Triumph thruxton review uk dating

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triumph thruxton review uk dating

Mar 7, IT'S funny how riding a bike can change your mood and mind-set. The machine that just did it for me is the new Triumph Thruxton R. Journalists. The modern day Triumph Thruxton has the retro-cool look that befits its famous A further 10 years on and here we are, aboard the most up-to-date version. Apr 17, The original Thruxton was a tuned, limited-edition version of the cc T Bonneville, named after the Hampshire circuit where Triumph had.

TRIUMPH THRUXTON 1200 (2016-on) Review

Equipment 5 out of 5 My bike is standard at the moment. The best texture is the ability to change mode on the fly. Buying experience Having placed a holding deposit in November 15, I was lucky to be one of the first to receive my bike in mid May The dealer was helpful, and the whole process easy and quick PCP 5 out of 5 The best motorcycle I have ever owned. Handling is agile, braking is excellent, and power output is strong. Seating and ergonomics are just about right for 5'9" - 5'11" rider.

The bike may be the best looking on the market. The bike does not come with a pillion seat. It is an option which I will not buy.

triumph thruxton review uk dating

I usually commute to work about an hour each way. I have never felt uncomfortable. The riding position is aggressive but not torture. Engine 5 out of 5 This engine pulls hard. It may not have the highest HP in its class, but it has tons of usable torque, which makes power usable in daily riding situations.

Traction control, ABS, and three rider modes also make for exhilarating rides. Well approaching other european bike manufacturers.

The only issue I found was a tendency for the bike to stall during the break-in period.

triumph thruxton review uk dating

The next scheduled maintenance is a at 10, miles which is about 3 years for my riding. Equipment 4 out of 5 Awesomely smooth. The cc, parallel-twin packs a pretty decent punch with plenty of low down grunt for nippy starts from standstill.

With an air-cooled engine the weight has been kept down to a fairly respectable kg.

2014 Triumph Thruxton bike review

Looks the part The latest model has been slightly redesigned for a comfier ride, with the bars set a little bit higher for a more upright riding position. It's easier on the back and wrists but compromises some of the cafe cool. It's still not going to be comfortable for any serious mileage and you won't want to take a pillion any further than the local shops, and even then they'll wish they'd walked instead.

Norman Hyde now does a complete hard-luggage system for the Thruxton but to be honest all you will really achieve is spoiling the bike's good looks. Put simply, if you want a tourer then buy a BMW.

The Thruxton still runs the single front disc from previous models but stopping power has been considerably improved thanks to some uprated brake pads for the new model. Finish is high on the Thruxton but it would be criminal to subject this machine to a British winter or most British springs and autumns for that matter.

There's a lot of chrome here and niggly bits that will make the bike a pain to clean if used regularly on dirty roads.

triumph thruxton review uk dating

That's my first moan - the tank is not large enough. Seriously, what other info do you need? If you've got time to fiddle with on board computers, you're not enjoying the sheer exhilaration of riding.

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I've modified it to remove all the Euro legislation rubbish. Removed SAI and Lambda sensors, fitted hiflo air filter and bellmouth intake. Removed the airbox baffle. Much much better than the Triumph remap. It goes so much better with those simple mods.


Feels like the bike Triumph really wanted it to be. Buying experience Bought from Staffordshire Triumph. I only popped in to buy an oil filter for my Bonnie! Still had some Triumph warranty left and only miles. Came with TOR exhaust and standard exhaust. I have put on aftermarket cans and a few other accessories. I also have had the engine remapped. It is now a bit faster but sounds sooo much better than when new. It has everyone looking.