Shroud of turin carbon dating 2010 movies

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shroud of turin carbon dating 2010 movies

Mar 20, How much do you know about the Shroud of Turin? C14 [carbon dating] test in speciously called into question the Shroud of Turin's. The Shroud of Turin: 3 Film Collector's Edition: , David Rolfe: Movies & TV. The official film for the Exposition of the Shroud. . include recent items like the carbon dating that cast some doubt on the Shroud's authenticity. Aug 29, note the epsilon on the forehead Glimpses of the shroud at about the the upcoming epic movie of the first forty days after the Resurrection of Jesus Remove Hugh Farey as Editor of the NewsletterIn "Carbon 14 Dating" . December · November · October · September · August.

The idea of creating fakes of something purporting to be something else is certainly not a new one, but it's not clear to me the intent was to create a deceiving object. We have scant evidence for the Shroud's history dating before when it was first exhibited. This year is consistent with the carbon dating of which gave a time-frame for its creation as to More than likely, it was created probably circa to and eventually displayed.

As the documentary describes, there is some evidence of a shroud of some kind with an image depicting Jesus dating back before the 14th century, but there's no definitive link between the Shroud of Turin and some of the stories concerning shrouds. As correctly pointed out in the documentary, the image of a face wasn't revealed until by photographer Secondo Pia. If this were a "fake" in the sense of trying to deceive, it wasn't a very good one since it took about years for anyone to discover an image!

Could this be the shroud which wrapped Jesus' body? Wrapping a deceased person in a shroud was common practice in Ancient times, the Middle Ages and up to the present time in some traditions.

If you consider the thousands upon thousands, perhaps millions of deceased people who were wrapped in shrouds and placed in ossuaries during the period BCE to CE yearsthe likelihood this particular shroud is that of Jesus is astronomically minuscule.

However, there are other problems, mainly a misunderstanding of crucifixion as the most brutal form of execution in ancient times. Another interesting observation made by the players in the documentary is the scourging of the body. One of the commentators says the scourging is highly "unusual" because of its brutality.

Actually, scourging was almost always a precursor to crucifixion in Roman practice.

shroud of turin carbon dating 2010 movies

The condemned were scourged by flogging to subdue the poor victim into a helpless state of shock to prevent resistance. The brutality was intentional. Shortly thereafter, the condemned would carry the cross-beam to the place of execution, not the entire cross, while in a dazed state caused by scourging. So even in the remote chance this is possibly the image of a crucified man from ancient times, having been scourged would be expected. This wouldn't be unusual, although by modern standards, scourging followed by crucifixion is a terrifyingly horrible way to be executed.

Most scholars believe this scenario is probably apocryphal, i. Why not, the gospel writers say it did? The trouble is, this was part of the point of crucifixion as execution. The humiliation and degradation of crucifixion was not only during the time of the execution itself which was painfully slow, but it was also humiliation after death.

Bodies were left to rot on the uprights, often subject to the elements. As a way to deter would-be dissidents, particularly among slaves and lower classes, victims were denied burial. During extensive research, only one instance was ever found of a crucified body found in an ancient ossuary. Please understand that because of these variables, we cannot guarantee a perfect match.

It was produced from high resolution digital drum scans of my original 4" x 5" transparencies. This lifesize replica on cotton became the centerpiece of an International Shroud Exhibit, first presented in Auckland, New Zealand, in May of and in Manila, the Philippines, in You can read about and see photographs of the Auckland exhibit on the Website News page.

During the five months in which Steve and I tested various cloth materials and carefully adjusted the color and density of the image, we also made countless test prints of various portions of the Shroud.

At one point in the process, we reduced the image size and printed the entire Shroud across the 42" width of the cloth. Two samples of this "miniature" replica have been in my personal collection since that time and whenever I showed them to fellow sindonologists, they all wanted to have one. So I am very pleased that we can now make them available to everyone.

Please note that the photo above of one of the actual miniature replicas does not really capture the true quality of the image. The highly detailed image is printed with a wide platen professional inkjet printer onto special cotton canvas material the same as used for the Lifesize Replica using archival dyes for long life. The image itself is approximately 40" x 10" with a white border making it suitable for custom framing. Each print is hand signed by the photographer in the lower right hand corner.

shroud of turin carbon dating 2010 movies

Please allow up to 4 weeks for delivery. In the year since I began offering the rolled canvas Miniature Shroud Replicas on this website, I received many wonderful letters and digital photos from those of you who purchased them, sharing your framed versions with me.

shroud of turin carbon dating 2010 movies

I was thrilled to see the variety of results but quickly realized that in many cases, the cost of purchasing custom frames was much more than the price of the replica itself. Unfortunately, I had no way to offer a framed version myself. This added another layer of cost and complexity for those who purchased the rolled canvas prints, since you first had to find a custom framer and then purchase a costly frame before displaying the print.

Holy Art Works specializes in custom fine art framing and officially distributes a number of different religious artworks, including Our Lady of Guadalupe, Ecce Homo and the Restored Vilnius Divine Mercy, so adding a Shroud image to their offerings is very appropriate.

With that in mind, they have created a truly beautiful custom wooden frame for the Miniature Replica and are offering the framed version exclusively on their website.

Turin Shroud 'could be genuine as carbon-dating was flawed'

The cotton canvas replica is stretched and mounted in the exact same manner as a fine art canvas painting even the back of the print is finishedmaking for the beautiful presentation you see above, and of course, each is still hand signed.

The framed canvas is carefully packed and shipped in a heavy duty corrugated cardboard container and is ready to hang as soon as it is removed from the box. Simply click on the photo above or click the following link to visit the Shroud page on HolyArtWorks.

Of course, unframed rolled canvas versions are still available directly from this website see above. Suitable for framing, they are printed onto heavy cover stock and laminated with a glossy UV coating so they should last for years. In the program, Ray reviews the details of his January Thermochimica Acta paper that proved the c14 dating of the Shroud used an anomalous sample. He also shares the fascinating story of what inspired him to complete the research that sadly became his final work on the Shroud.

I have also incorporated many of Ray's photomicrographs into the program, so viewers will see the exact images he referred to during the interview.

Ray also discusses the restoration of the Shroud, the future of Shroud research and makes several important recommendations that he considered critical for any future study of the cloth. He concludes with a revealing, personal assessment of what he believed about the Shroud of Turin.

Considering that Ray Rogers never gave an on-camera interview in the past, this program provides a truly rare opportunity to see and hear one of the most important Shroud researchers of the past 30 years "in his own words. It is produced in a universal, non-regionalized DVD format that will play properly on both NTSC and PAL systems and is delivered in professional packaging that includes a Chapter Menu with the questions Ray answered so you can select specific portions of the program to view.

For years, people have asked me if there were DVDs available of any of my public presentations. Although my lectures have been videotaped many times, the results were never really professional quality and certainly did not have the production values necessary to make mass production and distribution of a DVD worthwhile.

That is, until now.

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They employed a professional video production company to record all of the main presentations and produced a beautiful set of DVDs of the entire event, which they graciously presented to each of the speakers.

They also kindly granted us permission to distribute our individual DVDs via our own websites and lectures, so our sincerest thanks to PITN. Quantity pricing is available.

shroud of turin carbon dating 2010 movies

Shield hosted his popular World of Unexplained Mysteries program on radio and television in Sydney, Australia for over 20 years. Infor one of his radio programs, he conducted a series of remarkable Shroud interviews with members of the STURP team and other scholars involved with the scientific investigation of the Shroud of Turin.

Alan Adler and Fr. Peter Rinaldi and was produced just months before the now infamous carbon dating of the Shroud. And that is how I met him.