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Mar 24, When singer-choreographer Paula Abdul first joined the 'American Idol' judges panel in season one, she had no idea what to expect, least of. Nov 14, Grantland's editor-in-chief solves the NBA lockout. by Bill Simmons on November 14, . Jeremy Renner is the secondary star, and Paula Patton, Simon Pegg , Ving Rhames and Josh Holloway were the supporting stars. Feb 8, Paula Abdul was 'very gracious' and Nicole Scherzinger was 'I didn't want to fire her': Simon Cowell admits he would have kept Cowell, 52, spoke to ex- girlfriend Terri Seymour in a segment for the entertainment show, Extra. .. in the year she became a duchess - compared to Kate's $70k in

American Idol, Hey Paula and return to music[ edit ] InVirgin Records, with whom Abdul was already no longer affiliated, [46] released the first of two compilation albums by Abdul, Paula Abdul: Abdul co-produced the pilot for Skirts, an MTV television series about a high school cheerleading squad; Abdul was also set to appear as the head coach. The pilot never aired. She seemed especially kind compared to fellow judge Simon Cowellwho was often blunt in his appraisals of the contestants' performances.

When she realized that Cowell's over-the-top judging style was heartbreaking for many young contestants, Abdul was horrified and she considered leaving the series.

Although their differences often resulted in extremely heated on-air exchanges and confrontations, Cowell says he played a major role in convincing Abdul not to leave the series. That year, Bravo began airing a reality television series centered around Abdul, Hey Paulawhich followed her through her day-to-day life.

The moderate success led to reports of Abdul beginning work on a new album, but this never materialized. In August, after numerous contract negotiations, Abdul confirmed that she would not be returning to Idol for its ninth season.

Abdul claimed her departure from Idol was not about money, but that she had to stand on principle. Abdul was present as a permanent member of the judge's panel for all episodes of this season. Details about the likelihood of the show's return for a fifth season, and of Abdul's continued involvement with it, have yet to be released. She later became a permanent judge of the American version starting with its twelfth season.

In JuneAbdul made a cameo appearance on the Australian soap opera Neighbours and shared scenes with established character Karl Kennedy Alan Fletcher. She was shown in a comedic scene with Arsenio Hall where she was trying to kick Hall out of her pool house.

On August 6,Abdul performed a full headline set for the first time in 26 years at the Mixtape Festival in Hershey, Pennsylvania. Then I returned to television with American Idol and that took up a good decade of my life. Then I went out to do some more television, as well. I always wanted to get back on stage, because I missed it.

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I wanted to get back in close contact with the people who have supported me all throughout my career and be able to see them again. Plus, I was getting asked all the time if I would ever do it again!

I finally said, You know what, I want to and I'm going to make it a priority. I'm really passionate about it and it's fun, and I want to connect with my fans around the country.

X Factor USA: Simon Cowell 'would have kept Paula Abdul if he had a choice'

Me and my body have been on two separate sides. I learned at a very early age I didn't fit in physically. I learned through years of rejections from auditions. Food numbed the fear and anxiety. I'd eat and then run to the bathroom.

It became a living hell for me. My response to the response to the response to the response: Can someone turn on an oven? I want to stick my head inside it.

The NBA owners need to get their house in order before they can figure out a labor deal. We really need to bring out Dr. Oppenheimer to solve this one? Mention contraction to any league official and they shudder.

How does that make sense? How dense can you be? I find that hard to believe, especially after the rating for the playoffs. Give me sponsored jerseys over a canceled season every day of the week and twice on Sunday.

Canceling the WNBA after this season. How many times has he fired an employee, then refused to pay him and forced that person to chase the money in court?

How many times have the Clippers made damaging trades just to save money? How many times has Sterling been accused of insulting minorities or even his own players? The Charlotte Bobcats never should have happened.

You know how I know this? Billionaire Henry Samueli pulled out every stop to get them. Call me crazy, but that sounds like someone we need in the league.

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Or, sell the Hornets to him. Not only does it raise legitimate ethical issues, it makes the league look shaky as a whole: Look, we all love New Orleans. But to say we can just keep going with the same 29 cities is bad business, and really, part of the reason we landed in this mess. And if believing that makes me an NBA Republican, so be it. No conferences, just no. Fans would remain invested no matter how poorly their team was playing down the stretch knowing the tournament was coming up.

Sponsors would pony up extra money to be involved. The 14 playoff teams would get 10 days off as their bonus. And given that the Grizzlies just topped the Spurs in Round 1, nobody could say the 8-seed is meaningless, right? Would you have watched that night? Of course you would have!

I have no idea. The league is too proud to change.

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Both sides would rather point fingers instead of figuring out how to improve their product going forward. It will stretch into November, then December, with the players panicking a little more each day. By the end of January, the players will cave: Will anything actually get fixed? Where is this league going? Look, David Stern will always be my favorite commissioner ever, but his lack of resourcefulness during these past few years has been somewhat appalling.

Can Stern even see that anymore? Their track record as a whole is pretty poor. To say the least. For the past 12 months, every Stern defender claimed that he would never allow a canceled season or a prolonged lockout to become the final chapter of his legacy.

I believed that as well. That belief is wavering. Please, start thinking outside the box again, David. You used to live there.

For every Simmons column and podcast, log on to Grantland. Follow him on Twitter and check out his new home on Facebook. Hmmmm which side do you think told me that one? Name me a better White House premise. That was a joke. We have to do something! Feel free to skip to Issue No. I tried to leave the door open as wide as possible here for a snarky blogger to pick that entire section apart without trying to come up with a better alternative. Six owners or ownership groups paid top dollar last decade: I get the reasons for having the WNBA — my 6-year-old daughter loves basketball and is begging me to take her to a Sparks game putting us squarely in the demo.