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summer dating

Aug 1, If you want your summer love to last well into PSL season, dating coaches told us there are a few easy things you can do to make it happen. No, not dating someone with freckles – freckling means casually getting involved with someone over the long, lazy days and light, balmy evenings of the summer. Gone are the days when a summer dating strategy was a week in Miami and a pina colada tab. In , you need numbers, algorithmic hacks and app science .

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It leads to an understanding, caring and responsive atmosphere in the relationship, thanks to increase in oxytocin levels, a neuro-chemical that promotes trust and affection. A study by social scientists at The Open University in England showed that small acts of affection strengthen the bond in couples and keep them stress-free. In fact, expensive weddings are more associated with higher divorce rates. With the revolution in online technology, increasing use of networking tools like Skype and FaceTime allow couples to stay closer, even if they are hundreds of miles apart.

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Lee and Norbert Schwarz found that thinking of your significant other as your soul-mate or someone you were destined to meet would only result in future disappointment when the other person does not match up to your expectations. Rather, think them as your partner in the journey of life, which has both ups and downs.

Have kids only if you think you can devote time to their upbringing and share the responsibilities with your partner.

It is a choice, not a compulsion. Small acts of kindness on a regular basis go a long way in building faith and trust in fragile relationships.

summer dating

The study claims giggling in tandem is an indicator of the relationship's well being. Partners with good mental and physical health contribute to happiness in a relationship. The study found usage of text messages to work out differences and make decisions can bring down the quality of a relationship.

However, the couples are more likely to be happier when both partners drink in equal amounts or don't drink at all. Keeping company with other happy couples can help you in your own relationship. So if you're in the market to find love — or at least have a handful of steamy dates — here's why you should go ahead and sign up and put your thumb to work ASAP: People Are Happier In The Summer Though it might be an attractive smile, gorgeous eyes or a fit body that grabs your attention, what will keep it is the personality that comes with it.

Why Summer Is The Best Time For Online Dating

And while not everyone suffers from seasonal depression, increased vitamin D and more time spent in the great outdoors, instead of watching the snow fall, makes for overall happier people. And while a sexy style is nice, someone who can laugh, let go and be fun to be around is a much bigger turn on.

Whether it's a summer romance that goes from Memorial Day to Labor Day, or actually finding love online, a new season does represent new beginnings," Spira says.

summer dating

Update Your Profile To Be More Active You might have spent the winter going on skiing trips, tubing down glacier mountains and creating crockpot concoctions you go, dude — but if you still have those icy photos on your profile?

Spira says it's time to start the editing process, ASAP. To attract a summer fling, you want to make sure your profile illustrates all of the outdoor adventures and activities that bring you joy during this season. Not only are active photos more likely to get swipes and engagement, but it shows off the kind of dates that you might propose to a new crush.

That includes new photos, updating your bio to include some of your favorite travel adventures or concerts, and refreshing to meet someone new," she says. If not, include a photo of flying a kite, taking a hike, anything that shows your interests outdoors.

summer dating

Add Your Bucket List Items To Your Profile "If a special concert is on your bucket list, or if you're dying to see your home team play a baseball game, name them in your profile, so your date can see what your interests are," Spira suggests. From games, to barbecues and bike rides, there's no reason to stay indoors.

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Just make sure to keep your suggestions within your price range, as some dates may expect — or at least hope — that you'll lift the bill on the first dateeven if it's a concert ticket. Lean Into The Sex Appeal Sitting on the dock of a bay, watching the sunset and noticing the way the sun reflects out of your crush's eyes? It's normal to be mesmerized, and hey, you can blame it on the heat — or on the natural effect of summer.

As Spira says, there's a reason so many movies and television shows talk about 'summer romance. Take advantage of this feeling in the air by planning dates that are outside, adventurous and playful. A more relaxed attitude toward love usually makes the whole process of a first, second, third and countless other dates, that much smoother. Long Weekend Dates Are More Popular So you had a few cocktails while sitting at a sweet cafe on the city streets and you're really diggin' the vibe.