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Remote sensing has the potential to overcome these problems, when we follow stratified random sampling approach Wadodkar et. Looking at its significance, the remote sensing data need to be employed more on regular basis for mapping and monitoring soils and crops along with ground observation. The integration RS with geo-statistical techniques helps in soil fertility assessment.

However, its use in soil fertility Figure 2. Birla Goa Campus, Birla Institute of Technology and Science Control of gene expression at transcriptional level depends on a variety of interactions mediated by the core promoter, sequence specic DNA-binding proteins, and their cognate promoter elements.

Multiplicity among promoters is an outcome of the presence of differentcis regulatory elements, their variation in copy numbers, position in context to TATA box and the spacer length between two adjacent cis elements. Copy number and length of the spacer is critical in determining the expression of the gene. One of the prominent group of cis acting elements in plants are ACGT cis elements, has been established as a functionally important inregulation of gene expression in synergy with other cis-elements.

In our study a genome-wide comparison of the frequency of occurrence of two ACGT elements without any spacers as well as those separated by spacers of dierent length from 0 to 30 base pair was carried out Mehrotra et al.

In the rst step, the frequency of occurrence of the cis-element sequences across the whole genome was determined by using BLAST tool. In another approach the spacer sequence was randomized before making the query. As we increased the spacer length, one nucleotide at a time, the probability of its occurrence in genome decreased. The frequency of occurrence of two ACGT motifs separated by a spacer of 25 bp to be 62 while for 5 bp, the occurrence was The observation that larger size motif occurs in higher number suggests its directed evolution in A.

We also did an in-silico comparative analysis on occurrence of ACGT across four plant species two monocotyledonous species Oryza sativa and Sorghum bicolor, and two dicotyledonous A. Using data generated from Arabidopsis thaliana and Oryza sativa, we also identified conserved regions across all spacers and possible conditions regulating gene promoters with multiple ACGT cis-elements.

Our data indicated specific predominant spacer lengths between co-occurring ACGT elements. Sequence specificity data clearly revealed a preference for G at the first and C at the terminal position of a spacer sequence. Abiotic and biotic stresses adversely affect growth and productivity of plants. In response to these challenges plants adapt themselves through various mechanisms which are controlled by the molecular, physiological and cellular processes.

Various phytohormones like ABA, SA, jasmonic acid JA and ethylene tend to play a key role in helping plants to adapt themselves to these adversities. Various molecular approaches can be used to improve growth and productivity of plants, genetic engineering being one of the most important strategies.

Use of constitutive promoter is quite common and important practice in plant genetic engineering where stress responsive genes can be over expressed under the control of such constitutive promoters but suffering from several drawbacks like stunted growth, delayed germination, seed dormancy, photobleaching at the same time. The plausible solution to such problems could be the use of inducible promoters.

We tried to test the inducibility of PP2C-like promoter from A. Our genome wide analysis of A. It has three ACGT elements in close vicinity. They are so positioned that they are separated by a spacer of 30 base pair and 5 base pair respectively from each other. First we cloned this full length promoter then its deletion variants viz.

Further, considering the fact that PP2C like promoter has ABA and SA response elements positioned in close proximity, the study could also give an insight in to the relation between abiotic and biotic stress mediated responses. In another study we indicated that the full length and bp promoter-reporter constructs of PP2C-like 26 8 shown that ACGT N30 ACGT genetic architecture is essential for the promoter to be induced in response to abscisic acid.

The synergistic and antagonistic effects of cis elements were observed. AACA is a positive regulatory element in endosperm and is known to act as negative regulatory element in other tissues. A promoter consisting of TATA box is sufficient to transcribe a gene at its basal level. This is much evident with ACGT and GT cis -elements, where both copy number and spacer length are responsible for high or low expression of gene. GT element acts as negative regulator on increasing its copy number with increase in spacer length.

We reported decrease in gene expression with an increasing copy number of adjacent GT motifs Mehtotra et al. However, when separated by 5 nucleotides, they are induced by SA in transgenic tobacco.

Dof proteins are a large family of transcription factors which are known to bind to this core sequence. These motifs have been over represented in many promoters. We performed a genome wide analysis of AAAG repeat elements increasing the spacer length from 0 to 25 Mehrotra et al. Similar analyses were done with CTTT motifs. Exploration of natural promoter arrangements and the concept of cis engineering have enabled fine tuning of single or multiple transgene expression in response to variations in the chemical, physiological and environmental stimuli and in the form of bidirectional promoters.

It also provided a unique answer to various problems in crop improvement. We have been also working on designing of synthetic promoter, can be constructed by arranging different cisregulatory elements individually or in combination Mehrotra et al.

We believe that our research would be helpful in designing various stress inducible promoters in plants where specific interactions could be governed. Patterns and evolution of ACGT repeat cis-element landscape across four plant genomes. Promoter activation by ACGT in response to salicylic and abscisic acids is differentially regulated by the spacing between two copies of the motif.

Effect of copy number and spacing of the ACGT and GT cis elements on transient expression of minimal promoter in plants. Towards combinatorial transcriptional engineering Biotechnology Advances. A crucialpillar for livelihoods Rajen Suntoo Department of Sociology, University of Mauritius The worthy development of social and economic life largely depends on the effective preservation, conservation and consolidation of mother earth.

A serious contemporary problem is posed by pollution and environment degradation. The changes which we are experiencing today necessitate new solutions to maintain an ecological balance. The negative impacts of this lack of balance can be detrimental to humanity at large if appropriate actions are not taken on time.

It is therefore necessary to come up with ideas and implement projects for the conservation of the environment to reduce the pressure over rare species and other natural resources. Without proper socialization, education, sensitization and exchange of information on the importance of a green planet, it will be difficult to combat the environmental challenges.

The attempt to conserve the planet has been ongoing since many years. Nonetheless, new and more detrimental environment issues are surfing such as global warming and climatic changes. As a matter of fact, many societies take it as an excuse to harm environment in the name of development and modernity or for sustaining the livelihoods of its vulnerable population Nevertheless, we all know that it is most often the greediness of the capitalist modes of production for profit making are behind the devastation of the planet earth.

The time has come for strong resolutions and above all the real commitment of all countries and societies for respecting nature and making judicious use of same. Meetings of leaders at international forums on issues of environment and green earth are important but not sufficient as we find that many societies do not respect the decisions taken to preserve nature and mother earth. Pressure groups should voice out their opinions and academicians are the ones who can help to make a change in the mentality of leaders who rule and who make regional, national and international decisions related to environment and green economy.

The proper dissemination of the outcomes of workshops and seminars and international conferences on Green earth should be properly channelled to the concerned authorities to initiate effective policies and programmes to sustain environment with a view to ensuring the livelihoods of humanity through the effective agricultural development.

Motherland O Motherland of mine, Sweet is thy beauty Sweet is thy fragrance around thee we gather as one people as one nation in peace, justice and liberty: In the present world of vanishing plant species and genera due to anthropogenic and natural causes; the Botanic Gardens act to play a greater role in the protection and maintenance of the germplasm of many promising rare, endemic and threatened taxa and their wild progenitors of both native and exotic species.

Currently, the global network of botanic gardens conserves an astounding array of plant diversity, holding nearlyspecies and about 13, species at risk of extinction. However, at the very beginning almost all the botanic gardens in the world were established solely with a different purpose such as helping the academic study and usage of medicinal plants or to promote learning and to glorify God.

The world s first botanic gardens were the gardens of Italy in the 16 th and 17 th centuries. During the latter part of the 16 th and early 17 th century the scenario of botanic gardens experienced a change in usage mainly purpose related to the exploration, by world powers, of promising plant taxa. At present there are about gardens and arboreta around the world in countries.

In the last 30 years botanic gardens have seen as a revival as scientific institutions due to the emergence of conservation movement. Further, gardens are finding new uses for traditional research tools such as herbarium specimens and historical photographs, which are increasingly being used to obtain information on past plant behavior and climate change that are not easily undertaken anywhere. History of gardens in India dates back to B. A book on the gardens of ancient India by Sarangadhara elucidates different aspects of garden development.

The scenario of the gardens changed in India during the Mughal period where they introduced a lot of fruit yielding and ornamentally important trees from Central Asia and Persia. It was established by Col. Robert Kyd in as East India Company s measure to wade off the re-occurrence of famine by introducing many economic and useful crop plants from abroad as the Bengal was reeling through the aftermath of Great Bengal Famine and subsequent failure of crops.

The garden with an area of acres and being a living repository of species of plants possesses 25 divisions and 24 interconnected lakes, and the lakes are connected to the Ganges through sluices for the regular inlet and outlet of water.

Economic plants like Tea, Rubber, Mahogany, Cinchona, Sugarcane, and Jute etc were made their first trial in this garden and later on cultivated to different parts of the country. Three decades ago from onwards launched a shift in paradigm in AJCBIBG s conservation pattern, a major deviation from the past concept, well before the Rio Earth Summit in To commensurate with the directions of Govt.

This is mainly due to the loss of many key species from the wild, because of habitat loss a number of species is being pushed annually into the IUCN list of threatened plants. As the result, at present this garden serves as a living repository of plants of a country and also of selected exotic species, and a safe abode for the rare, endemic and threatened plants.

Introduction In the present scenario, the Botanic Gardens act as the last resort for the preservation and maintenance of rare and endangered species. Botanic gardens possess exclusive skills for conserving plant variety across the taxonomic range. However, at the very beginning almost all the botanic gardens in the world were 29 11 established solely with a different purpose. The botanic garden of the University of Pisa which was created by Luca Ghini in ranks first.

Subsequently other Italian Universities followed the same like PaduaFirenzeZurichand Bologna These gardens were established with a view of helping the academic study of medicinal plants.

By the 16 th century these gardens lead to the development of gardens in other parts of Europe like LeidenParisOxfordUppsalaEdinburghBerlin etc.

During the latter part of the 16 th and early 17 th century the scenario of botanic gardens experienced a change in usage. The botanic gardens that arose in what are today technologically lesser developed countries came initially for purpose related to the exploration, by world powers, of promising plant taxa Brockway, This was the age of exploration and beginning of international trade.

These gardens created almost solely to receive and cultivate commercial crop such as Clove, Tea, Coffee, Bread fruit, Cinchona, Oil palm as well as Coco plants.

At present there are about gardens and arboreta around the world in countries and many more are under construction like the one in Oman occupies an area of ha. In the last 30 years botanic gardens have seen as a revival as scientific institutions due to the emergence of conservation movement Further, botanical gardens have a matchless set of resources that allows hosting significant climate change research projects not easily undertaken elsewhere.

Gardens are finding new uses for traditional research tools such as herbarium specimens and historical photographs, which are increasingly being used to obtain information on past plant behavior. Additional work on invasive species and comparative studies of responses to climatic variation are providing insights on important ecological, evolutionary, and management questions.

With their large collections of plant species from throughout the world and excellent herbaria, botanical gardens are well positioned to expand their current activities to continue to provide leadership in climate change research and education Primack et al. Further, in olden times Vaticas or Tapovanas used to develop and nourish around Ashrams where Rishis and Munis used to pray and meditate. A book on the gardens of ancient India by Sarangadhara elucidates different aspects of garden development and maintenance Anonymous, The scenario of the gardens changed during the Mughal period where they introduced a lot of fruit yielding and ornamentally important trees from Central Asia and Persia.

Feroz Shah Tughlak beautified Delhi and adjacent areas by planting trees in nearly gardens he established. They also established a large number of pleasure gardens in Agra, Lucknow, Rajasthan, Kashmir etc. In southern part of India gardens developed during the rule of Hyder Ali and his son Tipu Sultan of which garden at Srirangapatnam, Bangalore, Malavalli are worth to mention here.

Nathaniel Wallich during the British period Choudhury and Pandey, Indian Botanic Garden, Howrah The Indian sub-continent is an important centre of origin and diversity for nearly domesticated plant species of economic importance, more than species of their wild allies, and over species of ethno-botanical interest.

India has only 2. It possesses a great variety of ecological habitats and ecosystems including forests, grasslands, wetlands, coastal and marine ecosystems, and desert ecosystems etc. Therefore, it is not surprising that India is considered as one of the 17 mega diverse countries of the world in terms of biodiversity. The original history of IBG is almost similar to the Kew Garden in England which is situated on the bank of the river Thames, a few miles away from London.

The Kew garden is about 50 years younger to IBG, Howrah which owes its interests in the Botany of Royalty but the latter has been established with economic and scientific aims.

The 30 12 Kew garden started initially with a meagre area of 15 acres of land in and during the course of time it grew further under the hands of a well-known botanist Sir William Hooker, the first director of Royal Botanic Garden, Kew and now it possesses acres. The Royal Botanic Garden, Kolkata, on the contrary, situated on the bank of river Hooghly a few kilometres away from Kolkata, initiated in a vast tract of about acres of land and it was regarded as the largest and one of the oldest botanic gardens in the world till the middle of 19 th century and now occupies an area of acres.

It was only due to the immense wish and untiring effort of a keen horticulturist Col. Robert Kyd, the then superintendent of the Hon ble East India Company s dockyard and secretary to the military board at Fort William of the Bengal infantry, a decision for setting up a botanic garden in Kolkata was evolved. During this time Bengal was reeling through the aftermath of Great Bengal Famine and subsequent failure of crops. East India Company was in search of adequate and effective measures to wade off the re-occurrence of famine.

Kyd in his historical letter on first January suggested to Sir. John Macpherson, then the officiating governor General of India, concerning the merit of establishing a Botanic Garden in Calcutta. Without much delay permission for setting up a Botanic Garden in Kolkata was given to Kyd s proposal with the approval of Court of Directors in England, the present site of the garden then measuring about acres below Kid s private garden in Shalimar was acquired Biswas, A map of AJC Bose Indian Botanic Garden, Howrah At present, the garden with an area of acres and being a living repository of species of plants possesses 25 divisions and 24 interconnected lakes, and the lakes are connected to the Ganges through sluices for the regular inlet and outlet of water.

The Great Banyan Tree - a living wonder in the plant kingdom Besides, there are important sections like National Orchidarium containing sets of indigenous as well as exotic orchids; about 40 species of Bamboos in Bambusetum; more than cultivars of Bougainvilleas in Bougainvillea section. Cactarium containing more than species of Cacti and Succulents; Pinetum having rich collection of Pinus and Gymnosperms.

Jasminum section holding about 30 species of Jasmines; there are rich collections of legumes in arboretum including TYPE trees. Palmetum possessing about species of palms; Pandanetum having many rare and endemic Pandanus, valuable germ plasm collection of Lotus, water lilies mostly belong to the family Euryalacea, Nelumbonaceae, Nymphaeaceae and many other interesting and bizzarre trees and plants, etc. Propagation of tree species are mainly done in Nursery No. II, the annuals and flowering plants are multiplied and conserved in Nursery No.

The plant introduction section is actively involved in introduction of new species and varieties. Kyd being the first honorary superintendent of the garden was instrumental in introducing many exotic plants. He continued as superintendent till his death in Dr. William Roxburgh, the Companies Botanist in Madras, was appointed as the first official Superintendent in Roxburgh was the first to draw up a catalogue of 3, plants then growing in the Garden.

Later it was published as Hortus Bengalensis in two volumes by Rev. Afterwards, various luminaries like H. He was the long serving superintendent in the history of Indian Botanic Garden and held office until Dr. Wallich died in ; his immense contribution to Botanical science always memorable and especially his very rich collection of plant specimens and the famous matchless catalogue known as Wallich s Catalogue kept at Central National Herbarium, Kolkata.

George King who took charge as superintendent in becomes the re-maker of the garden The present landscape of the garden was made by him.

Rotameter working principle in hindi - Instrument Guru

He took the charge when the garden was in most unpromising state. King s strong willpower and deep commitment turned the garden into the present form. For acquiring such great achievement Dr. King has been knighted as SIR by the queen and later he was known as Sir.

He is also the founder director of Botanical Survey of India in Lt. David Prain succeeded Sir. George King, who, after 26 years of meritorious service, retired in Before Sir David left India inhe sketched out a geographical plan of garden divisions in accordance with which future plantings were to be regulated.

Sir David Prains plan with slight modifications, continued to be carried on by his successors. Gage s time and was published with the objective of facilitating the exchange of plant materials with other institutions.

Gage in During Mr. Calder s absence on leave from India Dr. Cowan acted as superintendant from 12th July to 20th November, InK. Biswas, the first Indian, joined as Superintendent of the Garden and remained until Introduction of milestone species in the Garden Indian Botanic Garden in Howrah undoubtedly played a significant role in introducing, multiplying and distributing many commercially important plants from various parts of the world.

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