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Anime/Manga: Dragon Ball Super fanfiction archive with over stories. Sort: Update Date, Publish Date, Reviews, Favorites, Follows . After receiving the Kamehameha from Goku in the tournament, Kefla was thrown off the Rated: K+ - Spanish - Humor/Romance - Chapters: 4 - Words: 11, - Favs: 15 - Follows: Release date(s) More than twenty-five years later, Goku is practicing the Kamehameha at Kame House, . Super Saiyan Goku counters Cooler's Supernova and was also the only movie to include a Latin American Spanish audio option. aquí les tengo un tema para el zeq2 + música del intro versión latino espero les guste PD: KNOWS KAIOKEN SUPER KAIOKEN SSJ1 KAMEHAMEHA AND KI STORM AND KI BLAST After using this your Zeq2 main menu screen will have a picture of Goku Super Saiyan God and electricity will spark. . Release date.

K - Spanish - Tragedy - Chapters: Esa es la idea que Daishinkan le dio a ambos Zeno-Sama que estaban un poco hartos de las peleas de dioses de universos seis como siete.

Rescuing the Weeping Angel. Final Fic in this series for now. Cus has been rescued and is now settling into life on Earth in Universe 7. With a Psychiatrist helping with her mental state, and her new clothes committing her to a new life, Cus is ready to heal, and be with her friend, Piccolo. Well, maybe, they might not just be friends much longer.

That is, until new threats emerge Note, just like the DBS timeline, movies are assumed to be noncanon.

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Story picks up right after where Dragon Ball Super ended. Will contain stories from other universes. T - English - Adventure - Chapters: The Return of Coolerin November The film begins with a flashback to when Frieza destroyed Planet Vegetaand Cooler's ship picks up Goku 's space pod escaping the system. Cooler calls off the order to have it destroyed and lets it go, wanting Frieza to "take care of his own mess". Back on Mount PaozuGoku tries to get Gohan to finish his homework, causing Chi-Chi to grow concerned due to Goku not generally caring if Gohan completing his homework.

However, soon, she discovers that Goku wanted him to finish his homework so he and Gohan alongside KrillinOolongand Icarus could go on a camping trip. She then demands to know which of the two he felt was more important.

Goku humorously responds that camping was more important, to Chi-Chi's dismay. Salza bowing to Cooler Meanwhile, Cooler discovers that his brother was killed by Goku.

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Disgusted that Frieza, who he already had a strained relationship with, would tarnish his family's honor by losing to a Saiyan, he orders Salza to plot a course for Earth, with the intention to kill Goku and destroy Earth. Cooler's arrival Upon arrival, Cooler's forces ambush Goku and his friends on their camping trip, and after battling SalzaNeizand DoreGoku is wounded by an energy blast launched by Cooler that was meant to kill Gohan but not before countering with his own ki blast at Cooler ; Cooler effortlessly deflects the blast, contemplating that Goku may have in fact beaten Frieza, and even speculates that Goku may be a Super Saiyan.

Undaunted, he tells the Armored Squadron to find and destroy them. Cooler's henchmen Icarus reawakens Krillin during the aftermath of the assault by the Armored Squadron, and Krillin then ponders Goku's whereabouts. Meanwhile, Goku and Gohan emerge near a bank, and Goku loses consciousness due to his injury sustained from Cooler's blast.

Gohan takes his father to shelter within a cave, but they are sealed away within a cavern due to Dore, Neiz and Salza blasting the landscape in an attempt to kill them. They assume their efforts are enough to have killed both Saiyans, to which Cooler disagrees, stating that while he would prefer to just destroy the Earth, his pride won't allow it; he wants to personally ensure Goku's death since he smeared his family's name Cooler also makes the point that he is not here to avenge Frieza in the Japanese dub.

Meanwhile, Krillin, Oolong, and Icarus, while hiding from the Armored Squadron, search for Goku until they discover them trapped within. Krillin knocked out After Krillin sets up shelter in a small cave with Goku, Gohan flies off to obtain Senzu Beans from Korin on his tower.

After obtaining the beans from Yajirobewho was at Korin's Tower he is ambushed by the squadron, but just as he is about to be killed by Dore, Piccolo arrives on the scene and saves him. When Nappa and Vegeta arrive on Earth, Mr.

Popo and Kami observe the battle from the Lookout, with Mr. Popo constantly in worry that Piccolo will die, and thus, Kami will perish also. When Piccolo is killed in battle, Mr. Popo is in total despair as he watches Kami die and disappear, making the Dragon Balls non functional, and losing a good friend. Frieza Saga Main articles: Saga After Vegeta 's defeat and retreating, Mr. Popo helps BulmaKrillin, and Gohan get to the planet Namek by telling them about Kami's old spaceship when they were at Wukong Hospital.

He then shows Bulma the location of the spaceship at Yunzabit Heights by using his Magic Carpet, and teaches her the Namekian language so they can go to Namek and use their Dragon Balls to revive their other fallen friends, including Piccolo, which would also bring Kami and the Earth Dragon Balls back. After Kami's resurrection, Mr. Popo collects the Dragon Balls on Earth in less than one day to resurrect all those who were killed by Frieza and his soldiers on Namek as part of King Kai 's plan to save those on Namek, excluding Frieza and Goku, from the planet's explosion.

Popo watering the plants at Kami's Lookout In the animeMr. Popo is attacked by the Spice Boys while watering the plants on the Lookout. He is sealed in a glass bottle by Garlic Jr. Later, he is released by Krillin and Piccolo. He takes Kami to the bottom of the Lookout to spread the Sacred Water where the former Guardians' graves lie. He later spreads the Sacred Water to the Earth.

Cell Saga Main articles: Popo bids Kami a final farewell when Kami permanently fuses with Piccolo to become the Nameless Namek, in order to gain more power to combat the Androids who are wishing to murder Goku. Majin Buu Saga Main articles: Popo Seven years later, after everyone else runs out of ideas to do the Fusion DanceMr. Popo comes up with the idea of having Trunks and Goten perform the dance. Only in the anime, Mr.

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Popo has a brief match with Goten and Trunks in their Super Saiyan forms. After Goten manages to kick him once, he appears uninjured; proving him a far stronger character than others assume he is.

Popo also observes the fusion of Trunks and Goten. A day later, Super Buu finds the Lookout and allows them to live for a short time. Satanhis dog BeeTien, Chiaotzu, and the family and friends on the Lookout.

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Popo and the rest are turned into chocolate and eaten. However, before he was turned into chocolate, after seeing the murders of KrillinAndroid 18 and their daughterPopo bravely makes a quick decision, seizing Dende and hurling him off of the lookout, out of Buu's rampage. He is commended for his bravery by Piccolo, when the Namek comes across the surviving Dende. He greets Dende warmly when he and the others arrive back on Earth.