Show plants in bangalore dating

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show plants in bangalore dating

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show plants in bangalore dating

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Dont miss out most creatively romantic bar cum restaurant on Hosur road, is because it all. Watch a slight portion of luxury. With dacoits grover Vineyard Take a large number of worship, including Hampi. Calm and serene, the garden is one of the ideal romantic places in Bangalore to spend quality time with your partner away from the hustle and bustle of the city.

Take a stroll around the lake and aquarium to soak in the vibrancy of nature. It is known for its rose garden and the city central library, which makes it an ideal place for the discerning couple.

The royal architecture with its regal ballrooms, sprawling acres of land, gothic windows and ancient carvings give it a romantic ambience set in olden times.

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An unconventional yet royal way to spend a date, you could choose to walk down the expansive lawns, explore the vibrant corridors or even ride the royal carriage horse to experience royalty. Grover Vineyard — Set off wine tasting Grover Vineyards source Experience and learn about the pleasures of wine tasting and cruising through the vineyards, decked in enthralling colours and blooming with juicy grapes at Grover Zampa Vineyards in Bangalore.

You could choose between a wine tasting tour or take a tour to learn the nuances of winemaking. Bannerghatta National Park — A Safari tour Lions at the Bannerghatta National Park A multifarious combination of a safari park, butterfly enclosure, aquarium and interesting trails for trekking, Bannerghatta National park is an ideal place to spend quality time for couples. Couples can experience the magic of the wild and rejuvenate their passion in this romantic place in Bangalore.

Ulsoor Lake — Peaceful water body Visit Ulsoor Lake at sunset The best place for couples in Bangalore to go on a picnic, Ulsoor Lake is a fascinating water body dotted with picturesque islands and a great place to spot sights of rare birds.

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Take your beloved on a boat ride in the serene waters and fall in love all over again. Shaped like a plate, the lake is home to several rare species of birds owing to its marshy soil.

show plants in bangalore dating

The trek to the lake is an invigorating walk to its gorgeous scenic beauty for couples in love. Thotikallo Falls — Dip into the scintillating waterfalls An unconventional place for couples in Bangalore, Thotikallo falls is a quaint and picturesque waterfall on the outskirts of the city. It is ideal to visit it in the monsoon season when the place is fresh and lush green and with the water cascading to the rocks with full gusto. A romantic bath in the water is enough to spark the intimacy between the two of you.

Hebbal Lake — Myriad hues of the horizon Hebbal Lake source Hebbal Lake promises a fascinating sight of the hues of sunrise and sunset amidst an assortment of trees inhabited by rare species of migrating birds.

With just a small section open to the public, it is an ideal place for couples to enjoy against the backdrop of the rising or the setting sun.

Sankey Tank — Man-made water attraction Sankey Tank source Tucked away in the quaint locality of Malleswaram, Sankey Tank is a man-made lake surrounded by a picturesque garden.

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The dense cover of trees and a wonderful walking track makes for an idyllic surrounding to spend time together as a couple. Muthyalamaduvu — Beads of pearls Muthyala Maduvu Falls source A waterfall which falls from an astonishing height of 92 meters leaving behind a formation of droplets of water resembling a string of pearls is another hidden gem in the crown of romantic places in Bangalore.

Popularly known as Pearl Valley, it is best to visit after monsoons to soak in the lush greenery and abundance of water. Couples can take a dip in the sublime waters for an exhilarating experience. Sakleshpur — An offbeat destination Western Ghats at Sakleshpur Sakleshpur is a site for an off-track or dramatic romantic time.

Camp in a tent on the banks of Cauvery, go boating or on a coracle ride, trek around the wilderness or take a shot at adventure sports like zip lining or swimming during late winter or early spring for a magical experience in solitude, away from the maddening crowd.