Saab 93 aero review uk dating

The Clarkson review: Saab Sportwagon Aero ()

Aug 27, The used Saab Convertible is great value, but what should you look in bhp or bhp forms – the latter in flagship Aero guise only. Apr 3, The Clarkson review: Saab Sportwagon Aero (). More Info Search for and buy a Saab on May 7, Buyers' guide: Saab ( to date). Saab upholstery; flagship Aero with lowered sports suspension and bhp turbo engine only.

Buyers' guide: Saab 9-3 (1998-2002)

And another is the air-conditioning system. So it has a heater that can deliver a range of temperatures. It seems, then, that I was dissing it unfairly when I said it was just a Vauxhall Vectra in an antler suit.

saab 93 aero review uk dating

And a diesel engine that produces no torque at all. But somehow Saab seems to have managed it. The production lines stopped and for a while it looked as though the company would be gone. But then it was rescued by a Dutch outfit that makes the Spyker supercar. In many ways this is a bit like Mr Patel from your local corner shop deciding to buy Harrods.

saab 93 aero review uk dating

Toyota probably spends that on pot plants. I do not want Saab to go.

Saab 9-3 (1998 - 2002)

Which is why I have a tip for the new company. The is old. It has a nasty engine. And, while I acknowledge the standard fitment of both an adjustable heater and a clock, it is also quite expensive.

But it does have one feature that sets it aside from almost every other car on the market. Today all car makers have got it into their heads that, despite the traffic and the price of fuel and the war on speeding, what motorists want is sportiness. There was a time when Volvo sold itself on safety and VW on reliability and Mercedes on quality. Now, they all make racing cars. This is fine, of course, if you live in the Eifel mountains and you use the Ring on the way to work. Timing chains of 4-cylinder Saab engines need clean oil or can give problems at around 60, miles.

Clean oil also essential for turbo life. Turbos best run on fully synthetic oil once run-in. Reports of a sludge problem that lead SAAB to issue an 8 year engine warranty in early Further rumour of oil sump pick up becoming blocked from carbon from the engine as the oil gets cooked by the exhaust being too close to the sump.

This can be the result of the service garage not using fully synthetic oil and siphoning rather than draining out the old oil, leaving sludge in the sump. The oil light does not come on until complete lack of oil pressure occurs, which is usually too late.

Essential to change the oil and filter every 5k miles, to flush the old oil, and to drain from the sump plug.

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Do not siphon the old oil out or you will leave sludge in the sump. Poor starting and cutting out after starting of 2. Turbo intercooler pipe on 2.

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The directional control for the heater often breaks, making it impossible to alter the direction of hot or cold air within the vehicle.

The shaft for the control knob is made of plastic and is a telescopic design. It often breaks due to repeated flexing of the hinged plastic ends. It is easy to remove the shaft and replace it, working from the drivers side of the vehicle. Take off the the side panel from the centre console. About 18 months ago I emailed you for some car buying advice. Replacement shock absorbers secondhand:

saab 93 aero review uk dating