Torchwood day one scene dating

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torchwood day one scene dating

Day One; Day Two; Day Three; Day Four; Day Five [at a scene where a man has just been vaporized after having sex with the alien- possessed .. Ianto, hiding a cyber-girlfriend in the basement - your three comrades here. "Day One" is the second episode of the first series of the British science fiction television series A date between Gwen Cooper and her boyfriend Rhys Williams (Kai Owen) is cut short when they witness a meteor crashing outside Cardiff. . Even the scenes set in the Torchwood hub were mostly filmed at nighttime. The first. Torchwood: Season 1: John Barrowman, Eve Myles, Burn Not Rated; Studio: BBC Home Entertainment; DVD Release Date: January 22,

After pulling herself away, Gwen suddenly begins passionately kissing Carys.

torchwood day one scene dating

The team watch Gwen and Carys on the monitor. In the main Hub room, Owen notices this on a monitor and is amused.

torchwood day one scene dating

He informs Jack and Toshiko, calling it a "treat". Back in the cell, the presence in Carys realises it needs a man for its energy.

Carys breaks through and pleads for Gwen to help her. Gwen regains her senses, walking out of the cell and locking it. Gwen receives a call from Rhys just as Jack and Tosh arrive to help get her away from Carys. She signals them that she is all right and vaguely tells Rhys how her job is going so far.

Returning to the main Hub area, Gwen is confronted by Owen, who jokingly congratulates her on her "methodical investigation" before telling another dirty joke. Angered at Owen's lack of care for Carys' plight, Gwen pins Owen to a wall and yells at him; they should be helping her instead of studying her like a lab rat. Jack breaks it up, saying that throttling Torchwood staff is his job. Ianto shows up with dinner. At dinner, they all laugh over alien anecdotes until Jack excuses himself for the restroom.

Ianto, Owen, and Tosh quickly ask Gwen if she has learned anything about Jack yet. Gwen's surprised they're asking her, but they know nothing, except that Owen believes Jack is gaywhich Tosh diagrees with. Tosh thinks Jack will go for anything if it's beautiful enough. They're not even sure he's Americanas Tosh found no US citizen by his name born in the last 50 years. Ianto thinks he's CIA. Gwen hears a faint crying and notices Carys on the monitor, and Jack returns. She tells Jack that they should be doing something to help her.

Jack explains the scans, tests, and searches that Gwen didn't know were already running. They are doing everything they can think of to analyse the problem. Gwen explains, "You've been hidden down here too long, spending so much time with the alien stuff, you've lost what it means to be human. She insists Carys is not a threat, but someone in trouble who needs their help, and the information can help them help Carys fight the alien influence. Jack is momentarily speechless, and calls her brilliant, until she asks to bring in Carys' dad.

Tosh breaks up the discussion with the results of the tests. The alien in Carys is producing a cloud of pheromones around her, turning her into a walking aphrodisiac. They can't let Carys near any man and realise Owen has gone down to her to get medical scans.

Owen finds himself in an embarrassing situation. They arrive to find him naked and cuffed in the cell; Carys took Owen's swipe card after the pheromones overpowered him. Toshiko tells Owen that he's very lucky that his card is all she wanted and frees him. Gwen asks if Owen is okay then cracks a joke at his expense. The possessed Carys, meanwhile, makes her way to the Hub's exit and is confronted by Jack.

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They battle with the ambient weaponry until she takes the mysterious hand hostage to keep Jack from following her to the exit. However, Jack soon catches up through a secondary exit. Even though Ianto offers to help, Jack opens the door in exchange for the hand, which Carys hurls to the floor.

The ladies give chase and lose her in the plaza.

Gwen berates Jack for caring more about a severed hand than a girl's life. After Owen dresses himself, he demonstrates the results of his bio-scan of Carys on a rat showing that the physiological effects of the gaseous creature will make the body literally explode if it inhabits a person too long, dubbing the end result "Rat Jam".

They then wonder where Carys could be as the alien in her wants orgasmic energy. Owen then jokes if he was possessed by the alien he'd come after Gwen, much to everyone's annoyance. Tosh then comes up with an idea. The alien in Carys walks a street in a shopping district, in a daze of overwhelming sexual imagery.

torchwood day one scene dating

She drops in on her now ex-boyfriend and attempts to hold back the alien influence. After she learns her ex was only using her, she lets the alien kill him. The team arrive later. Jack makes a joke about his numerous exes.

torchwood day one scene dating

While driving through town, they discuss how to stop the alien before Carys dies. Gwen double checks the records, finding that she is working as a receptionist at Conway Clinic. Owen recognises it as a fertility clinic, an ideal source of orgasmic energy. They also determine that the alien takes hosts because Earth's atmosphere is poisonous to it. Jack gives Gwen a gunand is surprised when she protests that she's never used one. The gaseous alien is finally contained.

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Carys is already at the clinic, dragging the sperm donors into the private rooms. When the team arrives, there are piles of dust everywhere.

When they surround her, Carys collapses, too weak to fight the alien any more. It's a shame your tool's not big enough for the job. Having covered Darker and Edgier and Bloodier and Gorier with the first episode, Torchwood completes the trifecta, putting Hotter and Sexier in their second episode.

Or to put it simply, Alien Sex Gas! Gwen's date with her boyfriend Rhys is interrupted by a fiery meteor falling to Earth. She joins her new team as they begin their routine investigation into the weird glowing rock. She tries to get into the swing of the routine and the team's casual attitude, but mistakenly throws a tool, which embeds itself in the meteor, releasing a pink gas which floats away on the wind. We now join a young lady named Carys outside a club, leaving an angry voicemail for her boyfriend.

She finds herself at the mercy of the pink gas as it enters her and makes her suddenly seem much more confident. After kissing her way back into the club, she picks the nearest unlucky berk and drags him to the women's toilet. Skipping the formalities, they get right to it and have sex on camera in the public ladies' room, firmly establishing that this is not Doctor Who. He turns into a small pile of dust when he orgasms, leaving her quite satisfied.

Torchwood is called in on the unusual death and they discover CCTV footage of the event as well as Carys being possessed. Cross-referencing faces, they identify Carys and find the girl at her house, fortunately before she's able to make it with the postman.

They bring her in to the Hub and discover through testing that she's being possessed by an alien sex gas, which can entice just about anyone. Also, the alien isn't interested in any kind of conquest. It just wants to live off the energy produced by orgasm. Gwen finds the "enticing" part out a bit too late, but is saved mid-makeout-session by the fact that the alien realises she can only use male orgasms.

This leads to SexGas! Carys enticing Owen, stripping him and running off with his swipe card. A further check into Carys' background finds that she worked at a fertility clinic. They eventually find her there along with several small piles of dust. With Carys about to die from having the Sex Gas in her for too long, Gwen offers herself as a host, taking responsibility for setting this whole chain of sex dusting into events.

Before the sex gas can reach her, though, Jack temporarily sedates the alien by kissing it and traps the gas in a portable cell, where it dies.