Ruby lin dating 2015 quotes

Ruby Lin get married

ruby lin dating 2015 quotes

Ruby Lin and Wallace Huo spent a decade as friends before they Now that Huo has manned up and is finally dating Lin, they may wed as. Recently, apart from rumours of Taiwanese actor Wallace Huo dating Zanilia Quote. +8 #5 stellatjoe It's his management, not him that hire the react this way with ruby lin & michelle yip??? adore him! Quote . Ruby Lin Xinru is a Taiwanese actress, television and film producer, and singer. American .. On March 1, , Estée Lauder Companies announced that Lin was their new brand ambassador for Taiwan region, and Lin Lin dated Taiwanese actor Jimmy Lin, whom she met when filming School Days, from to

ruby lin dating 2015 quotes

According to her agent, their love reignited again after Wallace Huo celebrated her birthday with her at a party on 27 Jan This time talking about Wallace Huo's ex-girlfriends and rumoured boyfriend. Insparks flew when Wallace Huo was acting alongside Joe Chen.

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They were even spotted buying an underwear together. Did they share that delicate piece of clothing? But Wallace Huo was young and career-minded then and neglects her then girlfriend Joe Chen. They broke up by the time Wallace Huo relocated himself to Shanghai to pursue acting opportunities in the mainland.

But Wallace Huo remains unable to dedicate enough time to the relationship to appease Joe who is very serious in love. Rumours also say that Ruby Lin, Joe's good friend, has been a 3rd party in their breakup. Sources say that they have been dating for about a year, which they fashionably deny.

After this relationship, Wallace Huo was allegedly seen spending a night together with Viann Zhang Xinyu in a hotel in Hangzhou. Its broadcast by CCTV -1 was planned for In this series she played the first wife of Su Dongpo writer, poet, artist, calligrapher, pharmacologist, and statesman of the Song Dynasty, one of the major poets of the timeplayed by Lu Yi. After filming the digital film Evening of RosesLin took on more challenging roles.

ruby lin dating 2015 quotes

After speculation over who would receive the leading role of Daji who was known for her beauty and cruelty which ruined a dynastythe role was offered to Lin. When Lin committed to play Daji, she could not escape comparison with Fan Bingbingwho played the same role in the first part of the series.

ruby lin dating 2015 quotes

Lin's performance received generally positive comments from media. NetandTV commented, "In comparison to the previous version, the bright spot in this new version's Daji gets a new makeover. Ruby Lin's look gave Daji a brand-new definition".

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In earlyshe was cast in Fallen City. In this film, Lin plays a rebellious woman during the Sichuan earthquake. For her role in the series, Lin received a salary ofrenminbi per episode.

The play is based on the Hong Kong romantic film Comrades: During its three-month run, it was performed in four cities: Shanghai, Beijing, Hangzhou and Shenzhen.

Due to popular demand, a fifth city Nanchang was added. After that, Lin starred in Zhang Yang 's film Driverless as a self-motivated businesswomen. Director Zhang Yang commented "Ruby has a rare ability, all her emotions seem genuine". She received critical acclaim for her performance by audiences and media - "Without a doubt, Ruby Lin's wonderful range of emotions really steals the show.

She delicately unveils the depths of a struggling during hard time of her life, both strong and brave yet desire to be protected. For her achievements in films and television series, Korean media dubbed her Taiwan's number-one actress and goddess of ancient Chinese series. This series achieved excellent ratings and Lin won "Best producer of the year" award.

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Lin returned to the film industry again, playing a mom with two kids in the film Blood Stained Shoesdirected by Raymond Yip. The film ranked 2nd on "Top 10 box-office ranking in Chinese horror film chart". The series released on November Lin's performance was well received by audiences and audience named Drama Go! On April 27,Lin announced her third project television film Forgotten as producer and main actress.

Wallace Huo confessed his love to Ruby Lin, after Jerry Yan left her birthday party: Report

She played a married couple in the show with Christopher Lee, where their marriage started to fall apart due to a lack of communication and personality differences, and an unexpected accident changes their life entirely. In Forgotten, critics and audiences praised Lin's performance as breakthrough. Also as actress, she is in a different class from others.

ruby lin dating 2015 quotes

Lin officially announced the news during the 18th Shanghai Television Festival. She managed to earn over 90 million RMB this year through her studio alone. Lin stated that she will continue to film one Taiwanese series per year. This drama marks Lin's return to Taiwan television after a year absence. As main actress and producer, Lin received favorable comments from both critics and audiences.

The series not only received high viewer ratings, but was also selected as one of the most popular Taiwanese dramas of by many of media review. Within a day of release, it reached over 24 million views on the mainland Chinese video sharing site iQiyi. Lin also cast in adventure film The Precipice Gameplaying the role of the woman who turns into a battle for survival. In MarchLin returned to work after halting work since December to prepare for labour.

Filming is scheduled to commence in Apriland will take place in Malaysia. Acccording to the media, Lin will also take on the role of a Vietnamese illegal worker for the movie.

Taiwan media reports that the company will deal with all aspects of the actress's career, including acting, singing and film roles.