Space face part 2 newgrounds dating

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space face part 2 newgrounds dating

Edd Gould, Thomas Ridgewell, Matt Hargreaves, Tim Hautekiet, and Jamie Spicer-Lewis in Eddsworld (). Eddsworld is an independent British production company founded in by the late Edward “Edd” Gould on Newgrounds. It is also the name of an animated. Date Night. Space Face (Part 1) Lazy Writing 2 . i'm working on a triple bill of stuff, a university project, Hammer & Fail 2 and a shocking secret project:O.

Tord Larsson left Eddsworld in Career[ edit ] InGould began animating using a GIF animation program with the purpose of publishing in "sfdt. Astonished by the quality improvement, he abandoned the program and moved to Macromedia Flash in November After 7 months of learning the basics of Flash animation from his mentor Lavalle Lee a flash animator and web designerGould published his first Newgrounds entry on 6 June Along with Ridgewell, Gould and six other artists founded Cake Bomb, a creative media group to form various artistic works and animations.

He later coined a personal catchphrase "It's pretty swell" that became popular with his fan base.

space face part 2 newgrounds dating

Cake Bomb disbanded inalthough his series Eddsworld was already independently in production during this time. This was the second time he had been diagnosed with this cancer as he was previously diagnosed in He posted a video on YouTube entitled "Edd vs Cancer" which featured him, Ridgewell, and Hargreaves discussing the diagnosis.

Despite his health, Gould used his illness as a platform for several sketches on his friends' YouTube accounts, including Hargreaves' YouTube account and Ridgewell's alternative YouTube account. On the morning of 25 MarchGould died from a recurring infection that was caused by his cancer. Ridgewell and Hargreaves announced Gould's death on Twitter [8] and in a short video, "R. A sliding door automatically opens letting the gang into the storage unit. Here we keep all of our superior technology.

That is a Normalizer.

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A shot from the gun accidentally hits Tom in the eyes. He suddenly has eyes. Well, that's a laser gun. Matt hits Tom in the eyes and burns them. Edd and Bai stare at Tom scream in pain.

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Camera shifts to Matt. Pops out by Matt Hey handsome! Pops out by Matt I love your hair! Pops out by Matt Nice jacket! Pops out by Matt I can tolerate your existence! Crying They're so beautiful. Camera shifts to Edd. He sees and grabs a marker and he draws a butterfly with it.

The butterfly comes to life and then Edd smiles with a grin.

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After a few strokes, Edd draws a lady but makes a stink face when he sees that she is hideous. He then draws a pair of Groucho glasses. The camera shifts to Tom who is standing next to a Christmas tree. I guess you wanted to celebrate Christmas all along. A container filled with gasoline appears next to Tom. Tom grabs the container in his hands. Tom pours gasoline on the Christmas tree. Don't you burn that tree down. Tom is holding a lighter.

space face part 2 newgrounds dating

Do not burn that tree down! The Christmas tree is burning right next to Tom. Ahh, you did it. The camera moves to the back of the alien who is standing next to a floating planet. Edd and the group gather around. Doors open into the Helm.

This is the helm. From here we can control everything on the ship. Commander Bai pushes a button. Edd, Tom and Matt raise off the floor.

Edd and Matt are seen floating in mid-air and then fall, as the camera pans up to show Tom grunting as his hair gets stuck in the ceiling. Hey what's this thing? This is the vanity drive. It powers the entire ship.

space face part 2 newgrounds dating

Our people are the most attractive race in the universe. We even found a way to convert our self-esteem into more energy. On a group-team mission to pick up space beer, our hyperdrive malfunctioned and sent us deep into space. We spent years trying to find our way home.

Overtime we let ourselves go, and could no longer power the ship with our vanity. Ever since then we've been stuck in this galaxy searching for a being vain enough to get us home.

Edd and Matt tear up. And how's that going? Well, we thought we found them on Zogrephos 7, but they turned out to be the most complimentary species. This ship looks lovely! Wow, you look great today!

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I am so hungry! Did you cut your hair? I still don't see what this has to do with us. I think I do. Part Two Transcript Part two The intro plays as normal, but with the addition of many of the letter Ds.

Thomas Ridgewell's voice is also heard over this. This is Space Face Part 2 fast which won't make any sense if you haven't watched Space Face Part 1 so if you haven't already done that maybe you can do that nowwwww. Cut to a black screen which says "Thank you".

After a title card, cut again to Tom and Edd looking at their lawn, with Matt's face cut out in the grass. You know, I really captured his grassiness.

Space Face Part 2 ()

Commander Bai walks in. Ah, yes, your vanity beacon. We couldn't miss it, a signal to let us know about your energy reserves.