Son of guns daughter dating

Sons of Guns star Stephanie Hayden claims her father Will also raped her | Daily Mail Online

son of guns daughter dating

Now eldest daughter of 'Sons of Guns' reality show star Will Hayden the time that his ex-girlfriend, who is the mother of one of his daughters. Convicted rapist and ex-"Sons of Guns" reality TV personality Will Hayden case and plans to dismiss those charges before or on that trial date. incest of his oldest daughter and former "Sons of Guns" co-star Stephanie. Png. Lebron james double dates with will kris ford, stephanie hayden and kris ford: will kris lbs. Former reality show sons of guns dating. Having someone like.

Thieves in the night The robbery of Hayden's first gun store was an utter catastrophe, and destroyed the business before it had even had a chance to begin. Hayden returned to find the building stripped of everything valuable, with the thieves disabling the building's alarm and concealing their identities on all security footage. Police initially suspected Hayden of committing the robbery himself to collect a payout from his insurance company, but scuttled this theory when Hayden informed them that he had no insurance—he was on the hook for everything.

Still worse, the man who'd put the most of his own personal property on consignment with the store happened to be dying of cancer, only selling his guns to pay for medicine and treatment. The reversal of fortune left Hayden with less than nothing—now, he was deeply in debt.

Setback and compromise Following the robbery, Hayden had a building with no stock, and no money to buy more. He owed money to people who'd lost their guns, owed money for rent, and needed money to live.

Because so much weaponry and ammunition was now in the wild and unaccounted for, the ATF got involved. Adding further injury, the police's theory of an inside job was later proven to be true—only Hayden wasn't the one that did it.

With punishing quickness, Hayden was soon broke and homeless, living in the back of his empty store and looking anywhere for a lifeline. The beginning of Hayden's climb out of ruin came from one of the people with most cause to be angry with him—his mentor Scotty Scardina, whom Hayden was now in debt to. With Hayden's gun store done for, Scardina decided to start his own gun business in the warehouse called Red Stick Firearms, taking the name from the English translation of the French words "baton rouge.

Hayden would work off his debt by spearheading the creation of Scardina's gun store, getting the privilege of living in the back as he did so. It would take years to pay back his, but since Hayden had no options, he also had no choice.

son of guns daughter dating

A grind and a gun battle Hayden had to work to fulfill his financial obligations, but if he ever wanted to be taken seriously in the business again, he also needed to restore his reputation.

Working for Scardina gave him a platform he could use to come back, starting with an order of 20 AKs for a distributor in Arizona. In exchange for knocking a little off the price, the distributor listed the guns in advertisements as " Proudly Manufactured by Red Jacket ," giving Hayden leverage to attract more work.

Still, the former Marine felt it necessary to take extra work as a security guard for an apartment complex. There were too many debts to repay, the most pressing being the man with cancer whose plight weighed heavily on Hayden's conscience. Incredibly, while Hayden was living there, the Red Stick Firearms warehouse was almost robbed again. After first attempting to pry the door open, the would-be burglars rammed a car through the front of the building, the intruders only being thwarted by Hayden's presence and a middle-of-the-night gunfight in which Hayden fired back against the unknown intruders' MAC submachine gun fire with the closest firearm at hand.

I wasn't looking forward to the possibility of shooting anyone. When his daughter Stephanie turned 18, he brought her into the business—initially, against her will, since she was already working a number of different jobs that she didn't necessarily want to quit. But Hayden got his way, and Stephanie joined the business on a full-time basis.

Before long, Scardina let the Haydens buy out essential tools and parts from the company, and when Scardina left the management of the business in the hands of his children, Hayden struck out on his own, renting a new property on Baton Rouge's Florida Boulevard which became the storefront for his own shop: The new store was the final evolution of what Hayden had set out to do when he built that first order of 20 AKs, putting an emphasis on manufacturing weapons rather than simply trading in them.

Adopting a motto of "If you can dream it, we can build it," they served clientele ranging from private collectors to members of the military and police departments, creating gear like internal gun silencers for police officers or shotgun-assault rifle hybrids with the ability to easily breach locked doors. They also restored historical weaponry, like flamethrowers and cannons—a specialty that would be emphasized on their upcoming TV show.

Enter Discovery One lazy morning inon a whim, Hayden uploaded a video of himself to YouTube having a noontime range session with one of his favorite guns. The video showed him dressed in a tank top and bunny slippers, firing a short-barreled Saiga fully-automatic shotgun with in-your-face defiant glee. Hayden closed the video with a shoutout for his brand, turning to the camera after the crack of the final shot and drawling, "Red Jacket, mother—-er.

Sons Of Guns's Stephanie Hayden and Kris Ford arrested 'for beating boy'

The network was in the early stages of developing a reality television show that would steep itself in American gun culture by centering on a uniquely telegenic, character-packed mom-and-pop shop—and after the upload of Hayden's video, producers believed they'd found their man.

Once Hayden and Red Jacket were discovered, work progressed quickly on bringing the show's concept to life. The years of work paid off all at once—practically overnight, Red Jacket Firearms became one of the most famous firearms shops in the world. While the set pieces of reality shows are obviously staged and produced as a matter of routine, the cast of Sons and Guns had real bonds that predated the arrival of lights and cameras—like Stephanie's husband Kris Ford, whom she met in and convinced to begin working as an apprentice at Red Jacket.

Two more key members of Red Jacket in the Sons of Guns era were Joe Meauxthe company's chief of operations, a marksman and mechanic who was often the deciding voice on the show when it came to determining the feasibility of a custom firearm job.

There was also Charlie Watsona well-educated forensic scientist, and Glenn Fleminga shop welder who left the regular cast after a year to start his own store, Acadiana Gunworks. Together, the shop employees worked to commission custom gun jobs or restore historical oddities, sometimes bringing in an outside consultant depending on the project.

Notorious guests and moments From the very first episodes of Sons of Guns, the staff of Red Jacket made a big impression with their "shoot it and see what happens" approach, firing Civil War cannons and grenade launchers into the sky and otherwise confidently announcing their arrival on the reality TV scene. Over the three years and five seasons that followed, the show had a number of standout moments where the team was tasked to restore something rare, build something bizarre, or team up with a famous guest to develop weapons for a specific theme.

son of guns daughter dating

Hayden highlighted many of his favorite moments in a companion book to the series that was published in For the second season episode "Will's Floating Fortress," Red Jacket worked with the East Baton Rouge Sheriff's Department to attach a M machine gun and a MK19 grenade launcher to the department's gulf patrol boat, a job Hayden later described as "beyond cool"—especially when it came to testing the equipment.

Another early guest was WWII veteran Hershel Woodrow "Woody" Williams, a survivor of the Battle of Iwo Jima who wanted to restore an old flamethrower from the war—a risky proposition, considering how fickle a weapon even a modern flamethrower can be.

Sons of guns kris and stephanie dating

As far as guests were concerned, an episode where World War Z writer Max Brooks visited the shop to help brainstorm potential weapons for a zombie attack was a standout for fans and the show's cast alike. Their show got in trouble with the police Sons of Guns wasn't on the air for long before it stirred up trouble in the news. Naturally, this being a show called Sons of Guns, the truck was loaded with firearms and explosives—an extremely bad thing to leave just sitting around an airport anytime, but especially on that particular date.

Even worse, that spot of the airport was a known reception area, on a daily basis, for U. You couldn't screw up more unless you tried to sneak a hand grenade through a body scanner. Federal officials shut down roads leading to the terminal for two hours as canine and bomb squad units staged a response area nearby.

A Dr. Phil Exclusive: Will Hayden's Daughter Speaks Out

No one was harmed in the incident—it didn't even result in the delay of any flights—but a production company executive later apologized, calling it "a simple yet colossal error in judgement by a member of our staff. This one, which occurred incost both him and his daughter Stephanie, resulting in the surrender of their Federal Firearm Licenses. This time, there was no robbery to blame for the missing weaponry, so the agency came down hard on the company, revoking their licenses.

The business was restructured, with a licensed gun dealer taking over the company and Will and Stephanie taking on employee roles—on paper, at least. Priests home for allegedly assaulting a previous relationship. The history behind red jacket firearms stephanie, stephanie hayden, her sad story which dates about 20 years ago. According to marital status, stephanie. They had issue four daughters. Former sons of guns dating.

The untold truth of Sons of Guns

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