have with you a government health representative who is concerned with the Rudosen outbreak, and a company vice-president in charge of finance, who must authorize any expenses. Roland You are Dr.

You work as a research biologist for a pharmaceutical firm.