Rule of scarcity dating

The Rule of Scarcity -- Get Anyone to Take Immediate Action

rule of scarcity dating

The quality is SCARCITY. Most men Master the art of scarcity. Here are Sometimes when a date is going well, it's best just to call it a night. The New Rules for Dating: Stop Looking for Love . but mostly because it creates an artificial scarcity, which begs the question: How can you. Here's Why Using The Scarcity Principle In Your Relationship Will Keep The behind the classic dating guide we all love to hate: The Rules.

Suddenly, water would be a scarce resource. Within several days there would be riots on the streets, people would do anything for water, they would kill for it.

10 Ways to Cultivate Scarcity | Attraction Explained

Water would be the single most valuable resource in the world. Scarcity is like a volume knob for value. The less available something becomes, the more value it gains. Scarcity applies not only to products, but to people as well. In dating, you are the resource. You are a potential source of value; you can provide a woman with value through positive emotions, validation, sexual pleasure, friendship, laughter, etc.

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The more value you represent to a girl, the more interested she will be in your company not just sexually, but in general. If the value you offer a woman becomes a scarce resource, the volume knob turns up, and your value is magnified. In this case, you must focus on reciprocation and liking before creating scarcity.

The Psychology of Seduction Part 1: Scarcity

However, once a girl feels that you have some value to offer, you can use scarcity in your favor. Making her doubt that you are interested in her company socially or sexually will increase your value from her perspective. Simply, the positive feelings you offer a girl are worth more if she thinks she might lose access to them. Yet, if you use the principle effectively, you are flipping the dynamic on its head.

rule of scarcity dating

She will feel an emotional urge to get back the good emotions that your conversation was providing her. She will restart the conversation herself within a few seconds, only now, she will have a sense that you might not be as interested in her as she previously thought. If you had any sexual value in her eyes, this will increase her interest.

Better yet, stop babysitting your phone and waiting for her to call.

The Six Weapons of Influence – Part 6: “Scarcity”

Try leaving it at home every once and a while, and getting to it when you get back. End the Call Always get off the phone first, especially if you just started hanging out with this woman. Be cheerful, chit chat a little, make your plan if there is one to make, and then get the HELL off the phone. Wait to Respond This goes for voice mail and text messages. Over-eagerness is easily picked up on — even in a text session. She might be the same.

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It gives you too much time to psych yourself out, and then you look like a real dork when she shows up. How about giving women a taste of their own medicine? Do so lightly, of course.

rule of scarcity dating

This drives women nuts. This is supposed to be their line, right? She might even just get turned off because she can see your excitement.

rule of scarcity dating

Call it a night and leave her wanting more. Be a Busy Guy Being an all-around busy guy is attractive. It shows you have other things going on in your life, that you are ambitious and working towards something, and that there is more to your life than her—which there better be!

Women should not be your only obligation in life.