Shanghai dating expats


shanghai dating expats

Apr 27, Shanghai might have one of the largest foreign communities in all of China, but doesn't make it any easier for foreign females when it comes to dating. New expat women to China, whom are derisively called "fempats" by. When it comes to the dating culture in Shanghai it is similar to most other Chinese cities, but with a twist. Create a post on an expat website in Shanghai and Suzhou looking for a language exchange buddy or a Chinese friend. Use a nice profile pic and be normal in.

For example, I have 2 male cousins close to my age who married earlier than me.

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He works part time jumping from job to job as is the custom with a lot of people his age without a college education in China. My other cousin lives in the countryside.

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What you would consider the rural area. He works random jobs as well but helps with the family farm.

shanghai dating expats

They have a kid as well last I heard. So I want to stress the effect of your family in determining your chances of finding a spouse. You have a pretty large pool to work with. If you walk down any given street, you will find that almost all shopkeepers are women.

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Chinese shops will typically hire young single women to be the face of their business, and job listings have no qualms saying they only want attractive females to apply and to please supply a photo on their applications.

Also, males and females are brought up to not interact with each other.

shanghai dating expats

Boys form close friendships with other boys, girls with girls. What this does is it creates a barrier between the sexes, and many young men and women find it extremely difficult to start dating.

From what I gather, this thread seems to have a very negative view of Chinese women. Dating in China is not that much different than dating in the US. The same qualities sought after by women in China are the ones that are sought after by women in the states and all over the world In China they have a saying that women want tall, rich, and cute — gao, fu, shuai.

Though previously available in both English and Chinese, the English version of this app was discontinued earlier this year with promises of a new, better version soon to come.

One of the most popular dating apps among Western audiences, Tinder has a simple structure, allowing users to swipe right to like, or left to reject, potential dates.

shanghai dating expats

When your choices match you can start a conversation and take it from there. Until you meet up, that is, which we imagine would be much trickier. The app recently made international press due to a 30 million USD investment, and its userbase surpasses that of Grindr, making it the biggest in the world — which founder Geng Le expects to double this year.

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Blued is in Chinese only. Most everyone knows by now that Western men are god-like figures in China, attracting hoards of local women who are drawn to their masculine appearances and dominant personalities in comparison to the average effeminate, small-sized Chinese men. Generally speaking, Western men are also more blunt about what they want than the average local fellows, which seems to appeal to the native women, ensuring that most Western men here are never short on sex.

Unfortunately, the same principle does not apply to Western women when it comes to dating Chinese men. If anything, we're considered too dominant, turning the majority of them off with our independent personalities and strong opinions.

Many Chinese women live at home with their parents until they're married and are quite inhibited about their sexuality, which in comparison makes white girls appear wild and promiscuous. However, that doesn't stop some Chinese men from engaging us in one night stands or brief flings, but then cutting things off abruptly when it's time for the relationship to move into serious territory. One might suppose that the outlook would be more optimistic for Western women pursuing Western men in China, but in that dating pool we also draw the short straw.