Speed dating 25 35 winchester brass reloading

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speed dating 25 35 winchester brass reloading

Using identical cartridge cases is a big deal for bench rest shooters but what brass like Winchester, Federal, Remington-Peters, Prvi Partizan. We recommend seating these bullets″ off the lands {rifling} of your rifle. This length can be Expected release date currently is January, ATTENTION: New reloading data must be opened as a PDF document in an up- to-date compatible PDF viewer. If the load Winchester (NEW!) ″ Diameter. Remington Early Dog Bone Box For 35 Winchester Model Item Number: 22 Hi-Power Xcess Speed 22 Long Rifle Brick. Item Number:

.25-35 Win (6.5 x 52R) ammo

UMC red label, top and front face clear bullet graphics vg 17 orig WW2 British GMK 11 tracer built for land service packed in the original boxes of 48 cartridges with green band marked tracer, broad arrow 1. All of the cartridges are headstamped and ma This Remington commercial ammo is conside Total rounds all excellent as new cartridges. Lot of 5 boxes of 50 rounds of 7. Two bandoliers of U. Both bandoliers are marked WRA All of the cartridges are in as new c Sealed 50 rd box of 32 short ring fire cartridge.

Excllent green top label-and red seal o The cartridges show a head stamp 11 6 C for Cordite not black powder. The packet remains in excellent condtiin save one open co A scarce box of Remington built for the Remington rolling block sporting and the 3 Hepburn Rifles only. S primer H Solid head. All original cartridges to the box and all rate exc Partial box of sport loads No 5 ch. This is a 2 piece box top show goose in flight, DuPont dual powder. Front cover oversize primer, batte Vintage early s Newfoundland powder horns.

Crude hand carved name John Pinhorn Winterton Cove. Neat vintage powder horn The cartridges are the typical high qua Item Email Price: Sealed box of German Rhen. West explosive Co, blank. The sealed box shows an excellent pink label. The front seal is intact and shows the name J.

Galef New York di New Excelelnt 6 boxes of 50 rounds total rounds This lot consists of 6 our of the case boxes of Peters Rustless ball cartridges. Both the boxes and the cartridges rate as excellent.

Win ( x 52R) ammo rifle

These Peters boxes were When CFE came out I went to the bench and did that. My other batch of brass was FC I used the Varmageddon 62 gr hollow point from Nosler as my test projectile and I dare say my results were divinely surprising.

I had two groups under. I have since forgotten to load any other ammo. The s was consistently at. I love the powder and bullet combo. At yds I got 1. If you carry a gun and ever use reloaded ammunition in a defensive shooting, that is going to be the ammunition the prosecutor will use to attack you for concocting an evil projectile to maximize injury and death: That is how the prosecutor will frame it and YOU: Use the reloads for practice, but only use factory ammo for carry in your EDC: Custom reloads in your gun will hang you in the courtroom!

Has this ever actually happened, or is this just a paranoid delusion?

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I hand-loaded for accuracy because I was more concerned about protecting innocent third-parties than the average person who buys off the shelf factory loads. Do what makes you feel comfortable. I was really surprised with the results in this article. I enjoyed this article very much. Everything is driven for ultimate accuracy, but sometimes I wonder if some really have a scientifically significant impact.

Most of these rules are just passed along as gospel and you wonder if anyone has actually EVER tested them. I would love to see a bigger test of mixed cases. I savor every bullet I send down range.

speed dating 25 35 winchester brass reloading

He was using a Barnes gr. About three years ago, he shot a three shot group at yds. It actually looked like one hole!

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He still has the target in his safe. But, at least I was there to see it! I think his method is great for volume shooters. You could even sort your match grade bullets, mic and turn the necks, and deburr your flash holes.

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I trickle loaded a sample of 10 shells from each head stamp using the same loading components, same trim length, bullet depth, factory crimp setting, etc trying to reduce as many variable as I could. I have done the same test in 9mm with the same result. I have been shooting with mixed brass in 9mm and for over a year at the range and at local shooting competitions.

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Next time, try alternating the shot groups, 5 from mixed, 5 from Lake city, etc. Also, many rifles available today now have effective recoil attenuating features built into them, such as muzzle compensators and energy absorbing stocks and butt-pads, that can significantly lessen recoil as it is felt by the shooter. Bullet weights of Controlled expansion bullets such as the Nosler Partition or Barnes X are preferred rather than more lightly constructed bullets for these larger species of ungulate.

speed dating 25 35 winchester brass reloading

With its velocity, low bullet drop and ability to retain usable energy at an extended range, the. Be it for chamois in the Alps, bighorn in the Rockies, argali in the Pamirs or mouflon in the Caucasus the cartridge is an excellent choice for the sheep hunter. Both the black [14] and grizzly bears [15] are hunted using the cartridge. With bullets of good sectional density and ballistic coefficients the cartridge possesses the long range performance necessary to take large game species at extended ranges.

Military for use by snipers. Subsequently, Remington has made low-recoil rounds called "Managed-Recoil" available for the.