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speed dating hong kong professional

“We offer this to the over demographic. We felt there was a void in the dating market in Hong Kong for mature singles, and that gave us the. Coffee speed dating hong kong - lovie award winner. Was just for single professionals, speed dating dc speed dating events are with a family; canada. Indeed, it was a 'Speed Dating for Young Professionals' evening hosted by Rachael Chan of mawatari.info fame. Women paid almost.

We cooperated with famous shopping malls and other organizations in various dating events. One on One Dating is a personal matching service, which our professional matchmakers will offer you date arrangement after understanding your background and your expectations. We want to make sure you are meeting with the suitable person you are looking for, as a result our success rate is high.

All the ladies and gentlemen joining One-on-One Dating are looking for a serious and long-term relationship. Many of them are professionals or business owner, engaging in different industries such as financial, engineering, medical, aviation, education, government, etc. The advantages of One-on-One Dating Our professional consultants match according to your expectation on background, appearance, and personality so that you will meet the suitable one who fits your expectation.

Thousands of members joined since our inception in with a majority are professionals in different industries such as finance, engineering, medical, aviation, education, and business owners. We verify the educational level and occupation claimed by all members' in background checking process.

Other reputable brands awarded were UA Cinemas, Kelloggs, Dove, and Bonjour Our promises in One-on-One Dating service Our professional consultants will meet all members in person in order to fully understand their background and expectations. We highly regard the privacy of all our members' personal information, and only make all introductions in person. We verify all members' educational level and occupation background.

Our professional consultants follow up closely to both sides after the date, to understand the thoughts and feelings from both sides and the possibilities between you two. About Us Speed Dating HK, found inhas been striving to find you the lifetime partner as our mission.

We have professional event organizers as well as experienced dating consultant.

speed dating hong kong professional

Speed Dating HK is absolutely the most reliable choice of dating company. Speed Dating HK have cooperated with different reputable organizations in speed dating event. We fully understand there are many first time joiners in speed dating activitiestherefore they are feeling nervous inevitably. Therefore we want to create a relaxed atmosphere by add many ice-breaking games to warm up every participant. Our experienced event hosts and helpers are always available to assist you when needed!

Please also visit our Facebook page to know more about our past activities. We provide professional personal matching service "One on One Dating" to those serious ones, who would like to have more choices. Once received your registration, our consultants will invite you to our office to meet in person to know you better and get a good understanding of your expectation. Our consultants conduct serious matching process to ensure the background, appearance, personality and other aspects of your date satisfies your requirements and expectation.

The pre-screen matching process in "One on One Dating" greatly improves the success rate. Take your action and sign up now! Activities Story Sharing A.

How older singles can find love again: speed dating, apps, and an open mind will help

Sam, a year-old gentleman, is a systems analyst. Although he is good looking, having a stable occupation, and good characters, he has very few opportunities to meet opposite sex due to his job and his narrow social circle. He remained singled since he was breaking up with his girlfriend four years ago. Sam likes children very much and his mother hoping him to get married soon.

He therefore decided not to let time passes and take some actions. Sam joined an speed dating dinner organized by Speed Dating HK. He also registered for One-on-one Dating. Consultants spent a lot of time to understand his background, characters and his expectations on his life time partner.

speed dating hong kong professional

Then the consultant made a couple of introduction to him. Sam have dated several women in the next few month afterward, and in which he had special sparkling with one particular lady. Finally, they decided to become boyfriend and girlfriend.

Speed Dating

Sam is now getting along with his girlfriend well and he plans to get married in a year later. Cindy, a year-old lady, work as a nurse with unstable working schedule.

She found her social circle is also getting smaller and smaller. What she does every day after work is just taking rest at home, watching drama, or hanging out with a few best female friends. So her friends encouraged Cindy to participate in Speed Dating events. Cindy found herself so nervous at the beginning given it was her first time joining this kind of activities. In the event the host gave out detailed explanation and created a relaxed atmosphere with ice-breaking game.

That made her feels comfortable and relaxed. Fortunately Cindy met her current boyfriend in the event. They began dating after meeting for two months after the event. She also introduced a lot of her single friends, who are nurses to join Speed Dating HK's event. John, a year-old man, is working as a financial accountant. And then we will analysis your situation to give you a clearer picture.

speed dating hong kong professional

After meeting, we will offer a quotation. You can make your decision to join or not. The service will be started after the payment confirmation.

speed dating hong kong professional

Afterwards, we may send our newsletter and promotion by email or any other methods to you and your companions. Please inform all your companions of this fact before signing them up. Payment Deadline For all events, reservations are on a first-come-first-served basis and can only be confirmed upon payment.

To secure a place, please settle the payment and notify us within 24 hours. Otherwise your reservation may be cancelled or you may not eligible for any discount without any notification. Late payment may not accepted due to no vacancy or price difference. If we accept the late payment but the price is changed may be due to the early bird discount is no longer applicablethen you need to settle the balance immediately.

If we do not accept the late payment, it can be transferred to another event within the following month, without any change or refund.

Event Cancellation and Refund Cancelled by Member: Members who would like to change their booking after payment is settled should contact us at least 3 days prior of the event. In such cases, the payment can be transferred to another event within the following month, without any change or refund.

If the request is within 3 days prior of the event, or even you do not show up for an event without any notice, the fee is forfeited and there is no any refund or transfer. If an event is cancelled due to an insufficient number participants or any mistakes made by FEVER, all enrolled participants would be informed at least 1 day prior to the event.

FEVER will re-arrange the event within one month, or members can request a full refund. Cancelled Due to Bad Weather: For safety reasons, events will be cancelled when the Black Rainstorm signal or Typhoon signal no.

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We will contact participants by phone or WhatsApp regarding event re-arrangements. FEVER will re-arrange the event within one month, but refund is not acceptable. These information include but not limited to name, age, academic background, profession, phone number, email address. We reserves the right to refuse admission to any individual who has not conducted themselves in a proper manner or who we have received complaints about during an event.

Regarding some serious misbehaviours, we will even terminate the member account and blacklist those members. Cause for such termination shall include but not limited to breaches or violations of this TOS or haven't use the member account for a long period.

On the other hand, you may terminate your member account by submitting a termination request to us.