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shoe on head dating armored skeptic

Hey there, you idol worshiping fucks! This is the unofficial subreddit for Shoe0nHead, a YouTube celebrity and very ok person. Gregory Fluhrer, better known online as Armoured Skeptic or Sir Skeptalot, In reality, Shoe was already in her 20's by the time she and Skeptic began dating. Armoured Skeptic (powerword: Gregory Fluhrer), aka AjaxBongo or hraffy, is a Which should come as no surprise to Shoe, because he first started e-dating.

Greg's videos mostly focus on long, unfunny skits that he does, with him voicing all the characters, badly. Then he picks a video to "debunk", which is always someone who's either literally insane or bordering on retardationbecause otherwise he probably wouldn't be able to win the arguments.

shoe on head dating armored skeptic

You would think that something this stupidthat isn't going to convince anyone anyway, is not worth "debunking", especially by someone who's girlfriend heavily criticized Bearing for going after "low hanging fruit". However, since Greg is simultaneously a mental invalid and desperate to prove otherwise, this is the best he could go up against.

His "arguments" mostly consist of using logic on the level of a 10 year old, which is enough to win against the retards that he deliberately picks. His only dips into actual statistics and scientific arguments are minor factoids he found on google, and whenever he tries to tackle a more difficult subject he ends up getting reamed from all sides for the fact he doesn't do any research and doesn't understand what he's talking about, not just by theists and SJWs, but even by other youtube skeptics who have made it a hobby of theirs to make "Armored Skeptic Doesn't Understand Previous Video Next Video Better yet is the fact that Gregory is so stupid that, even without anyone pointing it out, his own videos make him look dumber and crazier than the people he's making fun of.

Like in this video, where he criticized some guy for saying "Is" instead of "Are", only minutes after he himself confused the words "Attitude" and "Altitude" like a fucking moron.

shoe on head dating armored skeptic cat

Or this video, where Greg argues that people should be thrown in jail for quoting bible verses if they hurt gay people's feelings, and minutes later addresses the controversy around the legality of displaying confederate flags by wondering to himself if protecting freedom of expression even matters.

Pregory Calls Everyone a "Skeptic Clone"[ edit ] Now, you would think that being one of the worst content producers in the content sphere you inhabit and being constantly mocked, even by your own colleagues, would keep you humble.

But combine a mentally deficient manchild and a large audience he siphoned off of his girlfriend, and you'll see that's not the case. It seems that Greg's ego has gotten so bloated, that he started accusing every other youtube skeptic of trying to be a clone of him.

There is no part 2 Previous Video Next Video In Greg's mind, it couldn't possibly be that the reason that all "Skeptic" channels are nearly identical to each other is because every single one of them is an angry, disgruntled, smug atheist that's mad at women, and they end up saying the exact same things over and over because that's the only thing someone with this mindset and no real education to draw their argument from could come up with.

And the reason all their avatars look the same is because none of them have ever worked on themselves to develop any marketable skills, so they both have to steal their avatar from google images because they can't draw it themselves or pay someone to do it for them Just like Gregas well as put it in a suit to give it an air of respectability and intellectualism to offset the fact most of them are high school dropouts who record their audio in their mom's basement and look exactly like you would imagine a youtube atheist would look like.

shoe on head dating armored skeptic

Shoe0nHead - Greg's cucked cash cow[ edit ] "Healthy relationship"' The custom made engagement ring Gregory bought June looks suspiciously similar to this cheap ring you can buy online One would assume that no one would be dumb enough to date this retard, especially knowing how often he cheated on his wife, and especially especially if you're the one he cheated on his wife with. However, you underestimate the power of mental illness.

June "Shoe0nHead" La Porta started "dating" Greg when he was still married and she was probably still in a relationship herself. They are currently engaged and are posting about their "kinky BDSM relationship" at all hours of the day and night, in a way that makes Greg sound abusive and June sound like she's in deep denial about not actually liking it.

Their "relationship" mostly consists of Greg telling her how to spend her money, forcing her to continue to dress, act and look like a child to satisfy his gross DDLG fetish, and him openly flirting with other women online right in front of her while ignoring her tweets. Multiple people and leaks have confirmed that the two aren't just constantly trolling for someone to join a threesome with them, but that June now considered herself a cuck.

In other words, Greg is dating this mentally broken idiot and using her desperate need for male attention to get a free pass from her to sleep with other women. Fight with Jeff Holiday[ edit ] Of course there is an added level of hypocrisy here because Greg refuses to have a 2 man threesome, even though Shoe said in the past she isn't gay so she probably doesn't want to sleep with women either.

There's also the fact Armored Spastic nearly lost his shit when he thought Jeff Holiday was flirting with her because he mentioned her one time on a stream, telling him "June isn't yours, so don't act so comfortable". He got hilariously madder when Jeff interacted with her at a charity event meant to help the disabled, and then managed to get angry even at the wheelchair bound woman they were supposed to be helping because she said something he didn't like.

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They were first reported to be dating in late May.

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Armoured Skeptic

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