Signs hes not interested in dating you

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signs hes not interested in dating you

Wait, what? How can a guy want to date you but not be interested in you? It sounds crazy but it happens. If it feels like your dates aren't going anywhere. The thing to remember is that no matter how shy or introverted a guy seems to be, if he's interested in dating you, he will step up to the plate. So you've met a great guy and things are going well but you still feel that he's just not that into you? Here are 5 signs to look out for.

We enjoy the challenge — the chase — and we also enjoy the attention. However, there is a caveat to this somewhat foreboding tale — men vary. From thoroughly bloody nice chaps, to suave gentlemen with varying motives, to Lotharios with questionable morals, to downright cheating rats, and their motivations for dating vary as well.

I believe filtering their motives from what they do and say is easier than you would imagine.

There are key indicators right from the start in the dating world — clues to identify what a guy really wants from the outset. In addition — and forgive me if this is blindingly obvious, but not all women seem to see it — you get what you pay for. A free dating website is going to attract a significantly different clientele than a subscription site. And with that, people might have different motives for being on there. A man may text you back just to string you along. Or that he just wants to get his numbers up.

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Either way, you can tell when he cannot be bothered. I took time to respond to their messages, but I was deliberate with all of my interactions and made sure not to let their interest wane. I was also balanced, trying to be entertaining whilst also trying to secure a date.

signs hes not interested in dating you

If he likes you, he will make the effort to meet up. This brings me back to what I said at the start.

signs hes not interested in dating you

Ladies, you get what you demand of most men. He never gives you gifts. He will avoid you and the places you go. Would he rather look at his phone than at you? If not, that is an indication that he may not care about you.

3 Clear Signs He's NOT Interested

If he avoids being near you at social functions, he may not want to be seen with you. You borrow something from him, and he demands you return it immediately. He doesn't seem to feel your absence. He doesn't comfort you when you are having difficulties. Even things that aren't that important to him seem to matter more than you, and he'd rather pay attention to those things than spend time with you.

He doesn't care about your whereabouts or whether or not you're safe. He doesn't try to impress you. His body language will clearly tell you if he likes you or not.

Read this article on body language signs men show when they are interested in a woman. In other words, he doesn't seem interested in your friends, your family, your interests and likes, etc.

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He will only offer you help when absolutely necessary. If he liked you, he would offer you unlimited and sometimes unnecessary help.

signs hes not interested in dating you

He doesn't offer any financial help, even when you are struggling to make ends meet and he is better off financially. He doesn't attend your graduation or birthday party even when you invite him. He talks to you like his sister or mother.