Sue bird lauren jackson dating

No athlete like Storm’s Lauren Jackson in Seattle sports history | The Seattle Times

sue bird lauren jackson dating

Yesterday, Sue Bird told everyone that she's dating Megan Rapinoe, a basketball signed by Sue Bird (and Lauren Jackson) tucked away in a. Legendary WNBA Superstar Sue Bird Is Gay and Also Dating Megan According to teammate Lauren Jackson, Bird is always right and. Exert hyper-masculinity, live an unhappy life, you have to stay in position to maintain his work at sue bird diana taurasi dating construction. Silver bear for best.

Sue Bird and Lauren Jackson - The Seattle Lesbian

Playing alongside Lauren Jackson, Sue finished her rookie season averaging During the season, Sue developed a knee injury which led to a surgery, thus keeping her away from playing in the season.

She returned in and was featured in 33 games; Sue finished the season averaging During the season, she extended her contract with the Storm with a multi-year deal including free agency. She was able to put up a remarkable performance in the season, averaging The next season, she became the player with the most All-Star appearances, as well as, WNBA leader in assists with a career total of 2, assists.

Bird with her spouse Megan Rapinoe Just like her blossoming basketball career, many of her fans are curious to know more about her love life. Although she has always kept a low profile, Sue Bird has come out openly as a lesbian. The amazing basketball prodigy made this shocking revelation on July 20,and the news left her fans in awe.

Sue and Megan started their relationship in the fall of and has been enjoying a blissful relationship. Megan revealed she is a lesbian in ; she has dated an Australian soccer player named Sarah Walsh.

sue bird lauren jackson dating

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WNBA Final Postgame: Sue Bird and Lauren Jackson

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sue bird lauren jackson dating

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I cried when Sue Bird told the world she's gay

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sue bird lauren jackson dating