Tom welling erica durance dating

'Smallville': Tom Welling, Erica Durance, and castmates move past the finale – Screener

tom welling erica durance dating

I would die a happy man if they made an apperance on Supergirl! Would be so cool!. Not so super: Tom Welling isn't as fortunate as former co-star Kristin Kreuk, acting in only two films since his Smallville days. Check out what the. While the likes of Erica Durance, Justin Hartley, Cassidy Freeman & Callum Blue have been class acts with the locals. Tom Welling continues.

Lionel, a character who didn't have much of a backstory in the comics, went on to become a central character in the show. Instead of just being presented as Lex's father, Lionel was presented as a multifaceted man who always has a trick up his sleeve. While fans may guess that the villain turned hero was always supposed to be a major part of the show, it turns out Glover was originally only brought onto the show to appear in a few episodes.

Glover did such a good job that the showrunners expanded the role and kept him on for a majority of the series. Additionally, Glover went on to play the father of another menacing, silver-screen villain.

Instead of using his genius for good, he obsesses over Superman's presence on the Earth and wastes a tremendous amount of resources fighting the Kyrptonian instead of making the world a better place. Michael Rosenbaum did a great job bring the complex, serious character to the big screen, but that doesn't mean he's been type-cast playing villains. In fact, when she was younger she had academically inclined goals that would have kept her far away from the world of acting.

Ultimately, that show was picked up to series and all of the goals she had previously set for her self faded away.

tom welling erica durance dating

John Schneider, the actor who played Jonathan Kent, Clark's father, was supposed to see the couple coming downstairs and say a line, but he told an audience that he wasn't too fond it. He told the producers that he thought Jonathan would think "not in this house, that's not gonna happen, I'm gonna take him to the shed and beat the snot out of him. Instead of Jonathan asking if they were safe, Martha asks instead, so it's still just as awkward for Clark either way.

Despite the show's wide reach, only Chloe Sullivan and Clark himself appear in every season of the show. Lois Lane, played wonderfully by Erica Durance, doesn't appear in the show until season four - complicating the Clark Kent and Lana Lang narrative the show had spent years setting up.

The show has had some big-name performers appear on the show over its ten-year course. Amy Adams appeared in the first season as a girl who starts using a kryptonite-laced protein shake and Princess Leia herself, Carrie Fisher, appears in one episode as Pauline Kahn. While there is some tension between the two of them in later seasons, Clark's decision to use his abilities and save Lex's life after his car crashes into the river starts a friendship between the two young adults who come from starkly different backgrounds.

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If it wasn't for Clark's incessant need to keep a secret from Lex about his alien heritage, there's a chance the two could have grown to become best friends, but the mistrust ultimately pulled the two iconic characters apart.

In the pilot episode, Clark has to perform mouth to mouth on Lex after he pulls him from the water. Instead of just lying there and waiting for Welling to embrace him, he told YahooTV in an interview that he started whispering things like "yeah baby" and "lay it on me" to make the actor break and take things a little less seriously.

One would think that whoever is lucky enough to fill the red underwear would go on to have a promising career in Hollywood, but that's not always the case. The so-called "Superman Curse" points out that most people who have donned the S have extremely bad luck.

Brandon Routh and Dean Cain, two other actors who played Superman, went on to have similarly mundane careers after their time playing Superman.

Ironically, both Welling and Routh are back in the spotlight thanks to two separate DC adapted television shows. As Clark Kent grows up, the show follows him as he grows from an insecure high school student into a college graduate who works at the Daily Planet in Metropolis. Despite how much material from the comics the series adapted, Tom Welling didn't want the finale to focus on him becoming Superman.

The network initially wanted the final episode to begin with Clark donning his costume and saving Lois from a plane, like an iconic Superman moment, but Welling pushed back against that because he thought it cheapened the series overall.

tom welling erica durance dating

Let us know in the comments! I love to see some of the other superheroes come in, and the Justice League, and all that kind of stuff.

tom welling erica durance dating

A prime example is in our th episode, when Clark is in the elevator with his Superman self. He had the phrasing down, and it almost sound old-fashioned.

He just flawlessly went into this thing and I got excited, as a fan. Which other heroes have you particularly enjoyed having on the show? I really enjoyed the Hawkman character.

tom welling erica durance dating

I love his huge wings and the whole graveliness of his voice. I loved the Martian Manhunter. Phil Morris is a really cool human being, and it was such a neat character for Clark to have in his life.

tom welling erica durance dating

He was cool, too. I think that is representative of what would be the reality. Has it been nice to have people who are so familiar with the characters directing some of the episodes? To have them come to Vancouver and fulfill the role of being a director with you is a really fun experiment.

He has a lot of respect and treats people with respect. Is it any more stressful to have him as the boss, instead of just the co-star? He has no ego. Additionally, there was some animosity between the original showrunners and the network, culminating in an eventual lawsuit with Warner Bros. From scary sets to burnt-out stars and a revolving door of actors famous and not, it sounds like the troubles on "Smallville" were anything but small.

It had gone so sideways on us. All these actors are going to die before we get through the first season. The set for the series was actually in Vancouver and the actors filmed for 10 months out of the year, working grueling hours to shoot the teen-centric superhero drama. Many of the stars were novice actors thrust into the limelight with a role on the TV show. Welling, specifically, had moved to Los Angeles only to immediately get cast as Clark, prompting an abrupt move to Canada for the show's run from to Tom had, and still has, a great work ethic.

For Welling, though, this took a toll. The show represents, to him, a year hiatus in his life where he was overworked and separated from his friends and family.